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    My name is Oskar. I'm 13 years old and live in Sweden. I have one brother and a pet.
    My current coaster count is 28 and Wildfire will probably be my 30th coaster :D
    That's all information about me but if you have any questions about me than ask :)

    Well, now to this thread. You're probably thinking:
    "What? A tread about a some Swedish kid, seriously?"
    But let me explain...

    In this thread I'll post things that I fell like posting, those that make sense, well you'll see!
    Maybe this is a dumb idea but I just though that it would be nice to get to know each other better, because after all I don't think that this community just should be about Nolimts and coasters. But I might be wrong.

    Feel free to ask or discuss anything!

    What parks have u been to?
    I've been to:
    Europa Park
    Legoland Billund

    So not that many actually.
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2016 edited
    Hi SwedishCoasterFreak,

    While this forum should not exclusively be about NoLimits, it's still its main purpose, and your topic might pushes the limit a bit too far - imagine if everyone would create their own, that would become a mess.

    You already have a few topics that aren't NoLimits related, such as the Photography thread, the Music one, the Video Game one, , the "what you look like", the General Park discussion (and in the end all the "years" thread), etc.

    As for now I'll close the thread, I hope you understand. See you on the forums! ;)

    Member of staff