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    hi, I will introduce myself. I'm Damian I am a youtube channel NolimitsProjects and I started a project. Project # dvhnl2 De Vliegende Hollander Efteling. it's a Attraction/rollercoaster of a Dutch park and I'm going to show you the next time updates of my project.

    The first is the picture of the back


    Vliegende Hollander Horseshoe

    Please stop double posting! Just edit your comment.
    ^i'm new oke! I dont know some things and i try to know it!
    It's okay. Wasn't trying to be rude. Also, quoting the post above you is also not allowed (what IS allowed here?). When you are reacting to a post above you use this thingy: ^

    When it's two posts above you do it like this ^^

    But it's looking great :) Looking forward to see more of it.
    This looks interesting. It's a simple thing, but I like the colors of the coaster. They make it blend with the earth and scenery.