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    So, at the risk of hijacking the Idea Thread, here's a coaster I'm working on. It's called Heron, and the "TLDR" description is pretty much an Intamin Mega Lite coaster with the low curves exchanged for sweeping over-banked ones.

    A little more detail - I wanted to make an Intamin Mega Lite style coaster but more oriented towards families. I eliminated the "intense" sections, mainly the low to the ground curves, and replaced them with over-banked curves closer to the style of how Intamin designed in the early 2000s. This changed the arrangement of the standard layout a bit, I actually think that it ended up being a more "logical" design.

    31.5 meters tall, 755 meters long, 85km/h top speed - pretty much exactly the standard layout in those respects. Though there are some big differences...

    Less intense - no sustained positive G-force moments, max G-force overall is 3.5
    Remixed elements (1) - two straight hills, two twisted hills and three speed hills, compared to one twisted, one straight, three twisted, two (possibly three) speed of the standard
    Remixed elements (2) - twisted hills are taller than speed hills, opposite from standard
    Higher capacity - six-car trains instead of four-car trains on the standard
    More drawn-out - gives riders time to breathe between elements, in keeping with more of a family demographic

    In addition, since we can only assume that Intamin will be using the higher-seating trains from now on, I used the rocket coaster type. Also, most of the supports in the screenshots are dummies.

    The track is colored white for these screenshots, but it would normally be a dark brown, like the coasters at Duinrell in the Netherlands.

    So, while this kind of coaster would likely place in enthusiasts' top 25 instead of their top 10, I think it has a lot more mass appeal. Throw some money at Intamin to make lap bar trains with a 48-inch height restriction and, boom.