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    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2015 edited

    Coaster Above: Blaine Park

    I decided to start a thread of things I'm working on, and pictures of coasters I've finished and later plan to put up for download

    Ready for download:
    Point Beta Phase 1- Download on NLE NOTE: When loading the park I noticed it takes 1:20-3:25 Minutes to load and then like 45 seconds for it to start up, reason for this? Tango, and a Mountain.

    Apocalypse 12'th anniversary (Farewell Run) Download now and take your farewell run. (Direct Download)

    Raptor; A Mack Mega-Lite - Download On The Workshop or Download On The Exchange

    Blaine Park (Includes 2 coasters, Iron Twister, and Metador)
    Download On The Workshop
    or Download On The Exchange

    |Testing/In Progress|
    Contents here are things I'm testing before it will go in production

    Zonga for COASTERGUY246


    Point Beta Phase 4 (Phase 4 of my original theme park, which has already over 21 rides, Phase 4 is planned to have 5 rides!)

    Twisted Apocalypse Remake (Redoing my first coaster from the ground up in NL2 instead of the original NL1!)

    Blue Lightning (Finishing up brake system)

    Soar - a B&M flying coaster

    Pony Express - Launched RMC Hybrid with 6 Inversions. Supporting

    Unnamed RMC - Put on hold. Topper Track RMC with 2 inversions.


    Point Beta Phase 1-3 (Phase 1 has 5 coasters, Phase 2 has 7, Phase 3 has 9)

    Test Park (Collab between me and someone not on the forums, my part is smoothing the rides out because the originally went over 25 G's)

    Custom Combo (Random testing of putting 1 coaster style train on a different track style [For example, Mack Launch on a 4 Tube Rocket Coaster track)

    Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain Remake (for the 40'th anniversary next year of the first 360 degree looping coaster, I'm importing the original Revolution track from NL1 into NL2 and tweaking some things out like custom carts with lap and calf bars [Like the announcement of The New Revolution], Lighting, adding those hills, and the new colors)

    Oldies: Who doesn't love some of the old NL1 coasters? I imported several original default coasters, and some of my own into one park for the (I think late) 14'th anniversary of the release of the original No Limits.

    Glider; A one of a kind B&M Wing Coaster in Point Beta

    An old restored Water Brake Woodie

    Gotta love the graphics!
    • CommentAuthorInkyz
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2015 edited
    Hi there, welcome to the forums! Your projects look interesting but your FOV makes it difficult to decipher the shaping. It'd help a lot if you slid it all the way to the right - or near there, anyway. That way we can see your shaping better. Thanks!
    It's good to see you remaking an NL1 coaster in NL2, it's something I've always wanted to do but never got around to it. It's a pretty huge twisted hyper, and will certainly be the go-to ride of the park. As for the water brake, I'd probably wear a poncho to avoid getting soaked!
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2015 edited
    Thanks for the feedback! as for @Inkyz, I'm planning on releasing some more pictures that are updated, because some of the transitions on glider were changed. We'll see some pictures in a moment :)
    Edit: While I'm uploading, here's a fun fact, Point Beta Phase3 (home of Glider, the green coaster depicted above, and those water brake woodies) was actually started under the file name "Twisted Apocalypse NL2 Port" as I was going to import my original coaster there, but later found out 'Oh golly! Importing is only from nl2park and nlrtrack! Not nl1pckg!' so scrapped the idea and put it aside and started working on coasters. Second fun fact is that Glider is in fact the only coaster made in the built in FVD, and didn't really like much of the shaping on some transitions. All of the rest of the coasters were hand made (Because who doesn't like to set your mind free?) and I actually used depump once in a while, but never mainly needed it.
    Edit 2:

    Here's a better image of the layout of glider

    Why FVD, this transition is horrible yet G-Force efficient

    Hint Hint? It's the new world's steepest coaster at an estimate of 135-145 degrees beyond vertical drop, Soaring Cypher!

    Edit 3: I now released PB Phase 1 (Check the main post)
    Sorry to be so critical, but if you're going for realism you're quite a way off. I don't even know what's going on in that second picture (^), but no part of a track should look like that - it should smoothly curve around the top. The whole track should generally be closer to the ground too.
    I'd say to look around at other people's rides and see how similar elements are shaped. You could also try the new Shaping Help Thread.

