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    So I've pretty much put off The Smiler recreation until I can get NL2 for my handmade computer.

    And now that I recreated Valravn to the best of my ability, I'm having trouble coming up with a new ride to recreate.

    If you have a suggestion, make sure it follows these guidelines...

    1. Not to many inversions. 6 will do I guess.

    2. Must be a world record breaking coaster.

    3. If you want me to build a ride that does not yet exist but is being built, world record breaking or not, grab a photo of the ride's blueprints or a POV video link. I'm already considering making Mystic Timbers, Kings Island's new wooden coaster coming next spring.

    Takabisha (with 1 degree steeper drop)
    Posted By: DerMuffinMakerTakabisha (with 1 degree steeper drop)

    There is no way I'm able to make a coaster with THAT steep of a drop.
    Sequoia Adventure
    ^^ Why not? I made Cannibal 2 years ago. Step drops are pretty easy.
    Posted By: UtahCoasterRider^^ Why not? I made Cannibal 2 years ago. Step drops are pretty easy.

    In the NL1 Demo?

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    How about Goliath @ Six Flags Great America
    ^^ Yeah I've done 2 Cannibal versions. The first was in NL 1. NL 2 was much easier to to the beyond vertical drop. But like I said my first one was in NL 1
    Why dont you make a rec of mean streak since it will be closing for removal or an upgrade?
    ^Okay. Shouldn't be too hard.

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