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    • CommentAuthorjtackmann
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2015
    Hello Everyone!

    I've been lurking around the forums for sometime watching everyone's exciting projects and have finally started a colab project that, I feel, is very exciting. The project is a Gravity Group Timberliner which is being worked on by myself, my brother, and a close friend of mine (all of us are former rides hosts for various parks in the US) and we range from programmers to aspiring architects. Our original idea was to create something that we would like Gravity Group to build based on the theoretical capabilities of the Timberliner trains, as well as the Voyage and Hades 360 coasters. The main goal of posting this thread is to generate feedback from the great community here and to show off what we are working on and what we have finished! We will keep a "to do" checklist updated, along with screenshots and the eventual videos, of the project. Some of our future focus will be on more of an operational side of the ride/park due to our past experiences working for parks.

    Any input would be hugely appreciated!

    To Do:
    1) Finish Custom Supports
    2) Model and Texture Station
    3) Surrounding Scenery
    4) Train Textures
    5) Script Dispatches and Station/Area Audio
    6) Model Maint Area and "Boneyard"
    7) Create Various Models (such as operator phones, dispatch points, sensors, fire extinguishers, etc.)
    8) Release to Small Group to Look for Issues With Models and Improvements
    9) Release to Public!

    Overview of the layout:

    Some finished curves (note: the hill leading into the first turn still needs extra supporting):

    Lots of supporting left to do:

    Future queue area:

    All L-Beams used, just as GG does for the hybrid structure wooden coasters!

    Yes, the brake run is VERY Long... the reasoning behind this being that my friend and I always poked fun at most of the GG storage/maint areas and decided to do something equally crazy, hence the branching storage area and the massive brake run leading to the station.