    Also, I don't know how long you've used NoLimits or FVD, but if it's not been for long then I'd suggested starting with individual handbuilt coasters rather than a park using FVD.
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2015 edited
    ^ No harm taken, I actually appreciate you for pointing that out, you see, This was the first and last Non hand built coaster I've done, and I regret someparts, so I plan on smoothing some parts out, and when making this coaster, It didn't look like that from the other side, it looked like a calm turn, but when closer inspection after completion, I noticed it wasn't how it looked like. But in reality, I did see a coaster transition like that, but it wasn't that tight (To be exact I think it was Goliath at SFMM) I see what your saying and I will improve it!
    Edit: Now that you edited your comment, I have to edit mine.
    Regarding closer to the ground, It's actually not supposed to be close to the ground, but yet gliding, hence the name.
    Regarding using Nolimits, I have actually owned NL1 since 1.4, and I got NoLimits 2 5 hours after the steam release, and that was the First time using FVD, so I had to stick to tutorials for it, and it didn't come out how I wanted it to.
    Point Beta Phase 1 is now up for download on the NLE! Download on NLE
    ^^ Doesn't really matter what the ride's called or themed on - unless it's some weird Japanese coaster, coasters never have all their track that high, especially not with those supports. Glad you took it in a positive way though.
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2015 edited
    ^ I don't know why, but originally this was going to be a hyper, so I put rocket coaster supports, but later noticed it had some curvature of B&M so I thought 'Wing coaster!' Is it also a coincidence I was eating chicken wings? I'm actually later going to custom support it, and in fact, I should make a little coaster info, because in the park I stated it as "A wing coaster like no other, it takes you soaring over the mountains, diving through forests, and making swift turns." It's kind of themed off of being on a hang-glider
    Edit: another reason why it's so high is because I wouldn't want people smacking into trees, and If I were to delete trees in the way, it would kind of defeat the purpose of being a wing coaster.
    Beta's Official Coaster Encyclopedia of coasters I made that are done or in progress.

    Rocky Mountain Railroad - Climb aboard as we go through a twisty route, through Rocky Mountain, and plummet down a 87 foot drop. Located at Point Beta Phase 1

    Rattlesnake - This fearsome custom Vekoma Boomerang will take you through a floating airtime turnaround, a zero-g roll, then do it all again, backwards! Located at Point Beta Phase 1

    Runaway - Get ready to plummet 90 degrees from 98 feet, through 3 daring inversions, water, and airtime hills!

    - This was a test for a Jurassic park type water ride. Go through a river, then get ready as your pulled up a gold water extracter 99 feet, then plummet down at 78 degrees into a large water lake and get soaked by 35 gallons of water! Located at Point Beta Phase 1

    Glider- A B&M Wing Coaster like no other, Drop down over 200 feet at a near vertical drop then shoot up and soar over the mountains, dive down into the forest, and lean towards water like a plane! Located at Point Beta Phase 3

    Shot Rod - Get ready for the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the world; Hold on to your breath as your launched from 0 to 150 miles an hour in less than 5 seconds up 630 feet in the air, that's 63 stories! then speed down and up a 400 foot hill, that's the size of going down Kingda ka! and down back to the station. Located at Point Beta phase 2

    Screamin - Go on this one of a kind twisted coaster, go up 68 feet, drop down a turn, up a 90 turn, then down into a water splash! then go up and twist on a 90 degree stall, a 0-G roll, twisted airtime hills, then launch up to 64 MPH up, into a twisted double-down then a quick turn into the final brake run and a twisted S into the station. Located at Point Beta Phase 2

    Red Rocket- Scrapped coaster, left at Point Beta Phase 2 for archiving purposes.

