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    2 days left guys - I know you all started something, but you might have forgotten again :P
    Got Dark's entry already.
    Ok, well even after an extra two days I haven't got any more entries :l
    Come on gais.
    I win? xD
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2015
    • CommentAuthornSeven
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2015
    Congrats DarkStar - that coaster was pretty incredible!
    Time for a new fight club.
    What - no. That would mean the whole contest was half pointless. Code's done his, we're just waiting on Element now, who I can't contact anywhere but here (he hasn't been active on group chat).
    I have to say, I do like Dark's entry though. I forgot to watch the video until today when it was in the Roundup :P

    Edit: I'll give Element until the end of Friday to submit. Voting will start Saturday or whenever he gets his entry in.
    if there is going to be another contest, I would like to join ;)
    I probably won't do one for at least another 6 months (I'll either run this semi-annually or annually, as suggested by Archy. A year is quite a while though so preferably the former), but there are usually plenty of contests to join.

    I meant to do the first round, but I didn't even realize it was started until 2 days left.

    Whoops, i may have got carried away by Treyarch's latest addition to the zombies story and completely forgotten about this contest, anyway well done Darkstar, im pretty sure you would have won with that layout anyway.
    ^ You aren't out of it yet. You've got until Saturday. Also no one's seen Code's.

    The time has come for the final voting session of the Q3 2015 NoLimits 2 Fight Club!
    Naturally we have two fantastic entries, but only one can win.

    (Element didn't enter, so it's a good ol' 1v1)

    Vote Here

    (It's in Russian for me, and might be for everyone else as well. No idea why. Just vote and click the big blue button :P)

    Remember, you should be voting based on these factors:
    - Realism
    - Creative Use Of (Limited) Space

    TheCodeMaster - "Enigma"

    It should probably be noted that all of that building is supports.

    TheDarkStar - "Fireball"


    And just before it ends: although it had its setbacks and hitches, I really enjoyed this. I know I made it, but it gave people an incentive to make some really great stuff that they may not have done otherwise. It's also nice to see so many members actively voting for each round. gg all :)
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2015
    im not able to vote , site doesnt work

    but great work ! looking nice
    • CommentAuthornSeven
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2015
    Link is broken - nice finish guys...I had a really hard time deciding on who would take it.
    Link works but.... its all in Russia
    Nothing I can control would fix or create connection issues, so it's just the website. 11 people (including me) have voted, so it must be accessible - and yes, it is in Russian ^ (still no clue why).

    Someone said they couldn't connect at first and then said they could a few minutes later, so maybe just wait a while or try another browser.
    When's the voting deadline again?
    I never set one. Just thought I'd leave it until everyone's cast their vote, which I think they have, so I'll probably end it tomorrow.
    Just casted mine! That was tough.

    Right, there seem to be no new votes coming in, so it's time to finally reveal the winner of the NL2 Fight Club!

    And it is...


    Congratulations, and enjoy your not-that-important-but-still-pretty-cool title of Fight Club winner (until the next one)!

    Hope everyone who participated enjoyed it. A lot of things cocked up because it was my first contest, but I'm sure the problems will be minimal next time. I certainly enjoyed seeing all the entries.
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2015
    As a Smiler-mad geek, I'd like to point out a few reasons why TheDarkStar's design was superior in my personal opinion. I feel the use of varied heights in the land allowed for the compact nature to be used to it's best potential to allow for several faux 'near miss' encounters. On top of that, the shaping of each element remained close to Gerstlauer's style of rolling consistently around a heartline (for anyone who may begin an argument about heartlines, this isn't always achieved, much as they try to). I was especially impressed with the realism of the first drop and the shape of the entire roll. Furthermore the varied land heights meant that the speed was always kept relatively high at the low points of each element, meaning that the ride didn't peter out towards the end (Something John Wardley was always keen to point out as a major consideration in his designs like Nemesis and The Smiler). I picked up on the familiar Gerstlauer-style wiggle on the roll out of the final turn, which for me was the finishing touch on this great design. Well done TheDarkStar!
    Bloody hell! 80%-20% split.

    Congratulations to Code though, I didn't expect to win against such a well respected member :D

    (and thanks Dan :D I'm glad my countless hours watching Gerstlauer POV's paid off xD)