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      CommentAuthorCG Coasters
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2016 edited
    Hello everyone, this is my construction thread. I figured I'd finally start one because I've got some bigger projects coming up, and I do want to talk more about them. A wise Tim once told me in a youtube comment section to build rides purposefully and originally, so I'll try to explain each ride's purpose. But enough about me, let's get down to business:

    Coaster Crazy Tournament 2016

    Round 1 - The Abomination
    This ride was the most orriginal I ended up making for this tournament in terms of trackwork. I have a love for B&M ride's overall aesthetic and a special hate for the pain Vekoma SLCs have caused me; the next step was only logical - combine the two to form, well, an Abomination. This ride started off as a wing coaster, but with the range of elements I was putting it through as well as being a clearance nightmare, I decided to switch to a flyer. This helped me to imitate the trackwork of not only SLCs, but flying dutchmans as well (Note NIghthawk @ Carowinds' stolen color scheme). In the end, the ride turned out pretty well, aside from a downspeed helix at the very end. (Obviously you may hate it, that was just my opinion).
     photo screenshot-2016-03-07-20-53-34_zpsrnlrmhdk.jpg
    Round 1 - The Abomination (CG Coasters)

    Round 2 - Pioneer & Explorer
    This one takes the cake for most stressful round; my first iteration of the layout hadn't gone so well, so I scraped it and started fresh with 6 and a half days until the deadline. I actually built the family coaster (Explorer) first, then terraformed around the layout, then built the mess that was Pioneer on top, THEN supported the whole thing. The resulting park(?) came out looking very cozy. Pioneer was the most fun for me to build because going in, I planned to milk the ride for as much good pacing as I could get without being lazy and just throwing in another launch. I think the terrain helped me to achieve this goal, as well as get more comfortable with building in limited spaces. A few elements I threw in were more RMC than they were Intamin, but I tried to blend them enough that they wouldn't stand out (see 270 degree roll). Overall, I was surprised with how happy the end result made me. The trackwork is kind of janky in parts, but given my time constraints (I'm also a student), I was very pleased.
     photo screenshot-2016-04-20-22-05-28_zps00dsyuz0.jpg
    Round 2 - Pioneer & Explorer (CG Coasters)

    Round 3 - Apollo, Daphne & Landon
    This one was a huge labor of love. It's gonna need it's own little post later on. I'll let you guys digest the first two, then release this when the results come out!

    Thanks for reading this massive post, I'd love feedback on anything from the rides to my post-formatting. Also, feel free to whisper me any questions, comments, or concerns you don't want to throw out in the thread!
      CommentAuthorCG Coasters
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2016 edited
    I'm very sorry this is coming so late, I just got back from a trip to Carowinds and SWO.

    Ok so here it is: the coaster(s) that won me the wheel. Tons of time and effort went into these, from attempting good track work, to realistic supports, as well as conveying the story. The story is about a nymph named Daphne who catches the eye of Apollo. Apollo chases Daphne down in an attempt to catch her and make her his lover. Just before Daphne falls into Apollo's clutches, she calls upon the help of her father, Landon. Landon does what any father would do ... he turns her into a laurel tree.

    -I used lots of n7's trees and Flux's rocks, so the performance isn't optimal.
    -Sometimes, the 3 rides don't sync up upon the first dispatch. They usually go just fine after that.
    -I'd highly recommend riding Daphne to experience the story in the most immersive way.

    I guess the rest is kinda self explanatory. Well I guess there's not much else to say except enjoy the ride!
    Coaster Crazy
     photo screenshot-2016-06-01-22-38-50_zpswgmgtwn4.png
    That b&m hyper appears to have no supports?
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2016
    Is Landon or Peneus Daphne's father? I've only seen Peneus in the mythology I've read.
    Yes he's Daphne's father. I believe he's a minor river god.
    I'm currently filming this beauty from Olmisery:
     photo screenshot-2016-07-20-15-40-23_zps5vzbciop.png
    More details to come (and hopefully not any Scourge jokes).
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2016 edited
    Yeah, the scourge that DerMuffinMaker cursed upon this ride, pretty bad, right?...

