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    After the screenshots in the W.D.Y.D.I.NL.2 i made some progress that i made a thread for this Intamin Launched Hyper Coaster


    It is a long layout 1825m/5990ft and 72m/235ft high, top speed is 122kmh/75mph, and the forces are really intense +4,8g for 3sec and -1,7g on the airtime hill before the 0-G-Roll.

    The ride features a launch into a 90° upward twist, then it goes trough the 72m/235ft high Lagoon-Roll only to drop after this into an 87° steep drop. Then the ride goes trough twists, airtime hills, overbankeds and strong forces.
    The ride also features the worlds highest double inversion and the worlds first 0-g 140° Side-Overbanked


    The start:

    First hint of the surprise:

    Reveal of the surprise:


    First Video of the coaster in action:
    Made a Video of my WIP Launched Intamin :D

    Finished V1 of the Layout:


    Another video of the Layout V3:
    Intamin Launched Mini Giga Layout number 3

    Started on supports and choose the best fitting color V1, also layout V2:

    And now layout V5,Color V8 and i think this is the Final:

    Overview of the final layout:

    Oh and there is another surprise:

    Tell me what do you think :D Muffin
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2015
    Are you making it all white like a Chinese loopscrew coaster?
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2015
    What a ride, seriously!
    Togo its more like an old "brownish" white.

    KingRCT3 seriously it has everthing xD
    To be honest i'm not a fan of the layout. It looks very unorganized and like you tried to do way too much with one layout. Capacity would be a huge issue and it's just such a tangled mess that it's kind of unappealing imo. I really think you should shorten the layout a significant amount and try to focus on a goal for the layout. Just my two cents.
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2015
    ^I totally agree on those points.
    But I really like the looks of the last picture.