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    • CommentAuthorMr. E
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2016 edited
    1. Maverick
    2. El Toro
    3. Leviathan
    4. X2
    5. Top Thrill Dragster
    6. Millennium Force
    7. Skyrush
    Edit: 8. twisted colossus when dueling
    9. Joker
    10. Tatsu

    Not really sure after #8. Also 1 and 2 are kinda interchangeable.
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2016
    My coaster count is 73 at the moment. Im going to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland next week so I will get some new creds while I'm there!

    My top 10

    1) Shambhala
    2) Helix
    3) Balder
    4) Stealth
    5) Nemesis
    6) The Swarm
    7) Lisebergbanan
    8) Oblivion
    9) The Smiler
    10) Revolution (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2016
    Olympia Looping is absolutely incredible, very smooth, very intense at night and with 7 cars it's just phenomenal!
      CommentAuthorCG Coasters
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2016 edited
    Might as well update this, current count is at 69. Sadly this isn't a joke.

    1) Fury 325 (No words for that ride in the front row. No. Words.)
    2) Maverick (Overall pacing, transitions, and that one airtime hill wew)
    3) Mako (For the longest sustained airtime [floatjector as Code calls it] I've experienced not on a drop)
    4) Boulder Dash (One of the only legitimate roller coasters where I felt I was not totally safe ... I guess I liked that)
    5/6) Montu/Kumba (It's a stretch to call them sister rides but here I am, basically interchangeable on my list for Kumba's 0G roll/Montu's Batwing)
    7) Gate Keeper (The most aesthetically pleasing ride in my mind, although the first half is amazing, the second leaves a bit to be desired)
    8) Manta - SWO (For exceeding my expectations every single time, forceful yet graceful)
    9) Millennium Force (That drop is still perfect after all this time)
    10) Raptor (All around strong ride)

    Sky Hawk at Cedar Point is also the best flat I've ridden.
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2016 edited

    You beat 69, well done lol

    EDIT: Lmao, nvm. RIP Chase.

    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2016
    ^^ I thought you had past that at least a month ago, did you do a recount or something?
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2016
    Oh boy, this is hard. I am doing this on a whim so let's see where the chips fall:

    1. TARON - enough said.
    2. i305 - first drop into grey-out turn is amazing, but then by the time you regain eyesight, you're already in the air again ( + twisties!!!)
    3. SKYRUSH (pre-neutered version) - this would be higher than i305 but he's been circumcised
    4. MILLENNIUM FORCE - great during the day, even better at night
    5. STORM RUNNER - short but super satisfying (like sex...sometimes)
    6. GRIFFON - something about going straight down just fascinates me and terrifies me simultaneously; airtime.
    7. BLACK MAMBA - THE best B&M inverted roller coaster I have ever been on, ever. Ever.
    8. WICKED CYCLONE - first RMC but certainly won't be my last (heart line roll for the win!)
    9. TOP THRILL DRAGSTER - purely for the adrenaline pre-launch and the anticipation
    10. GATEKEEPER - I am obsessed with wing coasters and the first half is amazing albeit a rather dull conclusion.

    Does Chiapas count as a roller coaster?
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2016 edited
    Updated after Phantasialand. Current count 83.

    1. Taron - Phantasialand
    2. Furius Baco - PortAventura
    3. Wodan: Timbur Coaster - Europa Park
    4. Shambhala - PortAventura
    5. Black Mamba - Phantasialand
    • CommentAuthorInkyz
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2017
    After being to Alton Towers for the first time in a few years, my list has updated:

    1. Taron / Phantasialand
    2. Nemesis / Alton Towers
    3. The Smiler / Alton Towers
    4. The Swarm / Thorpe Park
    5. Oblivion / Alton Towers
    6. Black Mamba / Phantasialand
    7. Nemesis Inferno / Thorpe Park
    8. Galactica / Alton Towers
    9. SAW / Thorpe Park
    10. G Force / Drayton Manor
    My list has changed alot too:

    1. Mako @ SWO
    2. Twisted Colossus @ SFMM
    3. Smiler @ Alton Towers
    4. Joker @ SFDK
    5. Montu @ BGT

    everything beyond here I'm undecided on really.
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017 edited
    Just some of my favorites

    1. El Toro
    2. Maverick
    3. Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE)
    4. Millennium Force
    5. Wicked Cyclone
    6. Nitro
    7. The Incredible Hulk
    8. Montu
    9. Gatekeeper
    10. Texas Giant
    Posted By: TheCodeMaster1. Mako @ SWO

    Just curious, is that based on a front or back row ride?
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017 edited
    1. Blue Fire Megacoaster - Europa Park - Just a very solid ride overall, hangtime, amazing theming and that heartline roll!
    2. Flug Der Daemonen - Heide Park - Incredibly smooth, well themed and surprisingly intense at points. I love the airtime hill.
    3. Twisted Colossus - SFMM - Awesome RMC, just not well themed and operated enough for me to rate it higher.
    4. The Swarm - Thorpe Park - Best UK coaster I'd say, some awesome moments. Shame it isn't quite Flug!
    5. Wodan - Europa Park - Such an immerse experience! Shame it can be a tad too rough for my taste towards the end.
    6. Galactica - Alton Towers - Simulates flight perfectly, just pure fun and floatiness.
    7. Silver Star - Europa Park - Very smooth, buckets of airtime and a theme tune that'll annoy you for days
    8. The Smiler - Alton Towers - Amazing layout and intense, just a shame the cobra roll is weird and it isn't smoother.
    9. Krake - Heide Park - Another pure fun ride. Not intense, but surprisingly airtimey and an awesome first drop.
    10. Nemesis - Alton Towers - Very intense and reliable, and fairly smooth for it's age.

    This will probably change later on this year when I visit Gardaland and Canada's Wonderland.
    • CommentAuthorSythe
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2017 edited
    1. Skyrush
    2. Diamondback
    3. Fury 325
    4. Intimidator 305
    5. New Texas Giant
    6. Iron Rattler
    7. El Toro
    8. Superman the Ride
    9. Maverick
    10. Millennium Forces​

    Honorable Mention to Afterburn. That ride blew me away, and I absolutely love the noise it makes <3
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2017
    My top 10 changes all the time (apart from my top 2). BTW I've got 79 creds as of now.

    1) Shambhala/Helix
    2) Shambhala/Helix
    3) Balder
    4) Nemesis/Stealth
    5) The Swarm
    6) Oblivion
    8) Olympia Looping
    9) The Smiler
    10) Dragon Khan
    • CommentAuthorPopFilms
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2017
    My count is 120 now...

    1) Maverick - Cedar Point - Best combo of positives/negitives/laterals, smooth, mind blowing good

    2) El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure - Coaster I've ridden the most times of any coaster, glass smooth, if only it was a little longer...

    3) Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point - Gets a lot of hate but it's a classic and an icon

    4) Skyrush - Hersheypark - Best air of any coaster, shame it isn't a little longer

    5) Superman The Ride - Six Flags New England - Smooth, pretty, one of the best first drops and a nice long layout

    6) Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England - On the shorter side but smooth and the only RMC I've ever REALLY liked

    7) Millenium Force - Cedar Point - It's tall, fast, long and doesn't have much else going for it

    8) Lightning Racer - Hersheypark - PURE FUN

    9) Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - I like it better than Joker *GASP!*, so smooth, graceful, doesn't have that bad B&M snap

    10) Raptor - Cedar Point - I love inverted coasters, it's long and re-rideable.