    ...oh wait...
    ^Im so sorry :-/
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2016
    @ Der Muffin Maker. You are also making I'm Sorry jet coaster too?
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2016 edited


    (click image)

    Well, here it is! It's finally done.

    I must say, it's been a pleasure to work with Chase in the making of this absolutely marvelous video!

    So please, take 5 minutes of your time and watch the masterpiece made from my masterpiece. .-.


    Well you didn't mince words.

    Enjoy the rockin'/groovy video we made and stay until the end to see this beast lit up at night!
      CommentAuthorCG Coasters
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2016 edited
    Ok, so a bit of a chilly reception for the video over here, that's fine; I'll still talk about it.

    FireStormer video breakdown & thoughts

    My initial thought when Xander (Olmisery) asked me to make a video was how we were going to distinguish the ride from the flood of other Wildfire-esque rides coming out. I liked this ride so much because it wasn't manufacturer-specific, but a combination of many ride types with some personal flare thrown in. In the video, the ride shows tons of that personal flare on its own, but I was looking to focus on the fictional features in a majority of the shots.

    Capturing the nature of the song through editing turned out to be the most fun part for me; Xander chose the music, but I'm a big fan of the song as well. The beginning is very quiet and smooth, with that constant clapping beat behind the guitars - this worked well with slower panning shots. The refrain, on the other hand, is more chaotic and loud; it feels almost like the rhythm of swinging a pick-ax, as I put it. For this portion, switching between POV and really wide FOV shots helped to communicate the pounding rhythm very well. The hardest part for me, especially with lyric-based music, is filling in the verses with dynamic shots and keeping the audience engaged. In past videos, I've lost up to 50% of my viewership to these sections' repetitiveness. Although I noticed I stuck to the beat a little too often for this section, the end result was still intriguing compared to my other attempts (see from 0:56 to 2:00 in this). Then came the final refrain and the transition to night. The ride was so imposing and beautiful sticking out of the darkness in bright red that I had to dedicate the most intense part of the video to it. The transition followed the same pattern as the first refrain (black --> white / day --> night), but then I shook things up more. As the song builds to the crescendo, I diverged from the beat more and would flash more frantic-looking shots in a strobe-like manner. The very last movement in editing was code-named "TheBigSpicy" between Xander and I, because it was so different from the rest of the video (and because it sounded stupid and made us laugh). I overlayed more dramatic angles on top of the switching day/night POV in an *attempt* to capture the song's spiraling out of control. The official music video was a big influence over this chunk because it follows the same pattern of (regular, beat influenced visuals) --> (borderline acid trip).

    So there's my two cents on video-making; I'd really love some feedback whether it's positive or negative. Additionally, here's a raw day and night POV so you can critique the track work - I'm sure Xander would love some feedback as well.
     photo Screenshot 11_zpsnfzlmvid.jpg
    Raw POVs
    • CommentAuthornSeven
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016
    So instead of doing this on youtube, I'm gonna do it here's gonna be a long review.

    First I'd like to say this - CG're on my radar. Not sure where you exactly came from or what you've done before...but you have my undivided attention now - first with Apollo, Daphne and Landon and now this very well executed video of Firestormer. When I go back through your videos, these two come out of nowhere. Perhaps you have been practicing in the shadows...or maybe you've been inspired by TrevorBondi, Codemaster and others... really it doesn't matter...because however you ended up here - you're sitting at the big kids table of great NL2 cinematographers.

    Firestormer is an exercise in what others should be aiming for in their presentation. Right off the bat, it gets started with quick interesting cuts and angles, setting itself firmly into the beat of the music and settling into a visual groove that is then intentionally interrupted for contrast and then settles back in. What you were able to do in those few seconds was set the tone of the video: chases the music, but isn't afraid to deviate - this pattern continues all the way through.

    (for aspiring NL2 cinematographers) WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT?

