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    You're seriously building it out supports?! Really man, good luck. You'll need it. Good thing the support engine on NL2 is much better than NL1.
    Yeah. It's already painful, so much red...
    Why is it called Horizon?
    Here is the top of the tower unfrozen.

    And it's called Horizon because when viewed from the parking lot, or something, It will be in horizon level with the park.

    Plus it symbolizes the Horizon of a new era of park rides. Just something fun to pick.

    ^ Looks cool... how is an intamin launch coaster a new era of park rides thought lol, they've been around for a while...

    Ehh. Nothing really. xD It's just a secondary idea. The main reason is because if it's very low horizon-like visibility to the parking lot, and many surrounding areas.
    Thank god for NL2's support system. Without it, I probably wouldn't even be doing this.

    Due to a seasonal job coming into the mix (Kings Island, haha) this will most likely be my last major project uploaded to NLE for some time. Of course, I'll still have side projects until I get another major project like this. But It probably won't happen to this great of detail that I've been putting into. I've spent all of last week working on it due to no school for Spring Break.

    Here is the latest picture of the Eiffel Tower construction!

    (unfrozen version)

    Getting those last bits of detail into the tower!
    great golly

    Almost done!
    ^Dang dude! That looks really nice. Looks like the good luck was used. ;)
    Yes it was!

    I decided to do some heavy foliage for the entrance of the Grand Carousel! I'm hoping to get a sign there in the middle, but I need the logo for the ride. haha
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    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2015
    This is one of my favorite projects out right now. Not only is it realistic, but it's very inspiring as well. Beautiful work.
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2015
    Nice use of n7's foliage there. It really seems to...set...the ride if that makes sense. Looking forward to more! :-)
    Horizon has been uploaded!

    I never really completed the model fully sadly, but I wanted to get it out, so International street is pretty bare. But it's mostly there!
    A quick announcement about this ride...

    Following the announcement of the 100th Roundup Contest. I have decided to return to this coaster. I've decided to get rid of the Kings Island design completely (With still keeping the same general area) I have taken out International Street, and I will soon get rid of the Eiffel Tower. I've already begun work on redesigning the layout.

    I took out most of the beginning layout of the ride, From the Inverted Top Hat, and beyond to where the ride is on the roof (For those who have tried this coaster before. Thank you for those who have done this as well.) My current plan is to put a Cobra Roll, and work on some hills and turns. More ideas are coming, but I figured I'd show off what I have worked out so far.

    Overview Horizon
    Staff Edit: fixed image embed

    This is all I have done.

    The element after the corkscrew is a bit of a new element (I think) That I'm trying to create where as it feels like a fast turn around and decent. I'm calling it "Dive Bomb" But I'm not exactly sure if the element has since been made... Anyways. That's all I have for now.