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    Thank you sooo much for this King! I love all your finds and research. <33
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    ^ Aww thank you, glad you appreciate it!


    Creosens is a french engineering company, and they made a coaster product shaped like an extreme zip-line:

    They aim for inversions, lie-down and flying position, 4g, etc. Their target isn't really amusement parks, but rather malls, cruise ships, or other unusual places like cliff sides.

    The concepts are a bit over the top, but they are serious about it. In fact, they developed in-house they own coaster design software, and it looks like a cross between NoLimits 2 and FVD++!

    (clearance envelop... *drool*)

    You can have either geometric input by moving the nodes, or a force-vector design input (*drool*x2):

    (It's a short video, so Right click -> Show controls -> Play)

    They are currently building a prototype. However, the car has still to be designed.

    Interview (in french) with more images
    a coaster i saw the plans for once in a quick snaphot on a video was the "bigger one" at blackpool pleasurebeach, the video nolonger exists and even then it had a pixilated rendering of what it could be but it was a 500ft launch coaster going out over the sea in what looked like a huge immelman or diveloop. i did try to recreate it in NL1 called XL-500 it does have a thread on here somewhere, if anyone can find anything on this it would be amazing!!!
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    Your ride is still up on the exchange, but I didn't find any thread.

    So this was a real concept Blackpool did envisioned? Crazy.
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    yeah the concept wasnt like the one i made, it looked like it was all in one line, no turn around back into the station, the track went out up and theback under itself, so maybe the plan was for a 4D type thing? the supports were very wide looking as if it would accommodate a wing rider of some sorts.

    they then went looking at a top hat style the footers for a strata coaster bigger than kingda ka are still out on the beach you can see it on google earth,-3.0582117,235m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x684d1b50574d5445!8m2!3d53.7893261!4d-3.055378
    This intrigued me, so I went looking for some articles or some info related to it just to check if it was real. Turns out, it was

    Archived News Site With Ride Details

    Shame the video doesn't exist anymore
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    Neat B&M technical drawing displayed at Walygator. Thanks touffman for providing the pictures.

    A wheel:

    A cross section of a track:

    The lift hill and supports:

    So much infos here:

    - Pre-lift lenght: 6,80m
    - Lift angle: 26°
    - Track radius at bottom: 6m
    - Track radius at the top: 14m
    - Pre-drop angle : 26°(?)
    - Average support span : 10m

    Right click -> Open in a new tab to have a full size version of the pictures.
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    Posted By: KingRCT3- Lift angle: 26°
    - Track radius at bottom: 6m
    - Track radius at the top: 14m

    Pretty damn usefull! Thanks for sharing!
    UGH Who left that ruler there lmao.
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    I know right, pretty frustrating isn't it. These drawingsq are part of a museum about the history, past and present attractions of Walygator. I guess it's a "theming element", it seems screwed-in position...
    Why the question mark after 26*? Look at the angle in the picture too, it's the same as that of the ascent. Makes sense to me.
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    ^ I guess so, but since we can't read it I wasn't entierly sure about that.

    Have you any idea why the radius for the predrop is marked as R 11450+2550 instead of R 14000 ?

    Perhaps to include the radius of the catwalks?
    Oh, I thought those were stats listed somewhere and you were questioning them even though the picture seems to support them lol. I see now. Carry on :D
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    ^^ You might be on to something.

    ^ Haha no, everything I listed is what I found from this picture.
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    I've posted about this before, but in the original plans/models for PortAventura, Dragon Khan was originally intended to be an Arrow looper with interlocking loops

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    lowkey that could have been cooler than dragon khan