    Two simple reasons - as I've said in the past, since these virtual machines are limited to two senses (sight and sound), your presentation must use both convincingly. The visuals should blend with the audio - the composition, the choice of camera path, the speed of the shot, the speed of the cuts, the tone of the editing, ect should directly complement the mood, tone and groove of the audio. If you choose a song that doesn't work with your have a disconnect - this makes it unenjoyable to watch even if the visuals are enjoyable. Think of it like taking a test and visuals are 50% of that test and audio is the other 50%. It doesn't matter how well you did on the visuals portion if you bombed the audio - you're still looking at a failing grade.

    Point is, how well you listen to and edit to your audio greatly affects how your video comes together. When they are in sync, you forget you're watching a virtual coaster video and are instead invested in the artistry of it all. When this is done well, the energy and the excitement of the design is greatly enhanced.

    This is rock bottom basic NL2 cinematography - in the case of Firestormer, it uses a song that is pretty well defined, but has a hard-lined groove and a slightly unsettling sound. Cut to - the visual editing is edgier and more in your face, less apologetic - not really interested in giving you a pleasant tour of the ride. This fits 100%.

    From there as an editor, it's your choice to build and add depth from that baseline. If the audio gives you more, then it's a good idea to include more or to branch out with some kind of new look - either by adjusting the colors/tone, or changing up the camera angles or some other visual addon. Firestormer does this well.
    • CommentAuthornSeven
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016

    Easy. Variety is good when you're trying to entertain an audience. Doing more than what you've done creates a sense of progression - And it depends on the music, but for a song like Do I Wanna Know, it does a good job classically building and putting more in the song as it goes along. Most songs do this - I mean EDM's core structure is like this - set melody, add, add, add, build to point of climax, take away, take away...ect. When choosing music, progression is important - even a little goes a long way. And if you can recognize progression in the music, then you know where to change up your editing and keep your presentation fresh and interesting.

    As Firestormer's video progresses, we are treated to more and more sweeping shots, opening the field of view for the ride entirely. But what CG Coasters does that makes this work within the groove of the that he doesn't just completely change the style - he introduces a wider shot, then goes back to more restricted shots. It's not until we get to the chorus that the video's shots start getting more adventurous. But again, there is a clear visual progression. Even before we get to the chorus, the bridge offers some really cool half-time or quarter-time shots. If I can't stress it enough, variety is good. Variety, while being true to the song is even better. Firestormer does this well.

    The next thing that Firestormer does well is the inclusion of a visual event - now I'm not sure what to call it exactly (lol best I can come up with is visual event), but it's something that is used for maximum impact. "Crawling back to you" is done with 4 quick cuts and not only is this interesting, but it helps break up the 4/4 groove we can sometimes get stuck in (putting clip cuts on the downbeat). In this case, those half-time shots in the bridge which slowed down the visual presentation are quickly contrasted with the "Crawling back to you" 'visual event' that speeds up the presentation again. This creates contrast and interest - plus it helps to connect you back to the audio.


    Variety makes your presentation more interesting, but Contrast makes it sharp. When you go from a wide shot to a narrow shot, that's contrast - when you switch from high speed footage to slow speed - that's contrast. Whenever you are intentionally doing the opposite of what you just did - that creates contrast. B&W -> Color = contrast. Night -> Day = contrast. If you can include even one of these in your videos, you will sharpen your presentation quite a bit.

    Firestormer's lyrical visual events DO have some lag in them (the cuts are not exactly on the correct timings), which does not give the full wow effect. It's important that if you're cutting and editing to a very precise piece of audio that you get it absolutely correct - otherwise what should be a sharp effect comes out a little dull - both times it's done.

