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    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2016 edited
    It just figured out that there are not many funfair trip reports so far on the NLE Board, so I think it might be interesting sharing the pictures I took today and writing few lines even about this rather small funfair just a few minutes walking from my home:

    Obviously you see some buildings that are not permanently installed in the town - funfair ahead. :)

    Here we are, rather crowded, because of the warm but sometimes cloudy weather.

    The skyline is dominated by the kind of Starflyer built by Wabucon and the hughe Ferris Wheel built by Gerstlauer, both can be seen from far away and attract the visitors.

    And sometimes you see this XXL machine built by KMG swinging over the trees and roofes:

    Is this still air- or is it already hangtime ;-)

    No matter what, it makes lot of fun and is very thrilling:

    This traditional looking children swing carousel adds some contrast in front of the high tech ride. ;-)

    And you will probably soon discover the rails of this Mack Wild Mouse:

    Say "Hello!"

    Not so dominant but a second coaster is also present this year, for small and even large children:

    Also something you'll probably spot from the streets around is this Mack Log Flume standing opposite to the children's coaster.

    There's also the chance of getting soaked when watching the ride ;-)

    Behind one of the four built Huss Breakdance 2 rides with six crosses instead of just four probably catches your eyes.

    The Giant Wheel is present on almost every angle:

    Some backlight shot:

    And some intentionally blurred onride shot:

    At the next end: Not very heigh and more intense than looking from the outside - The Technical Park Pegasus 16 ride called Black Out:

    After a turnaround besides the many gamble games and eating locations the next ride will hopefully catch the visitors attention, a Fähtz Music Express called "Disco Circus"

    For the more self controlled ride one can jump on this Autoscooter "number 1"

    And also another one:

    And this funny Hopser built by Höpler using the bavarian dialect word "Hupferl" as the ride name.

    There's also a small ghost train and a fun house you walk through present and some more children rides but I could not get some nice shots of these because people were always crossing and of course lots of food and gambling stands.

    I hope you enjoyed this small funfair trip report and maybe I'll post some more in the future then.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2016
    I love the fact that you got the Hupferl while we only get the version called something like "Bavaria Dance". Great looking pictures, the XXL seems to be amazing (iirc I think it was on our last funfair, too). Do you have any nighttime pictures?
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2016
    I've always wanted to ride one of those KMG XXL rides. They look insane and I would love to try the inverting model as well. We have fairs here in the states, but nothing of this size or quality.
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2016
    Posted By: baadrixDo you have any nighttime pictures?

    Unfortunately not because it was raining almost every evening.
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2016

    That XXL is bananas. They had one at a fair in/near Freiburg when I was there in '09, truly an awesome ride.