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    ^ Lol. Imagine having your coaster sitting on a table :P
    That'd be reaaaally hard to code though.
    Yeah. I would love to see nl2 support the Hololens
    • CommentAuthorarktic2
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2016 edited
    ^Once I get one I'm going to start fiddling with nl2 on it, see what I can poke.. Might be awhile just because I have other bills to pay first like My car.. Lol

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    vive pre orders went live today. not gonna lie i am still tempted to get one, but i would need to get a job in order to afford it since i already pre ordered the rift
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2016
    I might pre order the Galaxy S7 and get the Galaxy Gear VR with it.
    • CommentAuthorTheBeatles
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2016
    I'm not planning on preordering the Vive. I'm already in the process of upgrading my PC for the Rift, which I preordered. I'll probably stick with the Rift until the second generation headsets are released.
    Playstation VR was fully unveiled today at GDC, revealing the price and the specs of the device. it will cost $400 and at a brief glance i think its specs are similar to oculus dk2, but i may be wrong.





    in slightly older news, there is a preview video of what steamvr looks like and how it functions. It will be compatible with the oculus rift and the HTC Vive

    Why does the Playstation VR have to be for Playstation -.-
    if you want a cheap alternative to the normal oculus just get a dk2, its exactly the same in terms of specs, not sure how much they go for now though
    About £300-£400 on eBay. Not really what I want to be paying for a development version which might not work with some things.
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2016

    I would not recommend buying the DK2 anymore. It will no longer be fully supported in just a short while.

    that makes no sense... the cv1 is locked down and cant be used for development properly, so cutting dk2 support seems stupid. any source you can provide to prove its true?
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2016

    Well the Rift SDK 1.0 is shipping this week to devs for the CV1. It's really only a matter of time before developing on DK2 is no longer worth it. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to just use however, the DK2 will be fine for a little while.

    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2016
    Just got my free Galaxy Gear VR that came with the S7 Edge I preordered! VR is really cool and truly magical. I can't wait to play some more games and explore more videos and pictures in VR.
    Wait, so the DK2 will become redundant? I really hope it still works with the current firmware in future.
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2016
    I think it will by the end of the year. But for now, Oculus claims they are still supporting it. I really hope that it will work longer tho.
    so steamvr has a new beta where you can make skins for the controller models used in the software

    i decided to have a go myself, and yeah:
    I'll take ten.
    a couple hours later...

    sorry for going off topic but im having too much fun messing around with these textures :P
    No Limits would be awesome experienced in this ride vehicle

    This ride set up that the VOID here in Utah is planning looks awesome. Also their own headset they have developed will have 180 degree's of vision.

    I got to try out the VOID a few months ago on a beta test and it was amazing!

    Hyper Reality, beyond VR
    Can I just have one of those? And be able to load my NL2 tracks into it? k thx
    • CommentAuthorarktic2
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2016

    this is what im going with once it comes out
    but till then im going with razer osvr :P at 300$
    wasnt 100% sure if i should put this here or in the gaming thread, but a mod can move it if they need to

    so i have got my vive, and i havee been playing around with tiltbrush for the first time today

    then i decided to attempt rough coaster drawings, and the following happened...



    really wasn't as easy as i thought it would be...
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2016
    I've got myself a Oculus DK2 today, awesome to play NL2 with it. Just have to find the right settings now....
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2016 edited
    Thanks to an exibithion near me, I had the opportunity to test various VR headsets. Here are my GP feelings:

    - Occulus (tested back then at the EAS 2015.)
    I can see the pixels... That's all I remember. That was with that crappy demo of a fantasy coaster, tho. Had to take off my glasses.

    - Samsung Gear
    The borders are squarish (it's a phone screen), we can see a black border on the left and right. The response is really great. Had to take off my glasses. The demo was Note on blindness, and that's a really great experience. It requires an external audio headset.

    - HTC Vive
    I could keep my glasses and was very confortable with them. The response is also really geat. The borders are more round, like an oblong porthole. I had two controllers, and WOW, that is amazing! You can see them in the virtual world, and it feels like there right where they should.

    Needless to say the Vive is my favorite one.
    ^Assuming you tried the DK2/DK1 at EAS, I'd definitely give the Oculus CV1 a try
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2016 edited
    That was this one, if ever you can tell what model it is from this crappy picture. And I have no doubt newer versions are better - I just remember that it didn't blew me away as much as I'd liked. (plus I broke it, lol. I mean, not really, but the cable went unplugged... Hey, I was just trying to move my head around!)
    yeah thats a DK2. I have tried the CV1 (despite my personal one not being shipped until the end of july, thanks oculus >:( ), and its not as good as the vive but its still a pretty good headset. the CV1 is miles better than the DK2, but pixels are still a bit more visible compared to the vive. the trade off for a slightly lower resolution on the CV1 is totally compensated by the larger FOV compared to the vive. its also much lighter too, and felt a little more comfy to wear.

    now i know oculus have been doing some really stupid business decisions as of late due to the vive being better than them, but it still has a massive advantage if you dont have a room to use the vive. when i tried to set up the vive for use at my desk to play elite dangerous the sensors s*** themselves, and it wasnt working to optimal functionality at all. So basically: if you have more money and a room ideally 2m by 2m, then go for the vive, but prepare to only use games built for the room scale experience. if you dont have as much money and dont have a room large enough for a decent vive experience (oh and if you want nl2 support ;) ), get an oculus.
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2016
    I don't have problems with my Galaxy Gear and glasses at all. Were you using an S6? The bigger screen of the S7 might help.
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2016
    I have no clue. :/

    @Coasterguy, thanks for the advices, but I actually don't look to buy one (yet?). I think it's more entertaining when it's in dedicated spaces, like at The Void. I tried them all because it's also the models used on VR rollercoasters and attractions.
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2016
    So who all have Vives? Happy with them? Compare them to Rift CV1.

    Personally i am super happy with my vive, all i need is nl2 support (hint hint ;) ). my CV1 is still yet to arrive so i cant really make a decent comparison. the demo i tried was rushed and the headset wasn't fully adjusted to my face
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2016
    Posted By: ParadoxI don't have problems with my Galaxy Gear and glasses at all.

    I stand corrected. They had a Galaxy Gear (not on, tho) at the hardware store and my glasses fitted quite nicely.

    I'll test those once again at the S7 Life Changer Park by Samsung next week in Paris (featuring Twisted Colossus, as I said in the WTF thread already).
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2016
    Allright all you Vive owner. (yes singular since only one person claimed they have a Vive) We did an update on Steam that adds experimental Open VR support and need feedback. Please try it out and let us know!

    Will try tommorow!
    I am now the proud owner of an HTC Vive!

    I have to say, I am very impressed!
    if you are considering buying it, here's my personal review:

    Resolution: 8/10
    The pixels are visible, but hard to see, in gaming aren't really visible.

    Latency: 10/10
    No delay noticeable, smooth and fluid motion.

    Convenience: 5/10
    A little harder to move around and setup on the go due to the dual sensor setup, but once its setup, its fantastic!

    Quality: 10/10
    Amazing quality in everything, right down to the chargers

    Comfort: 7/10
    Although for short sessions the headset is snug and cozy, after about an hour or two, it becomes a little bit irritable, but that could just be me.

    Controllers: 9/10
    A little big, but the buttons are easily accessible and very responsive.

    Would I recommend it? Yes and No

    This is a product for hardcore VR enthusiasts, if you want to just use NL2 with it, maybe get the CV1 (Or even a DK2, they still work you know)
    I would say the price is fair, but at almost 900 dollars(with tax), its gonna set you back a lot.
    so google earth got a vr release...