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    Top 5 Contestants
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    1. Centurion by TheCodeMaster: Download, Photo Album
    2. Bill - High speed sweeper in a tunnel leading into a flatspin. I've always liked high speed, low-to-the-ground turns on B&M inverts. The lead-in to the cobra on Pyrenees, for example, is a standout moment as far as I'm concerned. This reminded me of that, except with the added thrill of being in a dark tunnel, and then when you're revealed to the light, suddenly a wingover. Would be incredible to ride IRL.

      Christian - Centurion immediately became my favorite ride of the competition. This ride was pretty much the only submission that felt like it wasn’t crammed into the space, but instead the space and the ride were designed together. It provided the classic B&M inverted experience. The first inverting drop over the cliff face really got the coaster off to a good start. While the rest of the ride was more predictable, that in itself is something remarkable considering the space requirements. This is one of the few layouts that actually felt thought out from start to finish. Additionally the quality of the work was extremely high for a 5 hour competition. Congrats to TheCodeMaster for getting that second 1 scratched off the ranking.

      Justin - Centurion was a clear winner from the start of the competition. With a unanimous win from the judges, this B&M invert carefully skirts past obstacles with ease and prowess. There were notable influences from Oziris, Flight Deck, Raptor, and The Great Bear, which added quality to the ride. The layout felt natural among its surroundings, perhaps only showing subtle signs of desperation near the end. Gripes? The turn near the observation deck could have used an extra roll node to flatten the banking a bit. Took me just a few minute and significantly improved the shaping. Also, the final hill over the path near the end is too close for comfort on clearance!

    3. Intenso by Mrcrolly: Download, Album
    4. Bill - The post-MCBR downward launch. Logistical/realism challenges of doing something like this aside, it'd be crazy intense, and was a great way to get the adrenaline back up near-instantly after the MCBR.

      Christian - Intenso was just an all-around solid entry that was well designed and well executed. The experience offered an interesting hybrid of Cheetah Hunt and more traditional Intamin launched rides like Storm Runner. This ride made good use of the template using both the hillsides and the islands with (usually) good creative support solutions. I have to admit to skeptical of the downward launch (I love the concept, but the operational logistics of something like just aren’t reasonable) but several other elements including the inversion just after the downward launch are original and well executed considering the timeframe. Intenso also offers several places where non-riders can catch some good view of the action.

      Justin - Don't let the name give you the impression of laziness--if anything, it's the byproduct of having spent so much time on the ride itself. It's our favorite "maximalist" style entry, packing in a lot of content and executing it quite well. There is so much interaction with the park. The overbank over the path leading to the observation tower was pure style. The downward launch, while potentially impractical, was a neat surprise for kickstarting the 3rd chunk of the layout. Some supports were questionable, but they were far better than the solutions of many others stuck in positioning predicaments.
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    1. Hydra by CoasterMac305: Download, Album
    2. Bill - Waterfront "esses." More than anything else in the layout, it screamed of Gerstlauer, and really fit the park. Loved the supports, loved the relatively constant negative slope, so the already high speed kept clipping ever so slightly higher.

      Christian - Hydra is a ride that packed a lot of intense thrills into its layout. While I thought the ride was a bit too big for its own good, it definitely kept the excitement level high throughout the duration of the ride. While I thought some of concepts of this ride had some flaws, other concepts I felt were extremely good. No matter how I felt about the concepts, the execution was of really high level for a 5 hour timeframe. Overall, the ride fit into the space quite well and didn’t obstruct that great lakefront view of park guests.

      Justin - Chris wasn't a big fan of this, but Bill and I loved it enough to slot it in 3rd place. Yes it's big and a bit much content-wise, but isn't that what contests are all about? For being such a large ride, Hydra actually kept to itself quite well aside from the few larger elements. The coaster plowed through the riverfront with a series of low sweepers that would make Karnan proud. Top that with actually believable supports and a pace that doesn't collapse in the 2nd half, and you're left with an extremely competitive entry.

    3. Cobalt by Coasterfan312: Download, Album
    4. Bill - Loved this bit along the ridge. The dive leading into the immelmann felt like a cool Schwarzkopf homage, and made great use of the terrain - really felt like you were diving off a cliff instead of just going down some random drop. I think the slightly slower bit leading into it helped to add to this effect. Regardless, nice work. A highlight of the ride, for sure.

      Christian - Cobalt, being the second Mack launched coaster in the top 5, draws on a lot of the same strengths. It is a ride that was generally well executed and well thought out. Cobalt offered up a realistic hybrid of the more terrain based Mack (like Helix) and the more traditional Mack (like Blue Fire). This ride likely would have been ranked higher if not for the missing supports on the first element. Like several of the other top entries, Cobalt made good use of the space utilizing the islands will good supports and the hillsides to give standard elements a little different “angle”.

      Justin - Okay, it's missing two supports on the first launch, and we don't know how. Aside from that, the rest of the ride showed us that Coasterfan312 knew what he was doing with Cobalt. In Mack family/thrill style, Cobalt doesn't dominate the land, it complements it. The riverfront launch is scenic and low in profile, the helix is inclined just so to fit, and the second launch over the plaza provides great interaction. As a moderate thrill ride, Cobalt does a fantastic job delivering a solid, well thought out experience.

