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    Thanks to help of all you friendly folks, I have completed my 6th coaster Blackjack, a Vekoma SLC. This is by fra my best coaster to date thanks to the helpful feedback and tips from you guys. Here is the link to the video:

    Blackjack is a work-in-progress Vekoma SLC that I am currently creating. To begin, I'm fairly new to the game, and Blackjack is only my 6th coaster. This is an exciting coaster for me because it is my first time using custom supports and it is my first inverted coaster.
    Blackjack is based on the common SLC layout with a few differences. Instead of going into a sidewinder, Blackjack goes into a bowtie. Then, the coaster goes through the two inline twists, but then enters a sidewinder and then goes through a corkscrew just above the station.
    -112 Feet Tall
    -51 MPH
    -7 Inversions
    -2809 Feet of Track
    I currently have the entire layout completed and I have done custom supports up to halfway through the roll over.
    I am pretty happy with how the coaster turned out. My one main problem on my past coasters has been with pacing in the second half of the ride, and the pacing on this coaster is a lot better. I am also happy with how my first custom supports are turning out.
    Feel free to give me tips and tell me how to improve the coaster!
    Here is the beginning of the lift hill and the final corckscrew over the station.

    The sidewinder nearing the end of the track.

    An overview of the layout.

    Beginning the roll over

    Bowtie (Needs Better Shaping???)

    The inline twists and banked hill.

    Another view of the inline twists.

    Lift Hill

    Top of the Lift Hill

    Roll Over from the side.

    View from the middle of the layout.
    You need to fix the shaping on the lift.
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2016 edited
    For your 6th coaster this looks good so far. Some tips on how to improve:
    - In your third to last picture the lift seems to be curved slightly to the right and the chain ends too early. It should just about end at 10-20° inclination after the crest depending on how long your train is.
    - The rollover looks pretty good, maybe start the roll a little later and end it earlier to avoid uncomfortable lats (yeah, I know it's an SLC lol).
    - The bowtie could be changed so you'll have a flatter bottom and more pointy top.
    - I'd change the heartline rolls to be more straight and longer as it appears the train is travelling way too fast at those points. If you want to recreate real SLC rolls it'd be also more realistic if you rotate around the spine of the track instead of the heartline.
    - The last inversion which looks like an Immelmann seems to small to me to be "comfortable". Something like a right-hand helix would be a better finale in my opinion.
    - I'm not an expert on SLC supports, so maybe someone else can weigh in on this part.

    Other than that, this looks like a really nice layout. Shaping is kinda hard to judge in some of pictures, though, since your FOV (field of view) is quite high. Anyway, keep practicing and you'll get better and better with every coaster. You're definitely off to a good start! :)

    EDIT: Also, seeing this is your very first post here welcome to the forums, Enderman!
    Thanks! You're definitely right on the Immelman, originally it was taller but the speed was way too slow, so a helix sounds like a perfect element. I already have fixed the lift hill and the bowtie. Right now I'm looking at the heartline rolls, they're probably the most difficult element for me.
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2016
    I'm not really an expert on SLC supports, but just looking at a couple pictures, they're a bit more complicated then you have them right now. I'd look at a couple pictures on RCDB to see what the supports and track look like to get some ideas. Looking at the 4th picture, one support is clipping the track, and I don't think they would past clearance. Under the scenery tab, there's a clearance envelope that comes default with the game. If you place the box in the station, when you run the simulation it will be attached to the track. If it touches anything, that means that a rider could be able to touch it, which is not safe.

    Very good for your 6th coaster. Definitely better than my 6th coaster, that's for sure.
    Thanks! I have just started using the clearance envelope and will make sure to look into that! :)
    EDIT 1:
    Much thanks to Baadrix! My first fix has been to the lift hill. It has now been straightened out and the lift angle has been fixed. Strangely enough, making a straight lift hill has been something i have struggled with! :P
    Up next: Changing the Immelman/Sidewinder into a helix.

