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    So this year I decided the place to be for coasters is definately Sweden, so we decided to visit Gothenberg & Stockholm. Not alot of planning happened apart from the flight, but hey ho, we boarded out flights and set off.

    Day 1 - Liseberg

    So we arrived in Gothenberg late Tuesday night, we headed straight for our airbnb, thankfully Viktoria had an amazing place and managed to confirm before we arrived (just about). She left us plenty of candles and lots of pictures of herself and her immensly attractive boyfriend, this provided us with some lovely dreams.

    The next morning we got up and swanned straight down to Liseberg, which was situated right by our apartment. It's abit of an odd entrance really from what I'm used to as it piles straight out into the street. This was also the point where we realised the swedes are all incredibly beautiful and tanned (who'da thought). Anyway, images...

    As you can see the place was PACKED, we strolled around abit realising that today will be a day of queuing. We minced in and saw Helix's first corner straight away. It's incredible how it's settled into it's surroundings when its only a few years old.

    The first view of Helix, it looks quite sweet and untheatening here... untill you walk abit further

    After a mooch and noticing the queues would all be atleast an hour we decided to start on Balder

    Opinion on Balder - I've never ever experienced air-time like it!! It's definitely an intense ride and I can't praise Intamin enough for making such a relentless long ride in such a tight imprint. I'm sure plenty has already said about this coaster as it's pinned as one of the best wooden coasters in the world. It wasn't quite my cup of tea though, as much as I enjoyed the thing, I prefer a little more variation. Here's Kir & I battling the air-time.

    So we left satisfied and the park was filling up even more, so we walked around abit (the weather was scortching) and after getting in a good view of Helix's immense layout we decided it was time to brave that queue.

    The queue is crazy! It had all the ingredients to be tacky, but somehow Liseberg have created a really fun compact labyrinth. You struggled to figure out where you're going next and the IMAScore music is just perfect, it sets the tone beautifully, despite the theme being a little..confusing. (is it themed to mathematics?)

    Opinion of Helix - I will start by saying, this clearly steals my top spot. I may not be as well travelled as other enthusiasts, but I've rarely come into a breakrun clapping and shouting involunarily. I will break the ride down though, as it's progression is it's high points

    So the first element, a little tame, a little forgettable, but enjoyable. Then you pick up speed and hit the first launch, it's relatively weak, but fun all the same.

    The second inversion makes for a great starting point, it reminds me of Nemesis' first inversion as you suddenly see the rides layout upsidedown high up in the air. Then you hit the first air-time hill, it's fair powerful and it drops alot more than you expect if you've not seen the layout before. It's at this point both me and Kir started reeling off the "wows".

    The pretzel is powerful and provides a great view, this is when you realise this coaster is a little relentless. The air-time hill following is pure ejector and the pull out into the zero-g provides alot of force. Then a perfectly paced zero-g and again more positives.

    Then you litterally SNAP into a helix, which again pummels more positive force before a small corner into the second launch. Next second, you're miles up in the air-upside down, looking out on gothenberg and the screaming swing way below you (awesome feeling) before you fly right back to the pathways. Now the next element we have dubbed "The hill", it's the most intense part of the ride, god knows how it hasn't flung the fearless children of sweden to their deaths. The view, the force, it's perfect.

    Obviously after this the ride has a small breather before the finale role, which actually felt awesome (not usually a fan of these) and it's over. I've never been speechless in a break run, but I just didn't realise what had happened! It's not as tame as people had told me, the thing has some real force, and air-time that matches if not succeed Balder's

    After that crazy queue and ride tbh, I'm not sure what we did, the park was getting busier by the minute and we just accepted that we'd be queuing for everything, you can see here how crazy even the pathways got

    I do know we decided to do Kanonen & Lisebergbanan. Kanonen looked disgusting but on the front row actually rode pretty well! a nice mix of elements, just a little ugly. And it wasn't worth the good 2 hour queue we did, plenty of pokemon were caught though. Lisebergbanan was immense, a great faily ride with some surprising force and a decent length, with great views of the rides.

    Considering we did 11am - 11pm, we didn't actually get in many rides. But the atmosphere was amazing, and their new area was pleasant. Talking of atmosphere though, I HATE drop towers (because they scare me) but I managed to do it. The view was amazing and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be, infact it was pretty pleasant.

    So Liseberg, it's an incredible place! You can tell there's alot of love for it from it's owners and the guests. I also love the way the actual hill is the main feature of the park and half the rides take full advantage of it, some absolutely brilliant design.
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2016
    Yeah, Helix is incredible, especially at night. Glad you had a nice stay at Liseberg despite the park being that crowded. As far as I know Helix is themed to a prison, but some of the more regular visitors can probably clarify that.
    Im getting triggered of all those helix shots....
    Helix is themed to a video game.
    no its not...
    ^^There's a game for helix yes, but helix is not of a game :)
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2016
    I've always wanted to go to this park so thank you for the little update! Also was a little freaked out when I saw "Kir & Richard's" because my name is Kurt Richard...weird.
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2016
    Really awesome! What other parks are you planning to visit?

