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    A Rct3 park im working on which is quite detailed and meant to be realistic.

    A few pictures:
    Note This has turn styles but it isn't shown as they haven't rendered due to It being zoomed out.
    The main plaza.
    The flower garden.
    Big Dipper.
    Some more flowers behind the entrance.
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2016
    I thought RCT3 was the coolest, and I was playing it along with Trainz 2012 up until NL2 came out. I actually just downloaded my digital copy from amazon to start playing it again, jesus its sooooooooooooo limited. Every coaster I make rides like an old gen Arrow. Your park looks better than anything i've come up with recently.
    My coasters are not great but I was mainly focusing on the overall look and feel of the park

    If you want i can give you some of my custom ctrs which improve the overall game but it just takes practice! I normally make out and back style coasters or take key parts from rides that i like and mash them together.
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    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2016
    ^^Note that the woodies (and basically any non B&M ride) don't have the long transitions from steep to flat or vice versa. Every time I come back to it and design a coaster with it, I think "OMG this is going to kill everybody!"
    ^The arrow track,the looper track(dont want to butcher the spelling), the giga track and the stormrunner/strata do also. I mainly only use those along with ctrs so im ok but for woodies i dont really care as it is a game and not a simulation that is meant to be taken seriously.
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2016
    @HafizBazzi You may want to check out Silvarret's vids and tutorials on YouTube for some inspiration. Despite it's limitations, so much is possible in that game if you put your mind to it.