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    Hello everyone,

    I have finally decided to dedicate a construction page for this B&M Floorless roller coaster that I am currently working on!

    As it has been stated in the "What you have been working on thread" On this site, This roller coaster is being designed backwards, Or at least the ending was. At this point, I am now working forward, but before I do. I wanted to show off pictures of the designed ending, and also show off an opportunity to be a tester for this ending!

    Let's start off with the basics, First off, this coaster DOES have a name, but for now I will decide to keep it "Unnamed" until I feel like I'm far enough into announce the full ride in great detail and have some scenery work put into it! This will most likely not be until I have completed the entire track.

    My idea for this coaster is to have 2 colours of Spin on it. A light red for the beginning, everything before the MCBR, and everything AFTER the MCBR will be Blue, As show in the picture I will be showing before!

    I am looking into a logo, but I would rather get some ideas down to show off people first before hand, but I really have a good idea upon what I want to do for this!

    Now, enough talking, let's show off pictures.

    First thing is first, you get a nice big drop right out of the MCBR, fun-fun! (It'll obviously be able to pass Emergency Stop, since I have been testing the coaster from this point! This is a good thing.

    After the drop, you get a very nice, over 90* banked turn and then shoot back the otherway towards the Immelmann that is coming up!

    This Immelmann is still being worked on, I do plan on it rotating this way. I just need to find a new way to design it!

    After the Immelmann, you'll run into a nice little corkscrew, that still needs to be edited, it's not a consistant roll, that'll be changed in the future!

    There is a support job I wish to do for that Corkscrew, and that is based on Corkscrew at Cedar Point.

    Next is the first element I even designed for this coaster! It's another a Dive Loop this time! With some curving track going around it. Yeah, describing!

    Another view of the Dive Loop

    The final section of the coaster, Just some low turns, and high fun!

    Now. I did state something about testing? Yes! If you wish to test out this ride, please WHISPER to me!

    But, if you wish to just comment, just comment, no need to whisper!

    I look forward to reading your comments and giving you updates!
    I don't recommend supportin the corkscrew like the structure you're going for, this is a B&M, not arrow. They always support their corkscrews like this:

    Other than that, this looks very interesting!
    I know how B&M designs their support structures, but I wanted to do something different for the ride!
    Also, one more thing: B&M corkscrews don't really have a consistent roll to them; they usually have this noticeable "snap" at the top. If I'm not mistaken only Arrow and Vekoma (including today's Vekoma coasters) use corkscrews with a consistent roll throughout. But this coaster is looking really interesting! I love how many of the elements look, especially the dive loop which wraps around itself. Will be watching progress on this ride!
    Ahh. I don't know, I just don't like how it's kind of bumpy with it's roll. Kind of hard to tell to someone who doesn't pay very close attention to details like that, but perfectionists see it. haha

    And thanks! As said, It's the element that started this ride!
    Some of you will now notice that this is a Fantasy B&M Coaster, for multiple reasons. One is the fact that the coaster has a few unrealistic options, like the support structure planned for the Corkscrew.. and one other important factor. The fact that this coaster is 215 feet high!

    Of course, with the coaster being Floorless, I didn't want just a typical floorless drop, especially at 215 feet, so I went with a starter drop, a hammerhead, and then into a circular drop, that will later have a cave designed around it at the base!
    One red airtime hill over a Blue Corkscrew

    That airtime hill looks pretty big! Though I'm not completely sure if that location is the best place to put that hill as it might dominate the corkscrew structure a lot. It's still your choice though; after all, you know your ride best. :)
    Yeah. I thought it was weird. I'm trying another design that will be posted later once I can get it figured out!

    50mph Zero-G roll? kk.
    Now that looks a lot better! It goes right through the twisted portion of the layout but is still very pleasant to look at.
    I actually liked the corkscrew right past the airhill. A nice near-miss there. I like the first drop and hammerhead, but I'm not a big fan of the helix drop afterwards. Fairly cool design overall, a bit twisted just for the sake of being twisted, but I think there's good interaction between the elements.
    Ahh, it's not twisted for being twisted, as stated. I will have a cave there soon for some head-chopping fun! And thank you :)
    Although I was a big fan upon how the B&M Coaster was going, I decided to put it off for a different name and such, and will come back to it in the future, It is completed, at least the track work is! But I'll continue later for it.

    The name for the coaster will be used on a Intamin (Rocket) Launch Coaster that I am currently now working on! Inspired a bit by Coaster-Lab and Dapalm!
    First official, full picture of the new Intamin coaster! Or at least, part of the full Intamin coaster. haha

    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2015 edited
    That is looking very cool, the layout is interesting. Can't wait to see what's still hidden. ;)
    I love the two colors of the supports.
    Yeah :D Since it was at Kings Island, I wanted to do a double-coloured support system.

