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    • CommentAuthorGerms
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2015
    Not every creature bites...
     photo screenshot-2015-07-29-19-19-23_zpsvgfxrt6b.jpg

     photo screenshot-2015-07-29-17-58-40_zpsr6uwcbut.jpg
    The Sting is a fast-paced Hyper GT-X, filled with sharp turns,

     photo screenshot-2015-07-29-19-16-19_zpsb13assdb.jpg
    ...steep drops,

     photo screenshot-2015-07-29-19-20-20_zpsynsl08f1.jpg
    ...and wild airtime.

     photo screenshot-2015-07-29-17-45-00_zpsbcxwkrdh.jpg
    Climb above the trees 103 feet in the air.

     photo screenshot-2015-07-29-18-03-28_zps0s3h8n1v.jpg
    Then race across the rocks at 50 mph.

     photo screenshot-2015-07-29-17-57-18_zpsaszjjwi4.jpg
    Are you the predator...or the prey?

    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2015
    That's a pretty cool layout! I'm not quite sold on the second hill, I think I would have prefered a more normal hill. Also the final transition into the brakes could have been tightened up somewhat to surprise the riders with one last pop of airtime before hitting the brakes. But overall a good layout. I also like the colors.