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    So over the past month or so, I have been reworking my RMC trains and track to make them much better, and here it is!

    Tutorial for rails and trains:

    Download: LINK
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016 edited
    Can you customize the rails and make them smaller and narrower like Ikeda or meisho jet coaster track? I could use this method for my jet coasters. Instead of having to make I beam support rails out of hundreds of invisible track connecters to connect the support I beams.
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    Code, you've done it again. Looks just about good enough to be an official add-on from the dev team.
    • CommentAuthorTheBeatles
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    Can u pls put tutorial 4 download
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    Code's are pre11y good. I'm spotting some subtle differences from the real ones because I've been staring at them so much lately.

    Good work!

    • CommentAuthorkryptos001
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    Absolutely amazing! Quick question though: if I wanted to make topper track, would I just ignore the bottom sco and make the middle the same texture as the wood in your previous version of RMC rails?
    Thanks for all the responses!

    Just releasing a patch right now, fixing a small modelling issue with the middle cars. just re-download it and it should be fixed.

    Topper track and additional details like brakes will release tomorrow!
    ^Looks Fantastic!
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    Any chance of a written/pic tutorial? I always find it harder following a video, swapping between screens and such.
    • CommentAuthorrct800
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    Really awesome work! I would use them if I've ever cared about making RMC's in NL2. I think that I'm one of the few people that don't care about them at all. Any chance that you could model Intamins new generation (aka Taron, Ferrari World) trains?
    • CommentAuthorMilBee
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016 edited
    Posted By: ride_opCode's are pre11y good. I'm spotting some subtle differences from the real ones because I've been staring at them so much lately.

    Good work!


    Sounds like a little bit of a hint to me ;)
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    ^ I'm surprised nobody else thought about it before!

    These new rails are awesome Code, looks like we're going to see a few RMC coasters in the following weeks.
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016

    I am the first one to use the new rails, I think.
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    It's so simple I successfully did it! Thank you Code! =)
    • CommentAuthorDelay
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016 edited
    ^^^my right ear hurts now.
    Why does everybody post whle I write?
    Posted By: Bolt789Code, you've done it again. Looks just about good enough to be an official add-on from the dev team.

    Code deffy does look like he should be part of the dev team, and have RMC be an official train style.

    Expansion 1... coming in...


    like, 2 hours?

    I still have to model wheels and Topper Track .-.
    • CommentAuthorDelay
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    Do/would I also use the clearence envelope of the rocket coaster as well or do I have to guess?
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016 edited
    My Iron Cyclone track has the correct 5370 number put in for the crossties but there is still a big section without any crossties.

    • CommentAuthorDelay
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    Did you count in meters or feet? Should be meters.
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016
    Yes I did. Both feet and meters gave the same result.
    that means you probably exceeded the max...
    will be doubled in the next patch
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2016 edited
    That will be great for bigger RMC coasters like Mean Streak RMC redo and Twisted Colossus. Thanks for fixing this in the next patch. Id say triple the max crosstie length or even more. I have a 8000+ foot wooden coaster that I am RMCing and it is not the longest NL1 imported coaster that I want to RMC. I have a 9,963 foot racing wooden coaster that i want to RMC next.

    just a little longer...
    You are crazy... that could be seriously a NL2 Update :D
    Please stop! Don't make the nl2 develpers sad! I want them to give hope, but this is just to dam good!

    Have not tested them out yet. But they look good...
    These are seriously impressive! Great job Code!
    Update 1 has been released! Just redownload it to get the updates. included with it are:

    Topper Track:

    Usage: Same as the other method, but use the files in the topper track folders instead.


    Usage: place it near some track and set the SCO name to the length in meters of how long you want it to be.


    Usage: place it near some track, it wont duplicate so you need to do it manually


    Usage: place near base of lift and enter the length of the lift in meters into the SCO name, then add triggers named LIFTSTART and LIFTSTOP at the bottom and tops of the lifts for sound. Make sure the invisible coaster has no anti-rollbacks!

    Hope you guys enjoy!
    Please can we have a couple more zero car variants? For example the one used on outlaw run and the thinner curved ones used on joker and twisted colossus
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2016
    I have this problem with the custom lift texture. My lift is 77 meters long and the custom chain ends before the top of the lift.

    ^You might have to place a second one near that point to finish it off.
    This is awesome code! I bet it's crazy to see how far you've come working on these things from your early days with the Wing Rider expansion using the PTC trains. I can say though that it looks absolutely amazing, and I find it awesome how you're releasing these for FREE to anyone who's willing to follow the instructions YOU provide in streamlined instructional videos easily accessible on YouTube.

    It's hard to think what you'll do next since I have no idea what you can't do at this point. Keep going man and don't let the haters bring you down, can't wait to use this myself at some point!
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2016
    Absolutely beautiful work with this, Code! It's amazing!

    If I could maybe offer a couple of possible suggestions for future updates:
    -With the lift sound, would it be possible to add a sound for it disengaging from the lift as it passes over the LIFTSTOP trigger so that it isn't as abrupt as it currently is (or maybe even just a fade out).
    -An extra camera position on the zero car.
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2016
    I have this problem when running two complete trains with all the correct triggers and correct coaster naming for the scripts. This is for my "The Twin Powerpuff Girls Force Race" topper track coaster.

    The right trains's lapbars come up as it leaves the station and engages the lift.
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2016
    If I have two different coasters in my park, for example one is an Iron horse and the other utilizes its topper track or a completely other topper track, Will I be able to run the two of them or does it now allow it?
    • CommentAuthorMr. E
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2016 edited

    I get this error when I use the topper rails.

    Edit 2: Not fixed
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2016 edited

    As I theorized, it is possible to create S&S 4D Free Spin track (which is manufactured by RMC), so here's my first version!
    There aren't any larger sized separators, connectors, or crossties yet, and there are also a few small shaping/sizing issues, but they can be taken care of pretty quickly :D
    • CommentAuthorI305
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2016
    I can't seem to figure out how to place a trigger behind the station in order to get the trains working. Any help?
    Should look like this:
    The wireframe coaster is the Rocket Coaster, name it "RMC", place a trigger called "Station" where the train enters the station and you should be good. Watch the tutorial if you still need assistance
    • CommentAuthorI305
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2016 edited
    ^ I don't know how to place a trigger. That's my problem...