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    My other thread seemed to disapear so i had to create a new on. Here are my reviews for the rides i went on.

    Ben 10
    A great addition to the park not too thrilling but i can definatly see how younger people will think this is intense.There is lots of theming in the station which really adds to the experience the backwards section is really fun and unique but lacks in force as i found forwards to be much better

    Buffalo coaster
    Having ridden this loads i went on to it knowing it was tame but i was quite taken back.The speed on the helixes is rather quite exillerating and the coaster is very re ridable. It can be a bit jolty in places like the turns after the second helix where it seems like ther is no banking. The fact it goes over the lake is cool as you get nice views of rides in action across the lake
    Flying Dutchman

    The flying dutchman has really good throughput and is a good ride to have if you have just eaten as it is not jolty of to fast. The cycle is long so the ride can get quite boring after a whike but i went on it to kill time and if that is the reason you ride then speed wont be a problem

    Air race
    Wow! I had been on this last year but was still nervous when riding. When you get on uou never want to come off and its rather relaxing after a while, the theming isnt too bad either.. It is well paced and I find it a good ride to get used to looping coasters as it isnt too intense but gets you used to rhe feeling of being inverted

    My first time on Maelstrom was a time i will never forget it is insanely forceful and the forces where wied but were thrilling at the same tim and i managed to get a re ride but i the force on your chest is really strong and you really could feel how fast it was going. The way you enter the ride confused me as there wasnt any platform but i realised there is a step for you to stand on as you enter your seat


    The theming is not too bad for apocalypse. The tower dominates its surroundings and you can see it from really far away.The queue has a nice theme but once you enter the loading bay scenary is gone except from a siren which is quite a nice touch

    Stand up
    I rode stand up first and i was scared to say the least.Luckly i rode with shawn so my nerves wernt that bad. It is really forceful and the elwment of stand up adds to that. You feel like you are falling forever. The only problem i had was how forceful the breaks were it jolted pretty hard and im aching in my lower back XD

    Sit down
    Sit down wasnt as good for me as standup i didnt find it as forceful but the views are beautiful from the top and you are up there for a while. It didn't feel like you were dropping for long and the feeling if waitkessness was lost

    Splash canyon
    The best rapids i have been on!
    The water features are great such as drips sprays and waves but it has some good theming and is right under shockwave so you get nice views.

    I dont know how to use them so i was going in circles XD but it was fun as my first one. I didnt understand the theming because when you walk up to it you see what lolks like rockwork but as you enter ther is free radio plastered on the walls and imo it just looked downright tacky. They should have stayed with a theme that would be apealing instead of sponsering radio companies

    Jolly bucaneer

    Stormforce 10
    I volunteered for the back roq and was not dissapointed. It is a soaker and second to valhalla on my list.The queue and station have lots of artifacts which add to the vibe and create a nice feel. The only problem i had was the throughput as we waited ages to get a boat

    I definatly recommend going
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    Your other thread got deleted because of the 'okay' thing...

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    I guess you can say this review is

    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2016
    Your other one was removed because it was completely pointless. Next time I recommend taking pictures or something to make your report more interesting.
    I was really focusing on getting rides in so i couldnt really take photos but i just wanted to share my thougnhts on the day hope everyone doesnt mind i have pics on my phone but they arent the greatest but if it spices up thereview i dont mind posting them
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2016
    No he means you literally had one sentence and nothing else the last forum post.
    I was typing as it was closed^
    Did you ride Shockwave or GForce?
    No Wasnt ballsy enough XD
    ^ Erm... Ok.

    Really though, Shockwave is the only reason I would visit the park... and maybe GForce is the next because I think its layout is pretty unique (although people here have mixed reviews on it).

    This thread is still pointless though, I wouldn't mind the lack of pictures if the reviews were detailed, but they are literally 1-2 sentences long.
    Sorry i will go and re edit them