    Up next, I will be changing the Immelman into a helix.
    EDIT 2: Thanks again to Baadrix! Now, I've switched the immelman to a helix, which ended up being a very nice switch! I have also extended the inline twists (Need more explanation on making it spin over the heartline), and I have reshaped the bowtie.
    The New Helix

    No Collision Here!

    Extended Inline Twist


    Inside the Twist

    Front of the Bowtie

    Back of the Bowtie
    Things To Do Next:
    -Fix the first portion of the roll over: Does anyone have any tips for this? I have been experimenting with it but I have not been able to get it to roll later.
    Here is my work on the roll over
    real SLC drop is steeper
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    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2016
    ^ That's twice you've been critical without giving any complimentary statements at all. This looks really good for his 6th coaster and of course there's stuff to improve on but do you really have to give the criticism in such a judgemental way? Do it how Baadrix did!

    This is looking really good so far! For the rollover, if you move the roll nodes further up and set them to No Lateral G it should hopefully produce the outcome you're looking for. Also, to make it smoother, you can try depumping the vertices!
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2016 edited

    please. (it seems to have been fixed while I was editing this post rip)

    for such an early coaster you seem to have made a good layout, which is usually difficult for beginners to grasp, but there are a few things to be improved. On the rollover, it would be quite a bit smoother by making the middle one not strict, and maybe move the first and last one's higher and setting them to 180 strict. (using strict nodes removes any wobble caused but an unstrict node, but it also creates a jolt in the track. Try to use as few as possible unless a jolt is intended or for brake runs/stations/lifts) The use of strict vertices would greatly improve the straightness of your brake run/lift/station and as a general improvement you might want to work on rounding out your elements a little more (specifically the bowtie). Check the radius comb single and try to get it as smooth as possible to ensure the smoothest ride. (the drop could also be a bit steeper, but that's more of a preference)
    • CommentAuthorDelay
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2016 edited
    ^^Also, uncheck the Strict option for the second roll node. This should make the roll more continous.

    The roll-over should be a little more stretched, to make sure the roll is not too fast. But I really like this coaster! It's really good!
    Finally got the roll over right! Many thanks to Inkyz, Intim305, and Delay! :)
    Here is the coaster going through the roll over:
    EDIT 4:
    I have finally finished all the supports and trackwork. The new changes I have made are added supports to the bowtie and the corkscrew. Now, it's time to make the scenery, which will probably be just trees and environmental stuff.
    Bowtie Supports

    Corkscrew Supports

    The final stats for the coaster are:
    -Height: 113 Feet
    -Speed: 51.3 MPH
    -Length: 2975 Feet
    -Inversions 6??? (Is a roll-over 0, 1, or 2 inversions?)
    Finally finished with my scenery, and I am currently filming for YouTube. I'd like to give you guys a huge thanks for really helping me improve the coaster. It'd be nowhere near where it is right now without your help.
    Field of Flowers

    Bamboo Behind the Bowtie

    Tree-Lined Hill

    Going Around the Roll Over
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    image sizes.
    Posted By: intim305image sizes.

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    ^ As per forum rules, all embedded images must be less than or equal to 1000px wide. Your images exceed this limit. Please resize them using this method as shown above:
    ^ Thanks, I am dumb :P
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    ^Also, you shouldn't quote the post above you. Use a " ^ " instead. It is also best practice to limit double posting (the same user posting consecutive times). Instead, edit your last post to contain the new information. I suggest a quick read of the Forum Rules sticky.
    Damn I need to really work on mine because if that is what your 6th coaster looks like then I need to step up my work. Great job! :)
    ^Thanks a lot, man! :)
    I have finally finished the video, and I am so thrilled with how the project turned out thanks to all you guys! Here is the link:
    Posted By: jpaufsc^Also, you shouldn't quote the post above you. Use a " ^ " instead. It is also best practice to limit double posting (the same user posting consecutive times). Instead, edit your last post to contain the new information. I suggest a quick read of the Forum Rules sticky.

    Please read both.