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    • CommentAuthorrct800
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2015 edited
    Hey guys, I'd like to present my newest project to you. Rush is a self-duelling (meaning that you ride each side during one ride) B&M hyper coaster that I've been working on for the past 1,5 months. It features an indoor station and the brake runs are also mostly indoor. I've been experimenting with the lights animator and I've created quite a large light show that is triggered by the trains. This, however, is not the only place where I used scripts. I've managed to create the most advanced blockscipt I've ever done. The whole ride is almost finished and will be released in a few weeks. In addition to the light show, it also features multiple soundtracks that can be heard during different ride sections (lift, MCBR, station).

    Here are the features of the script:

    - multi-move function in the station for a realistic dispatch behaviour
    - both pre-lift blocks and the pre-station block can have two different tire speeds (when next block is occupied, the trains move very slowly)
    - both pre-lift blocks are synchronised (meaning that the trains almost always duell perfectly, even if not in 5-train mode) and are able to hold the trains for a few seconds

    In 5 train mode, the trains usually wait a few seconds before lift 2 until the next train is dispatched. If the station dispatch takes very long, the trains continue after 15 seconds of hold time so that the ride does not stall completely then. When only using 4 trains, it is also possible to hold the train before lift 1 for a few seconds until a train enters lift 2.

    Here are the features of the light show:

    - The queue lights change colours every 30 seconds
    - Once the train dispatches, the station light show and also the light show of the first curve starts
    - When both trains enter the lift, the lights flash in red

    Teaser Video for the light show

    Also, many thanks to derMuffinMaker for creating the awesome ride Environment!

    Anyway, here are some pictures of the ride layout:

    The two lifts:

    Both first drops, the second one has a little "twist" to it:

    Both turnarounds:

    Both MCBRs with the trains reaching them at the same time (duells perfectly):

    Ride entrance (WIP):

    Station with light show:

    Lockers room (last few meters of the queue):

    Indoor queue with single rider line:

    Outdoor queue:

    Ride stats (We have a new worlds longest coaster :D):

    Final Brake run for the first half, before the second lift:

    Two trains climbing the lifts:

    Part of the pre-lift light show:

    That's it for now. Please tell me what you think!

    That script sounds absolutely brilliant. I especially like that you dispatch the train onto the second lift if the first train is taking too long to load. Functionality of the lights sounds awesome as well.

    (Now time for me to nitpick.)
    What are the block lengths after each of the MCBRs like? Is there any possibility (apart from in the case of an E-stop) for a train to clear the top of the lift but then have to stop on the MCBR because the next block is occupied? Not sure how it's set up at the moment but I would think you would need at least two sets of block brakes before the second lift so that if a train is being held there, waiting for a train to dispatch from the station, a train on the first half of the ride would not have to stop at the MCBR. This is probably the only scenario (other than an E-stop) I can imagine where a train would actually be stopped on the MCBR.

    On the subject of the MCBRs, how do the trains duel after them? Is it sort of like one chasing the other (which I think is actually quite a cool and underused idea)? I only ask because the MCBRs aren't aligned perfectly and it looks like the train on the left will clear it and go down the drop before the one on the right does.

    Also, difficult to tell but it looks as though some areas of the ride may be over supported? With so many supports it slightly detracts from the aesthetic of the ride.

    As for the 3DS, are you going to add any more detail to the queue area? I think that could really take it up a level.

    As more of a thing of personal taste, I think it could look pretty nice if the trains were all different colours as well (though this probably wouldn't work since the track isn't a neutral colour). Are you going to add car textures? If not, I'd be more than willing to make something simple to your taste.
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2015
    I got to see this ride when you were having the script troubles in the ask thread, I actually really like the layout of each side of the coaster and the interactions between the two side are really thrilling but my biggest problem with it is that both sides are very long. If each side was it's own individual coaster, this wouldn't be a problem, but since you'd have to go through both sides before you get back to the station, it really just makes you start to think " is this thing over yet", the whole reason Twisted colossus is able to get a way with this is because each side is so short.
    Posted By: rct800Also, many thanks to derMuffinMaker for creating the awesome ride Environment!