    Finally what Firestormer does well is completely disregard the rules it set up when it started. This is definitely more advanced than your typical NL2 video because it adds in a layer of madness and paranoia visually. Whether the song called for it? That's kind of up to the editor to decide - I definitely get that vibe from this song even though it doesn't make it all that clear. I also get that vibe from this coaster because of the video work done before this final section - slowly CG Coasters has been layering on weirder and weirder shots. It's hard to explain why it works, but it just works. As you get to the end, you see the whole presentation unravel in a very beautiful way.
    • CommentAuthornSeven
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016 edited

    As you get more familiar with editing and video-making in general, you will want to branch out and try different editing styles - looking at the music video of the song you're choosing, or trying to go for a certain film style...this is good. Actually this is where you want to land as a NL2 cinematographer. You want every presentation that you do to be somehow different from the one you just did. You will develop a style and fall into certain tropes (Lord knows I do...shakey cam anyone?) but as long as you're seeking out new visual styles, you will find new ways to present something. The end of Firestormer is so beautifully uncommon in a NL2 video and that's why I love it. Dare to be different and do something that people will have a visceral reaction to (either positive or negative) - that's when you know you're doing it right!

    That about covers what is so great about this video - CG I said, you're on my radar now... Things that could be better? Oh there's always a few. In fact I believe there has to be something in your video that doesn't 100% work or didn't come out as you wanted it to - these are fan videos after all...not professional movies.

    "Things to work on in the future" I think is a better title.

    1. Tone of editing - the daytime shots of Firestormer are lacking some contrast and could have easily been beefed up with levels adjustments. My secret weapon is an editing package called Red Giant FX Suite for Adobe - Mojo and Looks creates all the contrast I could ever want.
    2. Visual Events - the two lyrical edits are not super crisp. It is a pain in the ass to time these I know from experience, but it's important to get those perfect when you're drawing that much attention to your editing. It better be perfect.
    3. Inherent Motion - this is something AJ taught me and I've been trying to do it in every video since. Motion is something to consider when you're editing...if you have a shot that pans from left to right, the next shot will feel more liquid if it also starts from the left. Obviously this doesn't work for every shot in your video otherwise everything would be going from the left...but if you visually bridge some shots together by remembering how the camera moved previously, your video will feel a LOT more unified. One of my favorite shots of mine is in BioHazard when I pan from the hospital sign and back to the coaster in this nebulous blue space. Because the inherent motion of the camera was so similar, it cross-fades together into one smooth motion and at that point in the music, it works brilliantly.
    4. Avoid CodeMaster-levels of black screen - fading to black is a good visual transition sometimes, but if you're on black too long it makes it seem like you ran out of my friend CodeMaster does in his videos (He actually admitted his excess black is just a footage Love ya code!
    5. Let the song play out - this one is for Firestormer exclusively as it ends in a weird way that betrays the beautiful visuals you had going. Not only is it abrupt but the ending shot is not nearly as interesting as what you had been showing. Plus you included ALL of Do I Wanna Know but chopped off the last 20 seconds, where the groove slowly shuts down in a cool way that could have had 20 seconds of more cool shots. This is totally a personal preference and not objective criticism.
    6. Avoid second verses unless you absolutely need them - Firestormer's energy dips a lot in the second verse as I've come to realize - you can only film a coaster for so long before you start repeating shots. For us watching, the song is only background to the video, so we're not really all that interested in hearing a second verse and the same chorus twice. This also helps keep your video nice and trim so that you get a higher percentage of viewership. If you find yourself running out of things to film, see if you can trim the song down...which I know betrays what I just said about the end...but the end is pretty interesting and different. Plus it was clear the second verse was stretching the coaster's presentation long.

    So yeah, friggen awesome job CG Coasters. Whether you intended to or not, you created a video that is a perfect teaching tool for making great videos! Eagerly awaiting your next presentation.
    • CommentAuthornSeven
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016
    PS I didn't realize NLE had a MAX number of characters per post...welp...I found it.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016
    Thank you for leaving the review!

    I'm sure Chase will be very pleased upon reading this.
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016 edited
    I was a big fan of this ride from the first time I saw it. It's pretty much the essence of how to do an "inspired by but own style" type of ride. It took cues from RMC and Gravity Group but still felt unique and fresh. The layout does leave a bit to be desired, it felt a bit repetitive and drawn out. It packs such a punch in the first half but it seems to almost completely die off in the second half with a seemingly infinite barrage of drawn out overbanks and airtime hills. However I did really like the terrain interaction in the second half, it just really didn't need to be as long as it was, as shown by how slow the ride crawls into the brakes. But as a whole, it felt fresh and fun. You didn't overdo the inversions like some people do, but the stall was perfectly placed and staged. I really enjoyed watching it and hope to see more soon!
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016 edited
    Dude, thanks!

