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    Hello there...
    Hi, I really need a hyper coaster to my newest park (pictures coming soon). And I am not the best at building coasters yet, so I decided to make a contest.
    Ok, so by entering this contest you give me permission to use you're coaster in my park. The contest ends the March 1 2016...

    So there is not much of a price but I will give credit for the coaster and your user name (or any name you like ) will appear on various locations in the park :)

    1.You can choose between building a B&M or Intamin Hyper.
    2.You can build it how tall (at least over 200ft/63m), fast or long as you want...No Limits ;) (Tho I'll probably choose a more realistic coaster as the winner)
    3.The coaster will need to have supports otherwise I won't pick yours.
    4. Remember to have FUN!
    5. There is no 5th rule:P

    It's really simple, you just create a new park file and build you're coaster there. Then just send it to this email:

    You can post pictures of you're coaster in this thread if you want...
    The winner will be announced March 2 in this thread!

    (If you don't want to build a hyper I'll probably do another contest for another type coaster for the same parK!)
    (Sorry, my english kinda sucks)
    If you have any questions just ask:)
    Just to check, have you checked this with the team? Sorry for backseat moderating here, but you generally need to run contests past the moderators first (especially when we have the Remixed contest open now and Coastercrazy tournaments coming soon).
    Yes, please whisper a mod next time to get consent. We can help go over the rules and process with you, and arrange a suitable time for you to host it. See the Forums Rules & Usage Guide for a list of mods (and rules for future reference). I'll sink this discussion, but you'll still be able to copy/paste the contents of your first post.

    - Archy