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    I am working on a new roller coaster called TriLoop. It is an X-coaster with two launches. At the moment, I've finished layout and I'm working on the supports for the ride. There isn't much to say about it, so here are some pictures.

    Please give any advice on it that you can!
    I made a logo thing, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it right now.
    • CommentAuthorMGCD
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2015
    Looks really interesting!
    I would definitely suggest some more bracing as well as lateral support for the tri-loop structure.
    Overall the track seems to have a unique blend of elements. I'm interested see where this goes.
    More work has been done!
    I finished supports but I will probably make changes, added side support to the three loops, turned the area the coaster is in to a island, and placed maaaaany trees.

    • CommentAuthorMGCD
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2015
    Looking good guyfromspace, did you place trees on the outer edge of the map?

    I am interested in what you will do with the island. Perhaps some terraforming? :)
    ^ I placed trees on the other side of the water. I will do terraforming and try to find a nice rock texture for small-ish mountains on the outside edge to fit the background.
    Great looking ride!
    Just upgraded to professional, so hopefully better screenshots and videos in the future.
    Many more screenshots! I added some models and pathway.

    I'm in the process of uploading a new POV that is less choppy.
    Here's the new video.
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2016
    There's still a large number of pumps throughout the trackwork that need some attention, although the layout is certainly unique.

    Aside from that, is it really necessary to bring the train to a complete stop before the mid-course launch? That really broke up the flow of the ride for me.
    Posted By: Bolt789Aside from that, is it really necessary to bring the train to a complete stop before the mid-course launch? That really broke up the flow of the ride for me.

    I originally did that to try and make the train at the second launch and the train at the first go over the loops at the same time. I'll probably change it, I don't really like it either.
    ^^Also, could you tell me where you saw some pumps? I've found a few, but I'm not really good at seeing them in the track.
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2016
    Warning, the following may come across as extremely nitpicky

    - One at 0:02 that seems to be caused by a strict roll node issue in the transition from the station to the launch track
    - Loops could use some smoothing throughout, especially in transitions between loops, most severe issues outlined below
    - 0:15 Noticeable pump exiting loop
    - 0:17 this pull up into the last loop could use depumping as well, as well as the entire loop itself and its exit. Side note: Banking during the exit curve seems a bit awkward.
    - 0:25 Transition into and through roll/cork thingy, including its exit pullout and the following curve
    - 0:28/0:29/0:30, general jerky moments through curve and transition into airtime hill. Top of hill especially could use smoothing, I can't imagine riding it as is would be very comfortable.
    - 0:50, crest of airtime hill. The segment leading up to this is remarkable smooth, however.
    - 0:50-1:00, all of these little hops over the top of the loops are rather awkwardly shaped and far from as smooth as they could be. Following the large drop off the final loop crossed, the pullout could be slightly smoother as well.
    - 1:03, small pump exiting curve
    - 1:05, pump exiting curve, transition into roll and roll itself is also quite awkward, fast, and excessively jerky.
    - 1:07
    - 1:10 Minor, but radius could be smoother and banking seems a bit excessive
    - 1:14, see above
    - 1:18, jerk in curve into brakes.
    - 1:20, slight jerk upon exiting brakes. Additionally, the train speeds through the entire brake run a little too fast for comfort I'd say.

    Again, apologies for nitpickiness.