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    We are looking for people to sign up for the No Limits 2 Music Video.

    INFO - The music video is combined of the best coaster that people have made over the past year, and we put those rides into on huge video.

    Sign Up Forms ~
    (Choose were your coaster is located)
    (Copy and Past the Links)

    YouTube -
    Steam -
    Exchange -

    Check out the last NL2 Music Video ~
    Thank You, And Good Luck
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2016 edited
    i could provide you with footage of the 100 roundup contest (not the contest video itself, but the full POVs & Offride videos.)
    But first the 100 roundup has to be over.

    And what do i have to choose, if i dont care, what music i want?
    I think, because its your video-compilation, you should decide, which music you want (or fits best).

    I would also provide you with the raw-video file (no sound) -> Sharehoster. Youtube often reduces the quality.
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2016
    Isn't that what AJ already does with 'This Is No Limits'?
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2016
    does it mean, no one is allowed to do something similar?
    Then we would ran out of videos in a very short time.

    I would be happy, if someone else also creates a Nolimits cartoon.