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    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2016
    well, it is kingsday in the netherlands and to celebrate his birthday and This project (it became 1 today, they grow up so fast :3). so here's a screenshot of baron1898 with the colours of our nation. :)

    BTW; There also will be an update tomorrow
    Looks so real!!! So excited for this to be released.
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2016
    I never knew the Dutch and the French had such similar colors.
    ^ Colors are the same
    Google it and find out more :D

    ^^^ I love the look of it sexyness.
    • CommentAuthorHarmL98
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2016 edited
    Hey guys,

    because the project became 1 year old. (hurray!!) I decided to proceed slowly because I'm really busy with work.
    And I am not happy with my work because of some stuff in the building, and I have some problems with scripting.

    Okey now some good news:

    First I'm going to finish the exterior of the building and the area around it.

    I will not stop until it is finished!!

    Soo see ya in the next update!!
    Wow so amazing nice real textures how did you make that shadows inside the textures i need that help for my Vliegende hollander
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2016
    ^ can you tell me how you do that with photoshop. I try to make a screenshot of the building and paste it in photoshop so its not a good quality. How did you do that?!
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2016
    Oh come on you can't have everyone hold your hand for every little thing. There are videos all over youtube about photoshopping specifically for texturing. Everyone here had to learn from years of experience, you can't expect it to be handed to you instantly.
    ^ so wait! I can't find some tuts or videos fot texture shading i can't find oke!
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2016
    When it comes to adding shadowing to your textures, that falls into baking your model. There are definitely tutorials for that or else I'd never learn how. lol
    • CommentAuthorHarmL98
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2016 edited
    I make the textures on a very special way, and I have no idea how to explain it honestly..But I thin

    But here a example of making shadows..
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    ^ A shame because I'm making the Vliegende Hollander from the efteling and has quite a bit of shadow for textures
    • CommentAuthorHarmL98
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2016 edited
    Posted By: NolimitsProjects^ A shame because I'm making the Vliegende Hollander from the efteling and has quite a bit of shadow for textures

    When you learn how to work with this tool, I think you will get some nice shadows ;)
    Still not the best tool..
    ^ tnx i will learn it ;)
    • CommentAuthormuchwoo
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2016
    ^^^^That image is amazing! I like a lot your textures and models, so many details and really well executed.
    Can't wait to put my hands on this fantastic project (also maybe because Efteling is my favourite park :)).
    So 8 months later... where is this big project?
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2016
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2016
    ^^ you must be listening to good music, you're bumping pretty hard as I can tell...
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2016

    ^Best bump call-out I've seen