    Unnamed Dive Coaster - Letting you guys choose. Located at Point Beta Phase 2

    Iron Rodeo- This Hybrid Coaster will take you through high speed overbanks, inversions, and more. Located at Point Beta Phase 2

    Silver Bullet- This B&M Sitdown will take you through 5 inversions, 1 launch, and much more. Located at Point Beta Phase 2

    Rattlesnake- A second one. Located at Point Beta Phase 2

    Archer- Our engineers found old Arrow Dynamics track pieces at a rollercoaster parts scrapyard and when they put it all together they got Archer; This Arrow Coaster was fitted with custom Vekoma Trains, and sends you down a 96 foot drop, through a loop, cobra roll, corkscrew, and 3 unique inversions Arrow made but never used in any of their coasters, An Immelmanns, a 121 Degree Stall, and a 0-G Roll. Located at Point Beta Phase 2

    High Sierra- This is one of the three restored woodies, this one dates back to 1945 and was the tallest rollercoaster for that time, with a 100 foot drop, it sends you down multiple hills, a new overbank added by Gravity Group, and new trains from RMC for a smooth ride (Thanks to TheCodeMaster for letting me use his custom trains!) Located at point Beta Phase 3

    Splashdown- Dating back as far as 1905, This was one of the first and only wooden coasters to use water as a brake. It has been restored by RMC with their topper track, and Gravity Groups Timberliner Trains. Located at Point Beta Phase 3

    Kid Splash- Dating back as far as 1910, This was one of the last wooden coasters to utilize a water brake. Restored by RMC with their topper track, and Gravity Groups Timberliner Trains. Located at Point Beta Phase 3

    Soaring Cypher- Hold On! This is a one of a kind Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster, 7 inversions, and the worlds steepest roller coaster with a 145 degree drop. Located at Point Beta Phase 3

    Alpine- Custom Launched Alpine Coaster. Located at point Beta Phase 3.

    White Lightning- What happens when Vekoma and Chance Rides team up to make a coaster? White Lightning; This Family Vekoma SLC and Chance Hyper GTX Inverted crossover sends you on gentle turns and hills. Located at Point Beta Phase 3.

    Blue Lightning- This Mack Coaster takes you up 245 ft, with a 335 foot drop at 90 degrees, then shoot up, turn around, and dive down another 200 feet, through a 0-G roll, a 125 degree stall, a launch at 75 MPH, a 0-G stall, another 0-G Roll, and back to the station. In Progress.

    Soar- B&M Flying Coaster. Brainstorming.

    Unnamed RMC 1- Custom Supporting.

    Unnamed RMC 2- Brainstorming.

    Twisted Apocalypse- My first coaster. Decomissioned.

    More on the way!
    so there seem to be a lot of errors in point beta... here is a collection of some of them

    (transports on the elements?)

    also the water coaster pulls 5 g's on the drop

    and all coasters have a high lateral g number constantly, and none of the coasters are heartlined

    i know this is your first park and all, but have you considered following TCM's Tutorials? it would vastly improve your abilitys and make the coasters a lot better than they are at the moment...
    ^ My newer coasters (Point Beta Phase 2 and on) don't have those transport and hidden brakes (Phase 1 was mainly a test park) The transport and brakes were to help the speed, limit G's, etc. and I actually never noticed the water ride had pulled off 5 G's, that's why there are brakes there. And about the heartline, I never used it at that time. You will see an improvement in Phase 2.
    (PS, I use heartline on most of my newer coasters)
    Sorry for the bump and double post, but...
    I present, Unnamed RMC Coaster 2! (I put the first one on hold)
    So far the layout is finished, all I need to do is support the inversions and metal beams (Going to take a while) I might plan on making it a collab (Maybe?)

    The Layout

    Spooky Drop!

    View from below

    The first Inversion (a 180 cutback) Followed by a wave

    Another view of the inversion

    I decided to have you guys think of a name for it, and if it should be themed (and what possible theme)

    Thank you for taking a look, and sorry for the bump!
    Looks really good. Also you can bump this thread and don't need to say sorry because it is yours ;)
    ^ Ok, because I've already appearently have a reputation to bump threads, and people get mad.
    Huge announcement!

    I've decided to do *Drumroll*


    Free of cost!

    I could make a coaster for you if you think you can't do it!
    I could make objects out of supports and track!
    Anything except 3D Modeling and super advanced MLG scripting!

    Just Whisper to me if you don't want it public, or just yell it out!
    Once you request, I'll whisper to you asking what preferred way of contact (I use mainly Steam) Sorry! If you want to use skype, I can't call you, but can use the Skype chat!

