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    This is so flippin cool; the level of detail you went to for this is very impressive and it looks like a nice ride as well.
    How in the world... That looks amazing!
    Your drawing numbers are the same, I'd probably change one of them to be higher/lower, but hey, I still love it!
    I just found this. This is a very captivating way to tease a project!
    ^^ Yeah I thought about that. I'll change it on the next one.

    Thanks everyone!
    Another piece to the puzzle has been released this time. Adding to the detail about what Lagoon has cooked up in 2021! It's looking good!

     photo Project 2021 Leaked 3_zps5drzbxot.jpg
    Are you drawing each line separately or did you find a way to import a wireframe into the software? This is too cool
    • CommentAuthorTheBeatles
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2016
    >Gyazo a screenshot of the editor wireframe
    >Import into photo editor of choice
    >Black & white = 100%
    >Copy/paste onto draft sheet template
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2016


    Cool technique though. May have to try it out myself someday.
    I used Visio to create the Draft Template and then its a screen shot of the wire frame in No Limits with a white back ground. I make the coasters wireframe black and then select a different coaster so it appears black. Less editing needing making the image clearer.
     photo Project 2021 Leaked 4_zpsrjc8qmsl.jpg

    More to come.
    Time for the first preview of my Round Up 150 Project.

    Project 2021 Teaser #1 Video

     photo Wild Legend Teaser Poster 1_zpsbaortq9r.png
     photo Teaser Image 1 November 22 2016_zpslzcdxbrt.png
    Project 2021: Coming Soon!
     photo 5 Days till Release Teaser_zpso83cxkg5.png
    Roundup 150 has come and gone. I was hoping for a win, but the videos that did win were amazing, especially Terror Tracks that ride needs to be built immediately!

    Here is my entry for Roundup 150: Project 2021

    Project 2021: The Revitalization of Pioneer Village
    Wild Legend Ride Render 1 photo Wild Legend Rendering 1_zpsh0rtkeot.png
    This is the coaster designed to fit Pioneer Village. GCI and RMC inspired design but not meant to be from either designer.
    Wild Legend Lift Render  photo Wild Legend Rendering 2_zpsfqrtf3nf.png
    The lift is a steel lift as Farmington Creek runs underneath and with the close proximity of the buildings of Pioneer Village; a traditional wood coaster lift was not going to be possible.
     photo Wild Legend Rendering 3_zpswmmzd2j0.png
    Here is the second half of the ride. This portion would replace the zoo at Lagoon.
    Wild Legend Train Render photo Train Rendering FINAL with LOGO_zpsvd5fd3uk.png
    This is the Train design with all the ride logos and park logos.
    East Side of Main Street 2 photo Main Street Looking North East WM_zpsiuqgfs50.png
    This is Pioneer Village Main Street looking North East.
    East Side of Main Street photo East side of Main Street WM_zps9wdifx0l.png
    This is Pioneer Village Looking south on the east side of Main Street.
    Bell Tower photo PV Bell Tower WM_zpsbunkolqz.png
    This is what you see when you first enter Pioneer Village. This is the bell tower and bakery building.
    From LAB viewing south and east  photo View from Water Slide Tower WM_zpsvspskwaq.png
    A view from the Lagoon-A-Beach Slide Tower looking to the south, you can see the Wild Legend Station and Lift Hill in the distance.
    Photography Sign photo Photography Builiding WM_zps602mchln.png
    A good view of the Detail put into this recreation. This is the photography building and the sign is exactly as it exists at Lagoon.
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2016
    wow, this actually looks really good! Excited to see the future of this!
    ^Thanks. I am slowly working on doing all of Lagoon.

    One more Screenshot:

    View from Old Mill photo Old Mill View of WL WM_zpsin3qelok.png
    I am loving the 2.5 update! The only difference is I changed the hand rails and catwalks to a grey color. The browns stayed the same but look so much better now! Thanks NL Dev team! This is amazing work!


     photo View from Exit walkway_zpslgdpitxn.png


     photo WL Train andf Station New NL Lighting update_zps48o4dckh.png
    Here is my latest project. A recreation of Saltair's Giant Racer.

