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    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2015 edited

    Hey All!

    I've decided to embark on a bold new project - my first actually planed coaster with custom scenery and all, and I'm looking to open-source.


    The Plan

    Moved here because of character limit: 

    What needs to be done

    I've moved this here so that it can be easily updated: Please read it - it is the core of this whole thing.


    I’ll have a shared google drive folder in which anyone with the link can add/remove/modify files. I’ll have a master copy that I back up twice daily in a personal folder to prevent trolling. I may set up username-based access if this becomes a problem. Also, any work that you do, you, and this goes without saying, should keep a copy of your work on your PC.

    Your work should go in a shared folder within the drive that is specific to your username/what you were working on: for example, if I was building sounds it would be: “justinwzig_sounds”

    I’ll periodically piece together the parts so that we can have a progress update. If you want to put something directly into the park by downloading it, modifying, and re-uploading it, then you should save it in the drive folder as a copy, so that we can work off of an original.

    I’ll also setup a google form that one would fill out after they have submitted a large part of the project so that I can track progress and so that I can credit you for your generous contribution – I know that you aren’t getting paid to work on this. As far as uploads to the exchange go, I’ll always get a public consensus and I will always credit EVERYONE who contributed, no matter how small, when uploading anywhere.



    Please use the reply section of this thread to ask questions, etc about the project or sort out what you’re doing.

    If you want to work on this a lot, you can email me @ (I’ve used a masked email so don’t get any shifty ideas :P)


    Link to doc with a bunch of resources:

    If you want me to add something to that doc, submit it below and whisper the comment to me, or comment directly on the google Doc.


    The nicely formatted, full post is here:
    Sounds interesting. I'll see if I can find time.
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2015 edited
    I'm about to add the track version 0.5 to the drive it and check it out. I'm including an instructions.txt file because I am using an overlay to make the track.
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2015 edited

    Version 0.5 of track is online! Please check it out!

    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2015

    Commenting here to bring this thread back from the dead - I've been on spring break, but hopefully this will get a bit more attention now.

    I suggest uploading some pictures to gain interest.
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2015

    I'll upload some pictures, but there isn't a ton of stuff to show. Hopefully that will change soon ;)

    If you're looking into organising collaborative work, you might want to think about storing it in a github repo.

    GITs a little unintuitive to get your head around, but it will allow you to roll back unwanted changes, and allow people to submit proposed changes without needing to get permission first.
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2015 edited
    ^Sure, I'll look into it.