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    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2015
    Hello all!

    A friend of mine and I have started a 'team' (of two people woohoo) as we decided to start making NL2 coasters together. Some of these projects could be small and just to 'fill in some time', others however can be huge projects which would take a lot of time to complete. Backstage Rocker is such a project of DT Rides (team name).

    What is Backstage Rocker?
    See Backstage Rocker as a... sort of combination of Rock 'n Roller Coaster and Revenge of The Mummy. Backstage Rocker is an indoor multi-launch coaster, themed with -ofcourse- rockmusic and performance. The ride consists of three launches, whereas one is backwards! The ride has no inversions and could be ridden for people taller than 1 meter 20.

    What is the story behind Backstage Rocker? How's the queue going to be?
    We're currently still working on the story. It needs some tweaks and additions later in the process.
    People will start outside. There are three seperate lines: Normal queue, Single Riders queue and disabled queue (because of stairs in the normal queue, disabled people will follow the queue but board at the exit station). The first part of the queue is outside (but probably has a roof for some shadow). People will go inside the building into groups of 48, this are two complete filled trains. A grouper counts and will add a person for the Single Riders queue if not complete. Disabled people will be kept in mind and they'll board the train through the exit station.

    Now, there are only two queues left inside the building: Normal (filled with some SRL people) and disabled. They see a pre-show (which still will be a secret which still hasn't been exactly thought of) and go to a second room where they split up in 6 rows of 4 people (two times, because there should be two trains filled). When the train has arrived in the entrance station, doors will open and they'll walk to the train, quickly sit down and ready to leave. There is a 5 second delay built in between the dispatch button click and the actual leaving, meant for some effects and the door to open.

    Current statics
    Total length of track: 1.388,64 meters
    Total length of track without storage: 1.312,64 meters
    Maximum height: 20,7 meters
    Minimum height: 4,1 meters

    Note that the scenery is -far- from finished. A lot of textures aren't applied and/or made yet. We still need more coffee and pizza to finish this monster.

    The entrance station. The wall at the back will contain the 6 doors later.

    View from the still-empty control room.

    The bridge that will lead people from the exit station to the souvenir shop to the real exit. Disabled people follow this path (followed by a ramp) to get to the exit.

    Exit station with onride picture shop in the background. All backstage areas are accesable with walking mode. The doors are working with mouse clicks (thanks to bestdani, I guess it was him)

    It's a close fit! This is a part of the darkride and the control room was beneath it. It took some shaping, but it goes along really well!

    Another close fit during the track. Clearance test has been completed succesfully, so no worries. And this roof will be texture black, so it won't be even visible during the less-than-a-second encounter during the ride.

    The other three trains that could ride down this track. Exit station is on the bottom of the picture, entrance station at the top left.

    A lot of track. Making it as dark as possible already.

    Unfrozen top-down view from the editor.

    A lot of work has been done, but a lot has still to be finished. It won't be done before the end of the summer break (which finally has started for me today woohoo!), but a lot should've been done by then.

    I'm also going to get some inspiration, as I'll be five days at Disneyland Paris at the beginning of August!
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2015
    *Reserved post*

    And fuuuuu, my previous post was 21 characters too long at first!
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2015 edited
    It took a while, but here's some new updates. Note that buildings are FAR from done and a lot of textures are yet to be applied.

    Today, we let the family Dummy enjoy the ride on the coaster. They were really excited when they left the ride!

    The family during the ride. They sure enjoyed!

    They were so happy to be part of this. Because of this, we let them ride this coaster daily for the morning test routine.

    A quick peak in the mech bay. Trains are stored here at the end of the day.

    The family can be loaded from this area. At the moment, we still have one family, but perhaps we will invite some more!