    All the paths inside of the coaster is obviously Queue line that hasn't been designed and planned yet.
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2015
    That's an awesome layout! Really reminds me of the new Phantasialand ride, don't know why. Would love to see the hidden part of the layout.
    Well. I guess today is your lucky day!

    2nd half of the layout (The more WIP part of the ride)
    • CommentAuthorlujach92
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2015
    Well, I didn't expect that much track for the hidden part. Is there a second launch?
    Yeah. I'm redoing the entire 2nd half though. I wasn't truly liking it. and after a review, they even stated the same thing where the second half should be redone. So I'm working on it right now.
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2015 edited
    Honestly, I think the ride works with just the first half. Maybe just throw a helix before the brakerun and call it a day.
    Yeah I think the first half was pretty decent, but the second half is a bit much. Looks like a lot of similar movements without much force variation or detail to break it up. You did say you're revising so maybe it'll come out better in the next version. I wouldn't be opposed to hitting brakes instead of a whole other half of the ride though as JAKool suggested. Sometimes less is more in my opinion.
    Problem is that it would be like a 30 second ride. Not really fun when there is more to do. But I am still revising slowly and surely.

    I WOULD LIKE TO ASK THOUGH, If anyone who is a 3d modeler would be kind enough to Model the Eiffel tower at Kings Island for this? I can send the 'RawFile' for the game so you can design it based on the dimensions there.
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2015
    Can you have the Eiffel tower elevator be scripted?
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2015
    Well to be true to Intamin launchers, most of them are short and sweet. Hell, a lot of them only have a tophat.
    Yeah, but I just don't think it's the right thing for Kings Island.

    Before I continue working on the 2nd half, I really need to repair the transitions in the 1st half. Yes they look nice, but they are horrible while riding. Plus a lot of the moves may not be possible since the coaster cars clip into each other in certain parts.

    Edit: Now not only that.. I'm having huge support problems now and clearance...
    Does this support work?

    The situation is clearance, that's why I have to make it do that.

    By the way. I'm satisfied with the new 2nd half of the ride!

      CommentAuthorDC High Heat
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2015 edited
    The second half looks much better than before.

    As for the Eiffel Tower, maybe take a SketchUp Warehouse model and scale it down to 1/3 size or so? There should be a bunch to choose's possible someone even made their own Kings Island Eiffel Tower replica and uploaded it there. Otherwise seems like a lot of effort for someone to make one from scratch, especially for someone else's design.

    Edit: I was right, the King's Island Eiffel Tower has been done in SketchUp and is available on the Warehouse. Not sure about quality but there should be larger ones to choose from and mod too as I mentioned earlier.
    ^Well. Given how closer the Eiffel Tower actually is to the coaster, a Sketchup model wouldn't be the best idea. Plus, I already knew about the Kings Island Eiffel Towers on Sketchup, and they're not the greatest quality.

    View of entire project.

    Don't quote stuff above you. -staff

    Station construction has begun!

    Looks great Aussie
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2015
    Wait Tri is Aussie?
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2015
    Possible final station design

    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2015
    That looks great!

    Why do you change your username so much?

    And I've only changed it like, once or twice within the last 2 or 3 years.
    Looks great! ...curious, what modeling program do you use?
    Thank you! I'm only using Sketchup.
    I think it's finally time for the name to be released. Haha, I'm updating this in a few sites, one on a Kings Island Website, and here, and facebook as well. The updates on Kings Island have been a lot different compared to here. As the name for the ride was released at least 2 to 3 days before here it was finally released.

    ^Remember, Kings Island likes to make little theming with their rides.. The only place where theming should be is around the station and queue line. That's it.
    ^Banshee would like a word with you.
    ^^ I do know about the themeing, There really isn't much with the name. But the name works for the coaster.

    I am looking for a really nice environment though to release this with? I know I'm already using an environment, but I mainly use it as my editing environment now. Maybe Cloudy mid-day, and night themeing?
    ^^The only theming around the entire coaster of Banshee is just fog and lights... Nothing really extensive.
    It has a little more than just fog and lights, and it's not a rule that rides at King's Island can't have theming, there's no problem with going out of the norm.
    • CommentAuthorBrawly
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2015
    Backlot/Italian Job? As well as Volcano possibly
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2015
    Flight of Fear? Tomb Raider/Crypt?
    • CommentAuthorBrawly
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2015
    Pony Express?!?!?!

    Slowly but surely...