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    I'm having this issue invariably when trying to upload, and I haven't found any threads about it, which weirds me out.

    Anybody else ever had that issue? Any fixes, or ideas about what the cause might be?
    Use the ask thread next time.

    How big is your file that you are uploading? Cause that happened for me before when it was a little to big.
    • CommentAuthorSebastos156
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2015 edited
    Sorry I will.
    Only 11.2 megabytes.
    It's difficult to know what is going on here. Only three of us staff have moderator/owner access to the exchange, but none of us have back end access to the web-server. So we are effectively unable to give any help other than advice... I suggest that you make sure your file is an .nl2pkg and as stated, that it is under 50mb. If this persistently refuses your upload, you could instead upload an empty track, and upload your actual park file to drop box. Then in your ride description, provide a drop box link.