    A Short History of Saltair. Saltair was a resort started on the shores of the Utah's Great Salt Lake. Starting in 1893 up till today. Today's version is no more than a lame concert venue and has no rides. The resort was plagued with problems of receding lake levels, rising lake levels and fire. The resort burned down 3 times in its history and today stands as a lame concert venue. The resort was built mainly for swimming and dancing but through out its existence it had 3 roller coasters and many other flat rides. The first two coasters pictures are hard to come by. But the third coaster was called the Giant Racer. It was 100 feet tall, racing tracks, and was very comparable to Colossus at Magic Mountain. The coaster closed in 1959 with the closing of Saltair II as there was nobody visiting. It evenutally fell over and then burned in 1970. This coaster has the most images of it and so I chose to recreated it based off the pictures and known stats of the ride. It won't be 100% recreation but I intend it to be close enough to at least give an idea of what the ride would have been like. I'll update progress here as it goes. The track work is mostly done. The supports are going to need a lot of custom work and will take a while to do.

     photo GR Progress Feb 1 2017_zpspycqrmfb.png
    ^^ Looking good! Will it be released to Steam or Coastercrazy as well as the NLE?
    I haven't thought about releasing it actually. But I'd consider it.
    Saltair IV. August 30, 1957 a 75 MPH wind gust lasting only for 3 minutes sealed the doom of Saltair II. The wind storm destroyed the Giant Racer the king of the roller coasters. It reigned from 1932 to 1957. It featured 110 feet tall, 6600 feet of track. More specs on the ride to be released later. I have recently become very interested in Saltair and its history. Taking a break from my Lagoon Amusement Park recreation. I decided to start something new. I came across some good pictures of the Giant Racer, could really be known as the Giant Racer II at Saltair as the coaster that was there from 1925- 1931 was also called the Giant Racer. The recreation I am doing is of the later coaster and the last one and the tallest coaster to be featured at Saltair. I was going to have the recreation in a park from my own imagination but the theme was just not coming to me. So I played around with doing a Saltair recreation that didn't excite me either. So I decided to make a fantasy park called Saltair IV as a possible rebirth of Saltair II. (For the record Saltair III still exists but is just an abandoned building and isn't on the same location as Saltair I and II) So this is a custom park, based on Saltair II but not an exact recreation. It will have elements of Saltair but also be its own park. The Giant Racer will be as close to 100 % accurate as possible. I have recently found an expert on the Giant Racer and will be meeting with him later this week to get more info and pictures that cannot be be found anywhere on the internet.

    So The name of the Park now is Saltair IV, that will probably just become Saltair eventually. Pictures below.

     photo Ride the Train to Saltair again Feb 21 2017_zpsv76l8qjr.png

    You will be able to still take the train out to Saltair like back in the day. Except this time the Utah Transit System will handle the trains and not a railroad company.

     photo Front Gate Progress Feb 21 2017_zpskp4cg7jy.png

    Here is the the front gate. Placement of the the Giant Racer and Design of the entrance gate inspired by Saltair II.

     photo Feb 21 2017 Progress_zpsmpz7kcb5.png

    Overview of the Giant Racer. The supports are not final. They need lots of custom work.

     photo From the Lift Feb 21 2017_zpsrvdcjp0m.png

    This is a shot from the lift hill. This is based off a view of the ride I found on a postcard of Saltair. You can also see a recreation in the works of the Saltair II main building.

