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    Hello all!

    Today I'm working on a B&M Wing coaster in a dense forest. Obviously, the place will be filled with trees, but for right now the trees will stay away from the track. Feedback appreciated!


    All of Wing Coaster

    Side view of lift

    Oversized cork

    0g roll

    Side view of 0g roll


    Diveloop and high speed airtime hill

    Supports are temporary, I will be doing custom supports.

    See ya next update!

    Hey all, little bit of a quick update!

    I don't have any screenshots because imgur is acting weird right now, but the coaster is doing great so far. I have added a second highspeed airtime hill over the first one, a spiral, leading into an inline twist. I'll post screenshots when imgur is doing okay.

    See ya next update!

    Hey guys!

    Imgur is working now, so pictures of the layout! I have finished the ride, btw. I hope you guys like it! I wanted it to have a short layout, but something that packs a punch.

    Double highspeed hill

    Weird diagonal loop thingy

    Inline Twist

    Turnaround to brakes

    Last pop of airtime

    Sort-of artsy shot

    More double highspeed hill
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2015
    Is the heartline on?
    ^Yeah, it is. Because it's a wing coaster, the heartline seems that it's off.
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2015
    Just on the Zero-G, might be the angle but looks like it's center of rail. I know Wing is lower, but that looks nonexistent.
    ^Just the angle lol. I assure you, there is heartline on the coaster.

    I have started on supports for this wing coaster! All supports so far pass clearance. Pics:

    PS. This is the most advanced supportwork I've ever done for a rollercoaster. xD

    Supports so far

    Much advanced Very support

    Wing coaster chain return

    Ground level screen

    Artsy shot

    Incoming! Wing Coaster overhead!

    I like these supports a lot! Next up, bottom of drop and corkscrew.

    See ya next update!

    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2015
    The supports look great, however I feel they're too thin.
    For the lift hill supports I'd suggest using 30 inch pipes on the standard prefab support that features the twisted horizontal rail connector. Atomize said support, then you'll have to increase the size of the pipe that goes between the two nodes on the connector by .131m on both sides (just use the extend beam option or whatever it's called) Then edit the pipes size and the rail connector to fit .81m (I don't have my computer in front of me but that measurement seems to stick out) in diameter so a 30 inch beam wont look awkward connecting with it. After that, change the placement of the footer to be exactly beneath the beam node on the connector and extend the angled support further out (as the prefabs are extremely narrow). That should give you a pretty solid looking support for a wing rider.
    Be sure to reference a support of similar height on a wing coaster for flange placement but a little common sense can go a long way for flanging (just look at the size of the support, divide it into as many sections as it would take to fit them all onto a flatbed and boom, decent flanges). Supporting can be tough if you aren't familiar with a given companies style, but eventually it'll be alot easier; after countless hours have been spent looking at photos of similar rides that is, to get that perfect look.
    Here is a little video for you all on my progress with this ride:


    PS: Temp name is Bird of Prey.

    PPS: Sorry for bad quality!
    Sorry for double post, but I have a little progress shot for you all:

    More screenshots coming soon!

    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2015
    Loving this more and more. The POV is great!
    A storm is brewing...


    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2015 edited
    Looks real nice but badder than ever? Are you joking? Worse. </grammar nazi>
    ^Blah. Fixed ittttttttttt