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    Hi, I'm SirNicolasCoaster (you can call me whatever you want) and I decided to post this topic about my creations on NoLimits2. Please, mind that I'm a beginner to this simulator and I do it just for fun because I love roller coasters.

    First of all, I want to present you my in-progress B&M Inverted Coaster, "Minedrill" (not final name). I managed to finish the track just today, and I think this is pretty decent for my building skills. It's not that extreme, it features:

    - Max Height: 43 m
    - Main Drop: about 30 m
    - Inversions: 6 (Heartline Roll, Dive Loop, Immelman, Corkscrew, Corkscrew, Heartline Roll)
    - Lenght: 1316 m

    Here are some pics of it. As you can see, I made it go around another little wooden coaster, the first coaster I made to be precise, to make it more good-looking and to do some good stuff with the terrain in the future. I added the tunnels in the segments that are going to be under the terrain, such as mountains or trenches.

    Overview of the area.

    Train going into the Dive Loop.

    The first heartline roll right after the station.

    Train after the first corkcrew.

    Final Brakes, Transport Section and Transfer Track.

    Train in the second corkscrew and to the last heartline roll.

    Overview of the area, including the helix, MCBR and second drop.

    Another Overview of the entire area.

    As of now, I will have to do:
    - Custom Supporting.
    Since it's my first time doing this, I looked around some tutorials, but I didn't find anyone about Inverted Coasters. I tried looking at some real coasters to get an idea about how they are made, but I can't manage to find the best
    solution for some parts of the track, and I can't figure out which rail connectors I should use. Any help?

    - Terrain Editing.
    This is going to be a coaster that goes through the terrain, like trenches and tunnels, so I'll have to work hard for this. I'd like to add a trench to the helix, some hills around the track and some water, all these natural elements as
    near-misses. Then I'll have to paint the terrain.

    - Scenery.
    This is setting me in trouble. I want to make a good natural scenery, but also add some houses or some near-miss structures along the track. I'll need your help at this point! Also, I'd want to make a custom station, the queue and a
    good entrance.

    - Add details along the track, maybe add music and sound effects.

    It's going to be a long work for a noob like me, but I hope in your help to get to learn all of this!
    So, what do you think about it? Don't worry to write criticism, as this is the reason I'm posting this! I'll manage to get a POV in the next days.
    I'm also going to get you updates as soon as I progress in the construction.
    Welcome to the fourm! Im excited to see more. Only thing is the shaping is too round for b&m
    • CommentAuthorElvenage
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2015
    It's hard to judge the shaping, the FOV is too askew. IIRC, the slider should be all the way to the right to see accurate shaping.
    Here is a picture with minimum FOV:

    The fact is that, as I can consider this my first coaster on which I put a lot of work, I just hand-builded the track without considering very much the shape of classic B&M inverts. If you can tell me how it should be, I'll model it after your tips!