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    Lightning Storm

    A Bolliger and Mabillard Floorless Roller Coaster

    The idea behind this coaster, was to base it off of the song, Lightning Storm by John Mackey (This URL directs you to Soundcloud)

    This project originally started as a redesign of Horizon, the Intamin Multi-launched coaster located at Kings Island! (Not real...) As I was working on it, I decided to scrap the redesign process, and begin working on a wooden roller coaster. Aftert doing the Lift, drop, airtime hill, and turn around. I decided to scrap the ride as a wooden roller coaster, and went for a B&M Floorless Coaster, and I completed the rest of the ride with that set in stone.

    At this point, track work is still not 100% set in stone, I still have a few little areas that I'm wanting to repair, and I may fix a few other sections like the drop, where at that point would require a full recompleteion of that section before moving on. Basically, this ride is in the Rough Draft Stage still.

    The pictures below, are areas where I will more than likely touch up, and finish.

    One section that is complete, is the ending. Everything from the 360* Roll (I don't call it a Zero-G, because it is definately not a Zero-G Roll) To the Final Brake Run This roll is the only inverting part of this ride.

    The idea of this roller coaster, first came when I designed the paths, and then created the ending first, as I wanted to get an idea on the ending before finishing the ride.

    The layout consists of 3 Airtime hills, and Three sideways airtime hills, along with a Turn around and a 360* Roll

    The station, consists of a default station base, and ByeTom's new Suspended Roof Packs, that he gladly offered to me, and they work very well!

    Here are just a few more beauty shots of the Rough Draft of Lightning Storm!

    Thanks for reading all of this, I was trying to make sure I got everything so I could get the most feedback that I could for Lightning Storm!

    A thanks to ByeTom & n7 who are the creators of the Support Roofs, Paths (ByeTom) and the Foliage (n7)

    This is 10/10 already
    Thank you Beta. :)
    This is looking very cool!

    I'd love to take a closer look at the shaping if you wanna pm the ride to me! If not i can provide my thoughts on what i can see :)
    Right now 6FM, I'm currently working on redoing a section of the ride (A section that isn't really shown other than on the layout section.) So for now. It would be best to do it based on sight! and I'll work on getting some more pictures available.
    This is looking really good! I like the colours and layout. It's unique, certainly for a floorless, but still has a good balance of all the things that make a great ride. If I offered any constructive criticism, it would be that the final overbank element could have a smoother transition up into it:

    At the moment, you roll out of your roll into a right turn, then up into an overbank which rolls you to the right. So the rider tips right three times in short concession, but because your transition splits the overbank into its own element, it breaks the flow. Smoothing out the transition so its less defined could help the smooth flowing experience, but you can still define the overbank as its own element with roll speed.

    The overbank will make a nice feature over your ride entrance. The whole plaza area looks really nice, as does the station. Good work so far.
    ^ I'm kind of understanding what you mean.. what if I designed this overbank to be like some of the overbanks on RMC coasters? (Lightning Rod for example) Where it's an outwards force? It could help with transitioning well.

    Lightning Storm

    Update 1 (22nd November 2015)

    Hello, I know it's only been a day, but many updates, and changes have lead to this! Along with the showing of all the elements of this coaster. Showing off all of the elements is to get feedback on each element..

    Below this section is all of the elements sorted out, and hidden until you click on the section. It'll open up just like a BBcode Spoiler. I did this to save on loading time for those slow computers out on the site.

    Lift Hill & Drop
    The Drop consists of having a pre-drop, which is a classic of B&M Rides, The drop is inspired by Floorless Coaster Rougarou at Cedar Point.

    Airtime Hill
    This is the coasters large airtime hill, It occurs right after the drop.

    Hammerhead Turn-around
    The hammerhead turn is quick, and sends riders back to where they came from... but still going forwards though.

    Overbanked Turns
    The Overbanked turns, or sideways airtime hills, are designed to give riders the feeling of airtime, but on your side. This was a common design on rides like Fury 325. Both of the overbanked turns are under the Airtime hill after the drop.

    Airtime Hills & Dive Loop
    The two airtime hills were apart of the original design, they were the last section to be created before the change from a wooden coaster into a Floorless coaster were created. Just recently the change was made to put a Dive loop into the coaster, after realizing that there were not really any great inverting elements. The Dive Loop will be the second element to invert.

    The ending is one of my more favourite parts about this ride! The ride was designed based off of the idea about having a coaster going up and down and around a plaza area!

    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2015
    Quite an original airtime hill. Thanks for the explanation I was baffled there for a bit.
    Why'd you change it to a floorless from a wooden?
    I changed it from a wooden to a floorless because the Wooden coaster feel was not there as I was building the ride, so it was changed over.
    Shaping looks good from what I can see, especially for the drop and dive loop. :) The ending also looks really interesting!
    Thank you for all of that Lui. :D
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2015
    I have a soft spot for custom B&Ms while still trying to stay true to their style. Looks like a really fun and interesting layout, very creative!

    Lightning Storm

    Update 2 (6th December 2015)

    I didn't want to ridden you with small things that I've been doing to Lightning Storm over the last 2 weeks or so, So I decided to wait it out a little bit, and then I'm here today to show you what's up!

    Project Over View...

    I've edited out some paths after many issues regarding the paths not aligning. I'm still redoing them slowly, but it's been a while since I started back on the project again. I also finished (More or less) on the supporting job! I still need to check on some clearance things, mostly minor things, I mostly have to check the dive loop as a few supports I'm a bit iffy about.

    I placed in the paths under the station roofing job. With a lovely little garden path in the middle.

    Next, I was working on the rest of the queue path, Placing some trees between the sections where the paths are separated.

    I still have a little bit more to go, some supports still need a bit more completing, then it's finishing up the map with more trees, and then uploading it for Round Up 100!