    No problem :D This ride is awesome and the Script is just Insane. I really love this coaster :D
    • CommentAuthorrct800
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2015 edited
    There is no possibility for the ride to stall at the MCBR in normal mode. Each lift has got its own timer in the script that starts when the train is leaving the lift. For example: The first lift can only be entered if a train left it more than 25 seconds ago. In addition to that, the dispatch times would have to be veery low to make the train wait before the first lift. As for the train stacking: The pre-lift 2 section consists of two blocks (final brake 1, pre lift 2), so that there is space for two trains in this short section which makes it practically impossible to stack the trains there. EDIT: A car texture would be very cool, I'd gladly take you help :).

    After the MCBR, the trains more like chase the other one in a series of parallel airtime hills. Yes, there are many supports in some places, but remember that this is essentially two hyper coasters in one... I'm not too experienced with 3DS, but I will try to make the queue more detailed. As for the trains, I will look into the possibility of having different colous. Thanks for your feedback!

    Yes, your right when saying that both sides are very long. In the real world, a ride like this would most likely not be possible (immense costs etc.), so this is rather a fantasy coaster...

    ^ thanks :D
    Haha.. "Normal Entrance"
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2015
    Posted By: rct800I've managed to create the most advanced blockscipt ever done.

    I hope it's just some kind of advertisment or you might putting your head above the parpet. ;-)

    In my opinion the support density looks good, you can always argument that the soil requires a higher density than usual I guess. :P
    I also like the trackwork, I think building one large self duelling coaster isn't automatically something unrealistic.

    The 3d models look basic but that's almost fine, maybe you can add some pillars, not only for aesthetics in some cases it might be also required to keep it realistic.
    What could be improved is the texture work since you can see the texture's tiling extremely and I think you could improve the overall look quite easily by adding some dirt for example and vary the textures generally a bit more.

    I also like that you're adding a lightshow but I think the execution can be improved a bit since the color combinations are not very harmonic which is also the case for the static(?) building illumination for example, maybe just stick to a basic color and only use a slightly different hue in the next room or try to use a red, blue, red, blue pattern for all the projectors inside the station and in the following dark section. I would also prefer to see a fast strobing lift light instead of this slow blinking.
    I also think you can also improve the general look very easily by changing some light settings like reducing the volume effect amount and changing the spot size.

    Putting it alltogether it's looks like a very nice project.
    • CommentAuthorrct800
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2015
    Whooops, I meant the most advanced blockscript that I've ever done, fixed it now... :)
    I will try to add some basic wall elements and pillars to the large queue room. As for the textures, I can definately see your point. I had quite a hard time with sketchups default textures and I'm still not completely satisfied with them. Are there any good free Textures on the internet that I can use?

    The building illumination is indeed static. I felt like the green colour (similar to the track colour) would fit pretty well there, but I might make it less vibrant. I will play around with the lights. I already have a fast strobing light on the end of the first half, so I felt like another strobe on the lift would have been too generic. Thanks for your feedback!
    • CommentAuthorHooch
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2015
    That looks really awesome and fun.
    I agree with changing the train colours. think of watching the ride off ride. If the train blends to much with the track, peeps will have difficulty in following the trains.

    You can use for textures. It is free but there is a daily download limit. They have amazing textures.
    • CommentAuthorrct800
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2015 edited
    ^ Many thanks for suggesting that site! There are some good ones there.


    Redid some of the textures...

    • CommentAuthorrct800
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2015
    Many thanks to bigbrownbear123 for these cool car textures! Each train has its own coloured stripe on the side.
    ^ I like it, maybe make the harnes in the color of the stripe? So you can see more difference ;)
    • CommentAuthorMrRC
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2015
    If u set the lightpoint of the spots 1 meter from the point of the spot, u can hide the spot, so u see only the light and not the spotlight.
    • CommentAuthorrct800
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2015
    Rush will be uploaded next week!

    EU: 14/09/15
    US: 09/14/15

    • CommentAuthorrct800
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2015
    Hey guys, I've uploaded a Video for the coaster! Stay tuned for the download on monday!

    Final Video

    Fantastic :D
    • CommentAuthorrct800
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2015 edited
    Rush is finally uploaded to the Exchange and Workshop! It would be nice if you'd drop a rate. :)

    No Limits Exchange

    Steam Workshop

    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2015
    Looks cool, your video is too way long though, especially the first four minutes that are basically only the queue line :X

    As people said before, having this be one single ride with two lifts doesn't really make any sense, it's just too long. Just having two station would have been the best I think. The Layouts are cool with some really interesting bits, but I feel like it lacked a little bit in the dueling department. The interaction you had was good, I just wish it would have been more and over bigger parts of the ride.

    Despite these few flaws, I enjoyed my ride, so keep up the work!