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    • CommentAuthorJKTKops
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2015
    First off, hi guys! I'm new to this forum (I've never stalked it either, so I'm completely new) but I'm not completely new to NL. I had NL1 for quite a while but never got into tools. Handbuilding was my way to go. I hope it's OK to put some questions here (for advice) as well the name of my park on workshop because I have no idea how to get pictures or links (is it possible to link workshop entries? I thought so.) into here. If it isn't OK, could someone let me know what the category should be?
    First off, the name is "First Park In NL2."

    So here are my questions, for those willing to download it and ride the 4 coasters. (The picture is a bit out of date, as it only has 3 of them)
    Two of the roller coasters are handbuilt, the woodie and the hyper twister. Is there anything I should've been more careful with or tips on how to improve my trackwork? I should note that the awkward rolling on the woodie is intentional, I wanted to try something wierd as well as see what it did to the g-forces :P. Also at this point I hadn't quite realized the scale of NL2, so yes, they are pretty big.

    The other two of the roller coasters are made in Newton 2, with the standup having speed issues and requiring editing. During that editing I created some pretty bad pumps, which aren't obvious in a fly-by view but are painful to watch in POV. These were my first and second attempts at anything ever with Newton 2, so tips about how to better use the program are welcome! Additionally, I'm wondering if there's an easy way to edit Newton 2 tracks in NL2 or if I just shouldn't bother with that and try to fix them in Newton 2. The Standup's pumping is all a result of trying to edit in NL2.

    Do any of you that use Newton 2 make changes to the track after importing? I found I was much more able to create the barrel roll on the standup by using the heartline spline on NL2 than straight geometry in Newton 2.
    Following from the above, how far off are the Newton 2 heartline values for different coaster types? With the corkscrew coaster (the one not pictured) I was trying to model after Demon at SFGA as a practice with Newton 2, but I decided I didn't want to do the same beginning. Instead of the small drop out of the station and a slight turn, I went for a jojo-roll, which is pretty unrealistic but also fairly fun. Newton 2 lists the corkscrew heartline value at .8m, which created a jojo-roll that looked like it was heartlined by a dough-roller. I got a more accurate value by messing with the custom spline position until it looked the same as the heartline, around .65m. However, the heartlining still wasn't straight. Does anyone have a list or at least some inkling of those values?

    Sorry for the lack of pictures, hopefully I can figure that out. I look forward to what I can do with these wonderful programs and look forward to sharing them all with you guys here on the forum!
    Welcome to the forums :)

    Unfortunately, I can't answer many of those questions since I don't use tools (and can't be asked to download them all, sorry :P), but I think most people use FVD for NL2 instead of Newton (I think Newton has some importing things it can't do or something).
    You can make really smooth tracks handbuilt though - just insert a bunch of vertices between the ones you originally make before you depump all the sections.
    • CommentAuthorJetPulse
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2015
    So first off, welcome. I've got a few minutes so I can start to answer some of your questions.

    As for pictures, links, etc... the forums are compatible with html or Markdown by selecting the bubble just below the text box where you type. I personally use html. If you don't know anything about html, you can find the basics at w3schools. For links, its easy to copy paste your url and the text. For images, you have to upload your images to hosting site (imgur is generally recommended as it is free and generally doesn't limit you). When you upload images there, you will see on the right side an "html direct link" that you can copy and paste over here. For steam, you can put a link to your park's page but it will come up in people's standard browser and not in steam. I would recommend also creating an account on the exchange here, uploading your parks here as well and linking to the exchange here.

    As for tools, if you've haven't gotten too accustomed to Newton2, I would recommend switching FVD++. The premise of both software are the same, just FVD++ has a different UI. However, Newton2 hasn't been updated since the release of NL2 and doesn't play super nice. FVD++ just stopped formal development however, the developer has put the code on GitHub and a couple people in the community have starting poking around it. That being said, FVD++ is also a more powerful program. I personally picked up Newton the day it came out and then picked up FVD++ shortly after it came out and haven't looked back.

    As for editing tracks after exporting, I generally don't touch them. But the extra functionality of FVD++ helps with that.

    For heartlining, you can get the heartline value from NL2. Set your coaster mode to "heartline of current coaster". When you view the coaster from the side, and move your mouse, the readout of the mouse position is shown at the bottom of the window. Record the height of the heartline and the rails and then subtract the two values to come up with the heartline.

    That's all for now
    Welcome to the forums! Well I was going to write a long reply to all of your questions, but Jetpulse has pretty much nailed it. Be sure to check out the stickied posts on our many forum page. You'll find some tips on how to get started here, and lots of resources for making your NL2 rides. For random questions, use the official ask thread, and for posting updates about your ride, consider making a project page for yourself where you keep all of your rides and pics. Tips on making a good project page are in our Forums Rules & Usage Guide.
    Or, as an alternative to Dapalm's method for figuring out the heartline, I figured I'd make your life a bit easier:
    • CommentAuthorcaptfido87
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2015
    ^Wow that's actually really useful
    • CommentAuthorJKTKops
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2015
    ^^ Yeah wow, that's incredibly useful. I'm saving that to desktop.

    Thanks for your answers, JetPulse.

    Architect, I'll get a Project Page set up. Thanks!