    Feel free to let your mind go free!
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2015
    Do you think you can accurately recreate Spiral Coaster at Sky Plaza for me?

    I'd like you to make the track entirely out of supports including the trains and all the wheel hardware, please.
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2015 edited
    Edit: Upon testing out how the track would be, I found that it is a little bit too advanced, sorry :/
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2015
    I'd like you to use your imagination for the trains. Think of this as creative writing but with roller coasters.
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2015
    Wow, I am very disappointed. I was so excited to see this legendary coaster inside NL2. Maybe someday.
    could you possibly recreate zonga for me?
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2015
    Can intim305 make 3ds track crossties to use with the NL1 construction kit? Then you could use the construction kit to generate the rails.
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2015 edited
    ^^^ I'll come back to you on that one, I'm still testing out rails for it.
    ^^ Ok, Can do!
    EDIT: ^ Ok I'l see
    Sorry for double post, but I have something to say.
    I am going through slight depression, so I won't be able to be as active as much (A plus for most of you guys out there)
    I will say I'm not going to stop updating the thread.
    I will put pictures from time to time, but not as often as I am usually.
    Thanks for spending your time to read this short message :)
    Until then, See ya!
    • CommentAuthorcaptfido87
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2015
    Get better Beta. I know how bad it can be, especially since I lost my job last week, it was a record low for me. You just gotta make it day by day and eventually you'll be back to your normal self
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2015
    Posted By: JAKoolDo you think you can accurately recreate Spiral Coaster at Sky Plaza for me?

    I'd like you to make the track entirely out of supports including the trains and all the wheel hardware, please.

    nice meme bruh
    Update: I discovered bumps in my RMC, so I have 1 choice, to make it a collab.
    It would be 2 choices, but my slight depression killed off the choice to redo the supports on my own.
    If you are able to do the following:
    Support RMC's
    (Optional) Do a 60FPS pov w/ motion blur (I may have Pro and good graphics cards, but NL2 starts trolling me and makes it laggy when I try to record it)
    (Optional) Do theming (Western)
    Comment on what you can do, because maybe this could be a more than 2 people type thingy.
    For the supports: Not asking for full on all custom supporting, but more like wood generator, then tweak out the inversion supports and do the iron cross beams and stuff.
    Theming: It's a western themed coaster.
    And like always, thanks for listening (*COUGH* Reading *COUGH*), have a good day!
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2015

    Support RMCs

    That's asking an awwwful lot of anyone. I can think of a very small number of people on the forums who have ever really executed a full, custom-supported wooden layout, RMC or otherwise... like maybe ever. This is a long shot, basically.

    I may have Pro and good graphics cards, but NL2 starts trolling me and makes it laggy when I try to record it

    Even if it's laggy when you record, the resulting video should still be glassy smooth. This is one of the biggest advantages of using the in-built video recorder vs. a third party program like FRAPs.

    ^ not as in 100% custom supports
    and the recording comes out black.
    • CommentAuthorCCJared
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2015
    ^ Try playing the video using VLC Video player...

    ^ Works fine, but for some reason it's not 60fps, the right resolution, and it still shows that it's laggy.
    Regular not recording: 80-120 FPS
    using in-game recorder: 6-16 FPS
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2015 edited
    It could be that your computer doesn't handle the raw files very well. I know mine would lag or skip around on my laptop since they were large, even when exported as MOV PNG. When I threw them in the video editor, they would still lag because, well, it's in the editor. Only when I did the final render would they run smooth. It just depends. What's your PC specs?

    Posted By: BetaCoastersSupport RMC's
    (Optional) Do theming (Western)

    Good luck... I've tried many times in the past to have people help me get a theme going and it's never worked except for one special time way back in 2011 (thank you Archy!) In my experience it doesn't matter if your track is the best thing since sliced bread - it's simply hard for a themer to really care about a project that isn't truly theirs. And I can understand that. Even if it's fully collaborative, I think it just doesn't feel the same when it's not your track. Every time the other person would always say "yes I'm still interested!" and I'm sure they were, but actually sitting down and getting the ball rolling I'm sure is really tough when it's not yours. The only other "evenly dueled collaboration" success story I've seen is Arly & Chukensky's Auger 291, and as I recall that one took well over a year.
    • CommentAuthorsprog
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2015 edited
    Posted By: BetaCoasters
    Regular not recording: 80-120 FPS
    using in-game recorder: 6-16 FPS

    When you say "using in-game recorder", do you mean actually recording, or playing back the footage after?

