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    • CommentAuthorForced
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2015 edited
    Hello everybody!

    My name is Julian, I'm from Germany and very interested in roller coasters.

    I know NoLimits for about 5 years or so and I've used it rarely since then and I've been on the forums for some time but never really posted anything.
    Now that I finally put my hands on FVD++ I'm much more motivated to actually build coasters (I was terrible at building coasters hand made).
    So I thought an Intamin Mega Coaster is something I quite like (especially now with the new tie-spacing option).

    Well, here are some first pictures of Krashnir, my first coaster, that i plan to actually finish.
    Keep in mind, that I use FVD for about half a week, so don't expect a masterpiece.
    I'm trying my best to get into FVD as good as possible, therefore constructive (FVD related or coaster relaten in general) criticism is being seen very gladly.

    So, let the pictures speak for themselves:

    The layout is halfway done at this point. Supports are going to be added when the layout is finished.
    More updates coming soon, but for now, let me know what you think. :)

    LG Julian
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2015
    Looks like a good start to me. Many people on this forum might say that it looks more like a B&M Hyper layout, but I think it will work just fine as an Intamin.

    Only thing thats odd to me is why did you go to three rails on the big overbank turn?
    Looks really good. But you should change the rails on the overbanked to 4 and on the airtimehill to 3 ;)
    • CommentAuthorForced
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2015 edited

    lamewad: Yeah, I know, the drop might be a little too B&M-ish. But the airtime hills definitely pull more g-s than B&Ms.
    DerMuffinMaker: Done that! :D


    I finished the layout so far. I really don't know what type of layout this is. From the top it looks like a out-and-back layout, in some pictures it looks like a spaghetti bowl.
    But I'm quite happy with the result except for the helixes. I think the shaping there is awful, haven't figured out, how to build these things in FVD++ yet.
    Colours aren't final, well, the blue might be. But do you have any suggestions on the catwalk colour (I don't want this to be another Superman ride)? There are going to be white supports.


    Sweeping turnaround

    Very intense airime hills (up to -2g)

    Beauty shot of the lifthill

    First drop

    Helix under big airtime hill

    Spaghetti bowl!

    Panoramic shot (I know... floating catwalks xD)

    I'm interested in what you think - especially about the helixes.

    LG Julian
    What a beautiful and good layout... I really like it ;)

    For the catwalks: maybe the same color as the supports?
    I think the ride looks great!! Personally, I like the red catwalks. They tie in the red trains. The helices look awesome! Good luck with supports!