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    I am making a recreation of Schwur des Kärnan and i have some questions.

    1. How do i script doors so that they open and close?

    2. Is it possible to add delays in the script? For example if i want several doors to open but with a 20 second delay in between?

    3. Is it possible to script lights added in google sketchup to be turned on and of?

    4. How do you get a video to play in a queue for example, and is it possible to start the video by a trigger?

    I do not know how to write a script only how to add and use them in No limits. So i wondered if anyone would be so kind and help me? :)
    • CommentAuthorPePpO
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2016
    Everything is of that is possible. But not the sketchup lights. You have to add them in Blender or NoLimits.
    Do you know how to play a video using track triggers?
    • CommentTimeMay 6th 2016
    Try this for the video with trigger(s) : Video2Limits

    Short tutorial, if you need more explanation, feel free to ask.

    Important note : Do not remove any files or this won't work. Ignore the checking local files

    Open file -> Select your AVI file
    Check what you need (only the script, the 3d model, etc....)
    Show script options : Fill the boxs and options. (you can add multiple triggers with '/')
    Out : output of all files.

    Most important, every frame of your video will be extracted. Meaning that if you have a 60s video with 30frames/s, you'll have 1800frames.
    Try to only use this with 20-25fps videos, with more frames, this will take a really long time to load (create and in nolimits2).
    When i add it to the simulator i get "failed file" on all the frames... What do i do?
    • CommentTimeMay 6th 2016 edited
    You checked "Create Images" ?

    Add your video (Must be in .AVI => convert it), check everything, add your triggers in the "Show Script Options", same for the coaster name, set an "out" (path) where all the files will be created, click "Go", wait the end (can be long).
    Go to NL2 in the folder that you set as "Out", get the Screen.nl2sco
    This comes up when i enter no limits

    StaticSound.loadFromFile: invalid flags parameter

    Exception: IllegalArgumentException
    at public static native com.nolimitscoaster.StaticSound com.nolimitscoaster.StaticSound.loadFromFile(nlvm.lang.String,int)
    at public bool VideoScript.onInit()
    at public final void

    And the film does not start it just stay with the first frame frozen.
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2016 edited
    Ah, indeed I made this tool in october and things have changed.

    Just replace line 30 :
    Audio = StaticSound.loadFromFile("Audio.ogg", StaticSound.E_ENVMODE_LOCAL);
    Audio = StaticSound.loadFromFile("Audio.ogg", 0);or
    Audio = StaticSound.loadFromFile("Audio.ogg", 1);

    The film didn't start because the error was canceling the whole script, this should work now.
    Now i get this instead...

    Error in File 'Out\VideoScript.nlvm' in Line 1: Syntax error: Unexpected character detected
    ...1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
    It's working now , thankyou so much :D
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2016
    You're welcome :)
    Does anyone know how i can make these lights?
    I'm gonna bump this since i still need help :)