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    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2016 edited
    So I got back from Australia a few days ago and I did the main 3 theme parks on the gold coast. Since I want to rattle on about a few of the stand out rides a bit but I can't find any kind of suitable context, I thought I would do this trip report.
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2016
    I started off at Dreamworld, so this was my first view of how the Aussies run their parks. I wasn’t overly enamoured to say the least, although this did change with subsequent visits. Operations on my first day were poor to say the least. All major coasters except Buzzsaw had one operator who was presumably under strict orders to let the ride run its circuit and unload before batching the next ride into the airgates, a cardinal sin in my books. Bad start. The rides I will review below are listed in the order I rode them, rather conveniently saving the best until last.
    This was my first go on a Maurer Skyloop. It didn’t make my jaw plummet downwards but it was certainly an enjoyable ride, albeit a bit uncomfortable. Looking up the lift and seeing the track curve back on itself is certainly a strange experience and the ride is just as long as it needs to be. The heartline roll on the top is a bit rough but nothing to major but the last jolt as you reengage on the chain is jarring to say the last. Later on in the day, as the ride runs faster, you find the jolt gets more and more severe and back-breaking.
    Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster
    This was certainly the surprise of the trip. I was expecting a quaint little ride with a dull launch and a forceless layout. In reality, the launch remains meh but not too bad while the layout has some nice forces and even a little pop of airtime. It slows down way too much at the end and the restraints are ridiculously uncomfortable but the ride was overall fun.
    Hot Wheels Sidewinder
    Technically my first Arrow coaster and it was a ripper. Again, the vest restraints were slightly uncomfortable and the onboard audio catered to my every worst musical nightmare but my god was the ride intense. The 2 inversions are right at the end of the ride and preceded by a crazily tight helix. The loop itself was actually lower than the station building and it seriously slammed you into your seat when riding back row. One little gripe is how it was obviously designed to run 2 trains but can’t. Before the final turn there is a section of straight track that even has the mounting brackets for brakes but they aren’t used, so this ride always runs 1 trains, with the trashy ops aforementioned.
    That Madagascar thing
    A Vekoma SFC that is rough with OTSRs and crap ops. I need to say nothing more
    The Giant Drop
    Drop towers are the solitary ride still capable of getting me nervous. The giant drop had me positively shitting my pants weeks in advanced. A 370ft drop both appeals to me but terrifies me on an instinctive level. Just as the ride dispatches, the again solitary op forebodingly reminds you to breath. It was at this point that I remembered that the thing hangs you up there for a full 35 seconds. Yes, we timed it. Not one to waste quality time, I admired the views of the dividing range (absolutely spectacular, by the way) before it drops you without warning. Holy crap nothing has ever quite caught me as off guard. One thing I didn’t know was that the backs of the seats are actually airbags that inflate on the way down. I am assuming this is a way to slow it down but it was certainly weird. You slam into the brakes, which have some serious force, and exit the ride not quite in control of your limbs. 10/10 best drop tower – IGN
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2016 edited
    Tower of Terror II
    By far and away my most anticipated ride didn’t fail to please. Winding through the surprisingly short queue, you can hear the ridiculously loud launch sequence firing off above you, surrounded by faux rock and steelwork, setting the scene for a mine (I assume). Upon entering the batching area, you are greeted by two double doors that hide any view of the station. They grandly swing open, revealing the train under some nice lighting. Stepping aboard, I was used to the restraints on Stealth which take some serious effort to get down. These ones practically dropped down without having to touch them so I promptly slammed that into my crotch, much to my dismay later on the ride. Following the restraint check, the lights go out to reveal a length of tube in front. After a countdown, the trains clunks forwards and then blasts backwards down the launch tunnel. The noise rapidly increases to a deafening volume as you thunder towards the tower, lights deceiving you, making you think you are going much slower than you are. You burst outside and the incredible speed suddenly hits you. You are blasting along at 100mph, backwards and being slammed into your seat by the G forces. You climb the tower and experience blissful weightlessness. You may not ascend all the way up the tower but the distance you go is plenty, you are staring down over people and the Motocoaster, bracing for the journey back. As you plunge back down, you make the fatal error of opening your mouth at 100mph. You then proceed to infate your cheeks (involuntary) and swallow 90% of the bugs that south Queensland has to offer. The train slowly rocks back into the station, juddering slightly, before you come to a standstill and the lights come back on. After exiting, you enter a sketchy looking elevator that takes you down to the gift shop. You then promptly go back around and queue again as it is walk on. Simple but oh so effective.

    So that was Dreamworld. I did the flat rides, too, but they aren’t really noteworthy, except for pandemonium, which can proudly say it made me pretty ill. Well done. I will post reports for Movie World and SeaWorld shortly along with some pictures I took.
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2016
    Hey iSatnav, i just found this thread while trying to find another thread. Don't know how i missed this, lol.

    Dreamworld is prob the biggest park of the big 3 up in Queensland, but i don't quite think it's on the same level as some of the big USA and European parks. I haven't been to Dreamworld in a looong time. Last time i was there was prob roughly a year or so after Tower Of Terror was built. May have been before they added The Giant Drop to the side of the tower, not too sure. And it was long before Buzzsaw, Mick Doohan's Motocoaster and 'That Madagascar Thing'.
    But anyway.. Back then, TOT in it's original incarnation obviously ran forwards, and it never had that long launch tunnel. When it left the station, it shot you out into the open. It was still quite loud though.
    Fun Fact: Every time Tower Of Terror launches, it temporarily doubles Dreamworld's power consumption. I read it on a ride info sign last time i was there years and years ago and somehow remembered it clearly, lol. Don't know if that sign's still there..

    And about the Hot Wheels Sidewinder: I'm fairly certain it's only ever run a single train. That was the old Big Dipper that used to be at Luna Park in Sydney. And that's the only time i've ever been on it, when i was a kid and it was still at Luna Park. Last time i was at Dreamworld, there was another coaster there called Thunderbolt. It had been at the park for as long as i can remember, and it roared when the train went through the double loop. But they tore it down and Hot Wheels is probably standing where it used to be.
    I do remember one of the flat rides i went on one time i was there. It was one of those gravitron things that spun around and pinned you to the sides. I went on it with my brother, who was quite young at the time. I went twice in a row and left it at that. But my brother went a few more times, and eventually threw up in the carpark as we were leaving, hahaha.

    Hope you enjoyed your time over here. :)