    If you mean whilst recording, the program will run at a low frame rate and lag constantly whilst recording, as it's effectively taking a screenshot of every single frame, then compiling these into a video file. That takes a hell of a lot of processing power to do!

    If you mean on playback it'll be exactly what AJ says, your system simply isn't powerful enough to handle the playback of the uncompressed video. My PC struggles with 120fps video straight out of my GoPro, and skips frames, but once it's edited and rendered at a compressed level, it's smooth as silk.

    Punch the output file through windows movie maker, and save it as "for web" or something, and you'll see it'll run better :)
    I usually run at about 2-3 fps when recording a ride with lots of trees/scenery.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2015 edited
    Posted By: Me on another threadI have Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti and MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G with 14GB RAM and 2TB Hard Drive. NL2 runs at almost 156 FPS (Average now is like 89-101 FPS)

    My specs. My system can handle it, it's just that NL2 is slow while recording, AND when playing back the recording, so slow that basically it skips 15 seconds worth of frames.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2015

    You're still dealing with a huge, raw video file. Are you by chance exporting it at a mega-huge resolution (like, way larger than 1080P)? If so, try a smaller res.

    Alternately, render it for youtube (even at 1080P 60FPS) and see if it's still dropping frames. Bet it won't be. Your system looks beefy as hell, but even so, raw, uncompressed video is a hell of a thing.

    • CommentAuthorHooch
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2015
    ^ You can see that in the file size.
    Exported at 1080p a 1 minute 30 second ride video is 6 gigs big
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2015 edited
    1 GB for a 2:35 sec 60 FPS 720p video I made. The 60fps was killed by raw framerate
    • CommentAuthorsprog
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2015 edited
    Open the file in an editing program, and export it in another format with a lower bitrate. For example, I use 6.3mbps WMV when exporting as 720p 60fps from Sony Vegas, and the playback once it's been rendered is perfectly smooth. You should then have decent playback.

    To give you an idea of why it's skipping when you're trying to play it back, have a look at the video properties. For example, here's a 9 second clip I shot in NL2, as it comes directly out the program. The file itself is 1.53 Gigabytes. (I export in AVI rather than MOV, as my computer isn't overly keen on editing MOV files, but it's the same idea in principle.)

    The area highlighted in blue is the data rate, in kilobits per second. Converted to megabits per second, that's 1327Mbps. Rounding up slightly, 1327 Megabits is equal to 166 Megabytes. That's an insane amount of data to try and process every single second, without adding in audio as well.
    Punching that file into Vegas, and exporting at 6.3mbps 720p 60fps WMV video, the resultant render is 6.4 Megabytes. There's very little quality loss, at least to my eyes, considering the amount of compression it's just gone through.

    If you're using something more basic such as Movie Maker on Windows, a good setting to use is a custom version of the "For Windows 7 (720p)" setting - Click the arrow underneath "Save Movie", and at the bottom of the drop-down list there's one that says "create custom setting". Pick out the "For Windows 7" option, and change the frame rate to 60fps, and save it as something you'll remember (e.g. NLedits), and then use that when exporting the video. It should come out pretty well.

    Any decent editing software should show you a compressed version when editing anyway (e.g. I'm using 1080x720 60fps as the project settings in vegas, but it only previews it to me at 620x360 30fps), so you shouldn't have to worry too much about converting it before editing it, as rendering it twice over will result in further quality loss, as it gets compressed more and more each time.

    Edit: Edited for clarity.
    They should make a extra mode for Youtube videos :) That would be amazing.
    ^ I wish
    ^^ I did what you told me, it still is laggy. Oh well :/
    • CommentAuthorsprog
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2015
    ^ It could be down to your CPU and ram speed, as the video playback may be being handled by those rather than the GPU, depending on how you set up your system.