    I did a solo trip to England last year and did all their parks, was an awesome time!
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2016 edited
    Posted By: baadrixAs far as I know Helix is themed to a prison

    Posted By: DiamondBayonetHelix is themed to a video game.

    From what I remember, Helix is themed the the science related to nature. Something along those lines.


    Anyway, thanks for the TR Richard, and glad you had a great time despite the crowd. I bet you missed Hotel Gasten then. Ha, bummer, but it'll make you come back. =)
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2016

    Awesome review. This is one of a handful of nordic parts I'd love to visit one day. Beautiful, unique, great rides. What other parks did you hit? Looking forward to reading along.

    Day 2 - Stockholm & Gronalund

    So the next morning we woke up, grabbed our stuff and headed for Gothenberg station. One peice of advice I will give to people planning on doing this trip, BOOK YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE! It's not like british trains where you can turn up and get squeezed on, you have to have a seat allocated. Most trains were booked up apart from a few 1st class seats. After some debate we shelled out for these. 1st class wasn't amazing, it was comfy but the only benefits were some oranges and a coffee...

    The journey wasn't too long and a few hours later we arrived in Stockholm. We minced on up to our hostel which we booked that morning, it wasn't far from the station and was actually really nice! pretty much a decent hotel with our own private room. Good swedes seem to do everything right.

    So we dropped stuff off and went exploring the city. It's definately an interesting place, made up of a series of islands, we walked through the "old-town" which seems to be the touristy part of the city withthe palace and stuff.

    But by the time we reached the other side we noticed something magnificent. The tower rides of Gronalund, so we popped on a ferry that took us straight to the entrance.

    Gronalund is an old-school amusement park. And with it being school holidays, the place was PACKED. But again it gave it an amazing fair ground atmosphere. We decided if this park was in britain it wouldn't have been as magic, but it seemed to give this nostalgic element. Maybe it was the warm sunny evening, but yeah it was lovely.

    First up with Twister. It's the newest coaster there, a mini gravity group wooden coaster. The way the park managed to squeeze it in above and around 4/5 different coasters was incredible. It wasn't an amazing ride, but definitely fun, and long considering the space restrictions.

    We noticed the queues were pretty long so rode the ghosttrain. It was terrible in the best sense of the word, made us laugh.
    Next we tried their wild mouse. It weaves in an our of their signature coaster, Jetline. It really took us off guard with it's unusual layout, it's a really nice mix of drops, banking and lats. A surprising gem here!

    Really hard to take pictures of individual coasters here.

    Next we rode Jetline. This coaster has the same layout as Knightmare? Or something. Anyway it was great fun, smooth, powerful with some great drops. Really really enjoyed it. It's not top ten, but possibly the best coaster in the park. Also whats with the random hot tunnel at the end?

    Next we went over to Kvasten (the broom) a Vekoma family coaster that again weaves in and out of the other coasters. This ride was really surprising. It has some great theming for an amusement park, the level of detail in the station building was really nice. We rode front row and it's an incredibly fun ride, the restraints are so open you feel like you're flying about. Another surpsingly fun ride!

    Kir then convinced me to do their Intamin drop tower. I've done Apocalpyse before but they still scare me, even after Atmosphere. Anyway again it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be!

    NEXT, was [b]INSANE[/b] (urgh). What a stupid ride this is. We were both excited to ride this rare ride type. And it looked fun.... BUT MAN this thing hurts, the forces are crazy and all over the place. I think we got 4Gs upside down at one point. I hit the break run screaming, it was a mixture of fear and pain. Either way we figure it was just an unbalanced car that lead to that torture so we rode it again later ;).

    Next we did, Eclipse, their star flyer 400ft monstrosity. We both had to build ourselves up for this as the thing is huge. But there were teeny kids going on so figured it's ok. Glad we did though, the view of Stockholm is incredible. I got over the height pretty quick and enjoyed it. Kir just shat himself for 2 minutes :P.

    As it got dark the lights came on and the park showed it's true beauty. <3 Didn't manage to catch many pictures of it though. We got another ride on INSANE (I still hated it but Kir had warmed to the experience).

    Anyway! That was Gronalund. We actually intended to do it the next day, but spending half an evening there was perfect. Something about the place as a whole is really enjoyable. All the rides (bar one) are really fun an enjoyable, non are world class top tens. But as a park line-up it's all really well balanced. The ball of coaster track at the park's centre is a joy to behold too, you've always got cars flying over your head. All in all, definately worth a visit and I hope to go back one day. And another peice of advice! if you keep your park ticket you get 30% off your entry to Kolmarden ;).

    Next, Kolmarden!
    Thanks for posting these, they're really enjoyable. Love the amount of copy written. Not too much, not too little and enough to give an opinion worth hearing.