    Enjoy! More to come as the park comes together!
    The Lost Coasters of Saltair Trailer 1

    Nowadays people in Utah only know of Lagoon as the state’s only amusement park. Most people in Utah have heard of Saltair but do not know that it had roller coasters and that its first roller coaster in 1915, predating Lagoon’s by about six years. Saltair has been gone for almost 60 years now. There is a building out near the original site called Saltair III but it is a bad 1980’s attempt at rekindling what the Great Saltair once was. In this documentary, I will be going over what we know about the three separate roller coasters Saltair. The first two coasters info is scarce and not many pictures exist about them but the last of the three coasters the Giant Racer (this was the 2nd coaster to have the same name at Saltair) I have found a former ride operator and mechanic of the ride. By meeting with him, I was able to clear up many things about the ride such as accidents, ride operation, layout of the ride and general statics about the ride that nobody else knows. With this knowledge, I have used No Limits Roller Coaster Simulator to recreate an almost 100% accurate to the real ride and will include it as part of this documentary. Also the will be two never before seen pictures of the Giant Racer. Stay Tuned!

    I'll keep updates coming as the documentary progresses.
    ^^ Do the train's doors work?
    Unfortunately not. I'm working on making the trains move but not the doors. That would be cool though.
     photo GR Classic Vs Recreation March 14 2017_zpsgbq4cmct.png
    damn looking good. I think to match the pictures up better, you could play with in-sim FOV. But that looks pretty accurate from what you're showing us.
    Is the upside down U thing in the forground supposed to be the same as the one in the picture above it?
    ^ Roughly. Still working on that part.
     photo March 22 2017 Progress_zps2qge36nf.png

    With Giant Racer II nearly complete and having found plans and never before seen pictures (Online anyway) for the Giant Racer I I have decided it needs a recreation as well. Here is a progress shot of Giant Racer I's progress. Both will now be featured in the documentary.
    that looks like rct
    ^ Its still WIP its getting there.
    Update March 30, 2017:

     photo Final LCOS BANNER Update Stamped_zpsd9xwijng.png

    Having uncovered the blue prints for Saltair's first Giant Racer an recreation is under way. Stay Tuned!
    Coming Early Summer 2017!

    Trailer # 2. This documentary is not one to be missed if you are a coaster enthusiast, a casual coaster rider, a member of the GP or a History Buff! This is history about Utah's other amusement park. Coming soon!

    The Lost Coasters of Saltair Trailer #2
    What questions are you hoping the documentary will answer about these coasters where not much is known about them.

    Comment below!
    Lost this day 92 years ago. The Reverser Roller Coaster and Saltair I Pavilion. The Lost Coasters of Saltair. A Utah Coaster Enthusiasts Documentary coming soon!

     photo Swept By Fire Logo A 22 1925_zpsltel8xmz.png
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2017
    Posted By: UtahCoasterRiderWhat questions are you hoping the documentary will answer about these coasters where not much is known about them.

    Honestly, all questions regarding the Reverser coaster, haha! This is suc an iconic yet mysterious coaster. I wonder how it worked and everything.

    I'm curious to see the documentary. :)
    • CommentAuthorDelay
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2017
    Posted By: KingRCT3I wonder how it worked and everything.

    Good, I'm not alone. I'm also curious how they did this. I thought it was impossible(you know, RCT 2/video game logic).
    ^^ There isn't much info on this mysterious coaster but there is new information about the ride that is currently unknown publicly. The documentary will have facts, rumors and educated opinions/ theories about all three coasters. I have a pretty accurate theory on the Reverser that is based on known information about the other coasters at Saltair. There is also many never before seen images of the coasters out there.
    Update: June 12, 2017

    Have you ever wondered what kind of restraint system was used on the Giant Racer II?

    That will be answered along with much more that has been lost to history. There will be No Limits Roller Coaster Simutalor recreations of both versions of the Giant Racer and possibly the Reverser. The manufactures of all three roller coasters will be revealed. Just a hint, The Roller Coaster Database is not correct.

    As part of the documentary there is a an accompany research paper (all citations will be included) is being written which at the present time stands at 23 pages in length (and that is just on the coasters of Saltair), but a recent discovery that requires more research to be covered adequately will make the paper longer still.

    A late summer 2017 release is scheduled but in the assurance of quality of the documentary it will be released when it is ready. Please stay tuned! I assure you, you will not want to miss this!