    In VLC, go to Options -> Preferences -> Inout/Codecs, and then ensure "Hardware accelerated decoding" is set to "Automatic", rather than "Disabled" and it'll attempt to use your GPU when playing back the video as well. Might give you better performance.
    Here is some photos

    Source Filmmaker poster thing

    Professor Froggleswauth (Left) and his assistant, Dr Jones! (Right)

    I'll just put this one here. It's a pre lift section supporting thing from an RMC I put on hold.
    Throwback Thursday! Here is my first ever Nolimits rollercoaster (Built in 2003)

    This was my first ever NL1 coaster finally in Nl2; Apocalypse (A Custom CCI Wooden Coaster)
    Made by me, back in 2003, restored and re-mastered.
    Manufacturer: Custom Coasters International
    Type: Wooden
    Layout: Custom Double Out & Back
    Drop: 160.094 ft
    Key features: Steep turnaround, Banked turns over 60 degrees, and a zig-zag trick track.
    Opened: 1997*
    Used to hold record for fastest wooden rollercoaster, and tallest wooden rollercoaster.
    Now closed being renovated into Roaring Apocalypse.
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2015 edited

    Get ready to say goodbye to the legend.
    After 12 years of serving big thrills, the Apocalypse will be cured.
    Over 10 million people rode on this beast over its lifespan, and now you will ride it BACKWARDS
    Get ready to take your farewell run October 3, 2015.
    Download now and take your farewell run. (Direct Download)
    On a serious note: After 12 years of this beast running, I am finally ready to close it down and renovate it into something new.
    The farewell run means I will put Apocalypse up for download today just for you guys to prepare.
    I am proud to announce it will be renovated into a new, state of the art RMC hybrid coaster, Roaring Apocalypse.
    This isn't a hybrid that you normally see, this hybrid will feature a Topper Track, and multiple inversions, and the world's tallest and steepest wooden coaster at 200 feet, plummeting down 88 degrees.
    There will be a 0-G roll, top gun stall, and a 200 degree stall.
    The renovation will start October 12.

    Here is a nostalgia gallery

    Ride Apocalypse BACKWARDS

    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2015
    Your FOV is really high.
    So a little update,
    I have started a contest called Reach For The Skies

    Sadly, slots are full, so I have decided to release a demo of a park I call 'Oldies' for those who were late to the contest.
    It has 13 rides imported from NL1, 2 of which aren't actually from NL1, and another 1 was from NL1, but was redone in NL2 from scratch due to loss of major parts when imported.
    I will edit this to add a link to the demo (It isn't done yet) and pictures
    13 rides are the following:
    Double Spine - WIP Preview
    Unnamed Dark Ride - WIP Preview
    Superwood - NL1 coaster with a loop
    Eiffel Tower Extreme - redone all the supports that make up the Eiffel tower.
    Need For Speed- NL1 Trackpack coaster
    Black Hole- NL1 Trackpack coaster originally named "Dark Abyss"
    Shockwave SFMM- NL1 coaster
    White City Zip - Old NL1 coaster
    Eldridge Park Speedway - Old NL1 coaster
    Apocalypse Steel- Old NL1 Euro-Fighter by me
    Airtime 3000- Old NL1 Euro-Fighter by me
    MegaSting- a remastered NL2 port of the popular NL1 coaster 'Cobzilla' by Womp83 12
    Euro Typhoon- NL1 coaster

    (If there was a like button) Like for old NL1 coasters!
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2015 edited
    I am Horrified to announce my new B&M Flying Coaster, Soar

    SOAR - B&M Horrifying Flying Coaster

    You wish you never stepped foot on this ride as it breaks a lot of records;
    The worlds first Immelmann on a flying coaster
    Worlds tallest Pretzel Loop
    Worlds Tallest and Steepest Flying Coaster
    The worlds first Aerial 0-G Barell Roll
    *HORRIFYING* Twists

    Here is what is done so far....
    Abandoned roller coasters wrecked and rotting

    Does DerMuffinMaker recognize the green coaster above?

    Looks like the compact Intamin woodie just collapsed...

    Looks like X: R3born didn't last that long? (Don't take this seriously, TheBeatles! Your ride is amazing!)
    ^Haha you are evil :o my coaster :( xD