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    so i got quite bored recently, so i teamed up with TallonDeHart and created a full pack of cartextures with the nl logo seamlessly removed, and also a couple extra textures with some extra bits removed too

    here they all are


    Looping style 1 (without the white stripe)

    Looping style 2 (with stripe)

    Corkscrew (there is an optional stripe version too, that is fully editable)

    Bobsled (no waves version is being worked on at the moment)

    Eurofighter 1

    Eurofighter 2

    Gerstlauer Spinner (Lights as an option)


    Intamin Hyper

    4 Seat B&M Hyper

    Staggered B&M Hyper


    B&M Invert



    Mack Launch

    Maurer spinner

    Intamin Rocket

    Arrow Suspended

    B&M Dive (wip)

    Floorless (nolimitscoaster removed from the buffer)

    B&M Sit Down

    B&M Stand Up

    Vekoma Flying Dutchman

    Vekoma Minetrain (this took a lot of fiddling to do)

    Wooden 6 Seat

    2 Seat Trailered

    4 Seat Trailered (White on the front and sides is an option)

    Wooden 4 Seat

    Download: CLCIK ME
    Wow that is pretty useful. Thanks :D
    quick update - trailered 4 seat variants are finished

    For the b&m sitdown, could you also remove all the awkward striped colors?
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    thank you so much. I know how frustrating this whole process is.
    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2015
    This is very useful, thanks a lot! Would the public release include templates, just like this link below?
    Ooh. Most look better without the logo (some look a tad bland, but that's to be expected).
    Definitely useful for putting your own logo on.
    Posted By: BirdNerdThis is very useful, thanks a lot! Would the public release include templates, just like this link below?

    since you requested it, we will provide as many templates as we can make too
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2015
    Awesome, thanks for your work guys!
    Its out! check the bottom of the original post for an instant download
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    All, as an update, a template pack is VERY close to release!!

    At this time, I would like to call out to everyone for help in making this happen. I need 1 coaster of each of the following 10 coaster styles as a showcase for the texture pack.
    So...if you have a coaster that you wouldn't mind being shown off, and want a free car texture out of the deal too, PM me!

    floorless - claimed
    limlaunched -
    twistedflyer - claimed
    twistedinverted - claimed
    twistedsitdown - claimed
    twistedstandup - claimed
    twistedwing - claimed

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    Preview time anyone?
    The pack will come with 9 coaster recreations to showcase the texture templates. These coasters are NOT perfect recs, nor are they MEANT to be!
    Separate from the coasters, there will be a new download including the 9 B&M style templates, along with a few other styles, and instructions, maybe even a video, of how to customize these to your next project.

    Images exceeded max width - Staff
    • CommentAuthorTheBeatles
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2015
    Whoa, awesome!
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    ^^ I notice the first picture is SCREAM! @ SFMM. One of my favorite B&M Floorless.
    The car textures look sharp! I'm actually blown that you did a knocked down Kumba as it is one of the base coasters in the NL2 package?? -_-

    When I install these assets, do I place the whole folder into the NL2 common folder or I can place the cartextures directly on my coasters folder?
    Those look great, but don't forget to update the older ones! Some of them are missing templates. These include:

    vekoma flying
    mack launch
    gerstlauer infinity
    gerstlauer infinity2
    zamperla twister

    These aren't complains, but just something to bring your attention since half of the coaster styles have templates while the others don't.
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    ^^^It is indeed Scream, nice catch Beatles
    ^^thanks, yes, I redid Kumba from scratch along with a few others that will be shown during release.
    ^You can place them into the nl2 common folder, however I wouldn't suggest it, as that is default for the game for ALL coasters of that style that you make. I would suggest placing these in your park folder as a precaution.
    ^Crazydud, these are just the first of a template pack. I will look at updating a few of the older styles that you have suggested in a future pack. 4 of the ones you have mentioned will be in this release.
    all B&M style, along with 2 others. More to follow in a second release, but no promises on to when that will be.

    My goal was to release templates that Phyter had not yet released, and improve realism on a few that he had. So we will see how this evolves after the first pack release.