    I agree on the repetitive part; I ran out of ideas. However considering how long the ride is I'd say it does go pretty fast into the brakes. The second half is pretty slow because I drew inspiration from B&M here, which might have been a mistake on my part. Those hills were designed to sustain floater.
    • CommentAuthornSeven
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016
    Yeah I really liked the fact that this didn't feel like it was trying to destroy me like RMCs typically feel like. It falls into the pocket of what I think is a great coaster - very balanced forces, great pacing and an iconic stature.
    Wow, I'd like to start of by thanking you for taking the time to write this out and using it as an opportunity to teach other people.

    This comes as a massive help to me because it puts into professional terms a ton of stuff I was trying to do with the video. Some of the things you said (progression of shots, lyric cues, and all of the second verse stuff especially) were exactly what I was trying to verbalize to Xander during the filming. I feel like I just got a year's worth of schooling dropped into my hands. I can't stress enough how valuable the "Things to work on in the future" section is to me; I've though about those things a lot, but having my worries validated will help me to get to the next level.

    Thank you again for this wealth of knowledge (I'll be rereading it once a day) and taking the time to talk to a less "famous" person in the community. I'm glad to be on your radar and I hope my next project improves on all of these points.
      CommentAuthorCG Coasters
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2016 edited
    Well this project has come far enough that I think I'll be able to finish on time. I present Animikii, or in english, Thunderbird.
     photo IMG_1217_zpsjarennui.jpg
     photo IMG_1205_zpsnfstkljy.jpg
    This is a unique wing coaster themed around native American legends of the fearsome bird. The shaping and layout draw heavily from B&M, but I also took a ton of creative liberty in the elements. As of now, I'm not showing a whole lot, but I'll slowly reveal more as we draw closer to roundup 150.
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2016 edited
    It looks interesting so far, curious to see where it goes.
      CommentAuthorCG Coasters
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2016 edited
    Here are some more beauty shots, featuring a special guest. You can see I incorporated many B&M elements into one ride, taking hills from hypers, wing coaster inversions, and a few Fury-esque turns for good measure.

    Staff edit: Image size must not exceed 1,000 pixels in width as per forum rules.

    Looks really great.
    This looks really cool, I'm interested to see if that airtime hill will be immediately after the wing over drop a la Flug Der Daemonen or later on in the layout.
      CommentAuthorCG Coasters
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2016 edited
    Animikii Release

    I'm very exited to have placed 8th in round up 150, I'm already looking forward to that wheely! With that being said, here are the download links for Animikii. Performance isn't optimal because it's Trees: The Ride, but I hope you have fun expolring the layout.
    Coaster Crazy


    Cinematic Video

    Raw POVs
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2016
    Ride is LOOOOOONG. Some of it felt a little drawn out, but other parts were very exciting. I loved the final plunge into a huge Immelmann! I just think if you trimmed it down a little and cut some of it, it would have been much more powerful. Yet, you got a prize for it so it still was damn good!
    So your riders go head long into bushes twice at the start of your right hand POV, did you somehow not notice, or just chose to ignore it? :P I mean jeez this is coaster design 101 here!
      CommentAuthorCG Coasters
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2016 edited
    ^^ and ^ I realized right after I recorded the POV sadly, I had been really rushed putting all of them in, I clearly didn't check thoroughly enough :p
      CommentAuthorCG Coasters
    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2017 edited

    Well in the small amounts of time I can find, I've been working on filming a stunning Mack Mega by Marvin that you all may remember. The video is one of my favorites so far and it almost killed my computer twice while rendering. I hope you all enjoy!
    Holy sh!t, that's amazing!!
    YES BOI Love it :D
    ^^^ Which program is that? It looks very complicated!