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    • CommentAuthorhondenbrok
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2016 edited
    Hello everyone!
    First of all I want to say sorry for my bad englisch haha!

    I’ve been working on this project for 7 months now
    It started realy smal with just one woody. A bit later a saw the possibility of building 3 other coasters on this tiny space.

    After this i started building coaster apart from each other. The results where 1 little and 2 big coasters.

    But I was not satisfied. So I started building terrain coasters again. Some of them would cross each other.

    After this I knew what would work for this park and for me. From that point it went realy fast.

    I got a lot faster with everything. The terrain and the coaster got better and better. I also started with inprove the old coasters and terrain.

    When there were more than 20 coaster I was experimenting with the tree’s and how my FPS would react to it.

    Well… I was crying hahaha

    But it would never stop me. Now There are already 29 coasters and this park is still growing.

    And I already started with a new area

    And a little trailer I made 3 months ago

    to be continued
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2016
    Holy smokes this is huge. I'm glad you stuck with this project! I myself did the seven park chain project and it was a struggle to constantly come up with new coaster ideas so they would be similar, cant imagine how making 29 went
    • CommentAuthorhondenbrok
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2016
    It is realy hard to come up with new things everytime. That’s why sometimes I work on 5 coasters at the same time and sometimes I don’t even work on it for a few weeks.
    I Think I’ll be happy when there are 40 coasters in this park. It’s still a long way but it is an awsome journey.