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    So, I hadn't been on a coaster trip in a couple years. This year, my new job as a robot programmer sent me to Ohio for FANUC classes. As it happens, its in mason and my hotel is next to kings island.

    I've been going to ki almost every night. Got on banshee. It has a cool layout, not too intense. The lines have been super short. I also went up to cedar point over the weekend. Got a fast pass plus and got about 13 rides on the major coasters in 7 hours. Lots of new things.

    Gatekeeper was boring in the front left and I almost wrote it off, but I got on again in back right and it was way better.

    Did one ride front row center on valraven. Was nice.

    Rougaru was flying, nice improvement to mantis.

    The new restraints on maverick were awesome. Major improvement.

    Also, in my robot class this week, I'm partnered with the former head of maintenance for gauga lake! Its been fun bsing with him about stupid wannabe mechanics and ride ops. If you have any random question s I'll pass them along
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    Well there's a name I haven't seen in a while lol. How you doing?

    Me, A113, and RWN took the trip to Cedar Point earlier this year. Was expecting great weather and it turned out to be terrible. Half the rides were down during both days and it was miserably cold. My past experiences with the park have always been pretty great, and they usually try pretty hard to keep the rides open, but there was just nothing open for our visit. Still had fun though, but not what I was hoping lol.

    Posted By: GaleRazorwindValravn. Was nice.

    lol My thoughts too on Valravn. It was pretty fun, nothing more or less.
    I'm doing great. Graduated tech college and got hired fresh out of school as an industrial robot programmer (FANUC). Its been a sweet gig, right up my alley and pays well enough for me to have a great standard of living. Also, only cost 15 grand for the whole degree with no debt.