    5. Voltage by bestdani: Download, Album
    6. Bill - Ridge section. The first half of this ride felt super "Mack-y," which I really liked. I loved the use of the ridgeline too - the cork'd air hill and subsequent dive made the terrain feel big and utilized, which many rides didn't do. Well done.

      Christian - Voltage was well executed and offered a solid ride experience that left me wanting more. Voltage also made great use of the template by doing a good job of utilizing both the islands and hillsides. However, this ride suffered from a few more of the issues that were common with lots of entries. The second half of the ride lost some steam and seemed to be stretched getting back to the station area. Still the technical execution of the ride is what brought this one to top over several other similar rides.

      Justin - Voltage takes on the template with a moderate to high thrill Mack launch coaster. With a spectacular first half, the second half essentially consisted of two corkscrews and many, many turns. It appears bestdani overestimated how much momentum he would have leaving the MCBR, but regardless he managed to execute the concept with what little he had.
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    AJ's Braindump

    Smoke & Mirrors by cheetah
    I loved this entry, as it was very ambitious. The colors were cool, but because the ride simply obliterated what was left of the park, it became a bit unattractive to be walking through it's purple jungle. Unfortunately this ride couldn't get too far without a few infractions with the template. Not all footers were in good standing though, as one support took over the pirate ship's support. But I loved the banana roll and how everything managed to knot itself around it.

    Encounter by Woerni
    This one in particular is a shame! I'd have loved to give the boot out Voltage (sorry Dani!) and position Encounter as 4th place. However, an easy mistake with prefab supports caused a DQ for touching the river in 3 places. Regardless, Woermi should be proud of this entry, as it's extremely unique and manages to do quite a lot. Bearing a color scheme that draws ties to Lunar Launcher from RCT2, this launched looper confines most of it's track to the edges of the template. Following the huge banana roll around the drop tower, the ride becomes this twisted out-and-back hybrid that slips through unique inversions and twists. Under the fastest dispatch, the trains perform a nice fly-by on the rule-breaking inclined helix that finishes the ride.

    Scourge 3 Episode 2 by CoasterGuy246
    My initial reaction was "Why is it so dark, is he trying to hide something?" CG246 returns to 5HOP with a ride related to the original only by name and darkness. After dimming the lights and donning my night vision goggles, the experience ended up being quite decent. The rolls were too quick to survive, but the ideas presented were nice. The helices were almost Schwarzkopf like, and I loved the dive into the plaza. A mysterious blue line floats among the coaster, but I haven't quite discovered whether it's a spooky ghost or merely a control polygon.

    Lightning by GeCoDe
    A lot of fun to ride. Interestingly, the supports looked as though they were playing Twister. I'm not sure whether they would like to have their game be interrupted by a train be rolling over them in such extreme positions. As such, I recommend exercising extreme caution when riding Lightning. You must be under the maximum weight of 130 lbs before riding Lightning. Limit 5 persons per train.

    Exosphere by baadrix
    Exosphere reminds me of the time when you watched your cousin play RCT - he chooses the hyper twister type because it allows him to build so high up in the air that he can go over the entire park without having to worry about anything getting in his way. He kinda just puts a bunch of curves and drops and stuff 500 ft in the air. The game then spits out good ratings because he chose the correct coaster type and boasts ""see I'm good at this game".
    --Bill adds: also for someone who left the clearance env on the train, there's a support a bit after the mcbr that murders everyone :p A fun ride though.

    Afterburner by gigacoasterfan
    More roll nodes would have saved this ride, as the track itself was quite smooth. Everything was wobbly. That roll at the end is just like "oh shit we gotta go thisssss wayyyy thank you have some brakes. bye"
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    I'll note that my comments for the winners were in response to the question "what was the highlight of the ride for you?" - that should make them a little less nonsensical.

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      Posted By: AJClarke0912
      Congrats to TheCodeMaster for getting that second 1 scratched off the ranking.

    This will never die
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016
    11 forever!

    Live Results Webcast Replay is also available on YouTube.

    Congrats to TheCodeMaster with becoming 1(1)th place
    Well done Code!
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016
    Wow, I did not expected that my coaster makes it into the top five or even the honorable mentions, I was very surprised when I read about it, but it's fantastic! Justin's guess about the problem that caused the slow paced second half of Voltage is 100% correct.

    Congratulations to the honorable mentions and other three in the top 5 and especially to Code for his (11^0)'s place.
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    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016
    ^Good math joke!
    Posted By: AJClarke0912"oh shit we gotta go thisssss wayyyy thank you have some brakes. bye"

    Very apt description tbh.

    Congrats to TheCodeMaster and to all those who entered.
    Posted By: bestdaniI was very surprised when I read about it

    I have to say I was a little surprised too lol, JetPulse really liked it a lot. I was more hesitant to put it there but hey, it got you there! Certainly many great entries, yours included.
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    You can download all 42 entered files here:

    Five Hours of Power II Entries