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    • CommentAuthorTheTscream
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2015 edited
    Hello everybody! I am really new to this forum (joined today) and I hope to come daily! I have been making coasters for a while now and I thought I would join to further share my creations. I am on YouTube ( ) but BE WARNED, the videos there are from when I wasn't that good at making rides(and those rides are pretty bad). I haven't posted lately, because I hit a wall and I have no inspiration, but lately I got some and I am working on a coaster! I do like to watch other people post creations, and some of my favorite youtubers are TheCodeMaster and Coasterfan312. I plan to leak pictures of the coaster in a week or so. Make sure to subscribe to it to see my coaster releases in high quality videos. I am also getting into 3d modeling, but right now, I suck at it. I use Sketchup Pro so that I can convert the models into .3ds files. I hope to see you all here on the forums and have a nice day :)