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    Firstly, hello! I've been lurking around here for some time and only recently have I actually went ahead and made an account here!

    This will be a WIP compilation thread to avoid potential spam.

    To begin the thread, I would like to say that this project is heavily WIP and will be for a long while as of this post and will likely change in the future scenery wise, layout wise maybe not because I am satisfied with those as of now.

    This is an intamin Prefab like wooden coaster that does indeed bear a resemblance to El Toro from Six Flags Great Adventure in some aspects (My home park heh) I'm quite happy with this layout because it's simple, quick and looks thrilling, maybe the ending could be different/better but other than that I'm happy with it!

    The plan is to have a rocky area where the little island is and to have the path really interact with the coaster itself with docks, bridges, maybe some buildings and rides placed around as well!

    *Note: Ignore that Premier for now heh, that'll come along into play much later on! :)
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2016 edited

    The layout isn't too bad for a start! I actually really dig the atmosphere so far and the feel of the coaster. Although an issue I have is with the shaping, some hills aren't very symmetrical and they seem too pointy towards the top. That aside you have a good project so far and I'm curious to see the end result of it. :)

    EDIT: didn't see you were going for prefab. In that case The hills definitely need to be more rounded (not perfectly round but more than they are now). I would also rework the drop to be steeper and more accurately shaped, maybe even a flat top? Overall, you got a good idea but I think you need to do more work shaping wise in order for it to feel more like a prefab.

      CommentAuthorelement 115
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2016 edited

    Like the layout, plenty of airtime. Nice station too, i imagine the area will look very good when all the scenery is done and some trees have been added.

    From what i can see the drop seems a tad off, yours seems to curve down then go fairly straight for a bit before pulling up. If you look at the drop of el toro for example (seeing as thats what youre going for)
    You will see its shaped differently.
    As you can see the downwards curve is much longer and there is hardly any straight track, its also a bit steeper than yours too.

    This same shaping can also be taken into account for the airtime hills, you will find that similar shaping to the drop is used, there is little straight track, and the curve at the top begins earlier and lasts longer (yay more airtime!)

    Anyway hope you enjoy yourself here and i look forward to seeing more progress on the ride and area.
    Thank you guys very much for the feedback! I was very concerned with the hills as well, glad I'm not the only one haha! As for the first drop, I've made it less 'straight' and just a bit more steep. The turnaround has been redone as well, the previous version was pretty basic so I spiced it ip just a bit.
    Rocks have been added to the island, they are in the general shape I want them to be in.However I must still smooth out some edges of them and perhaps get rid of some to make room for terrain to shine through more.

    Been some time since I had a followup to this haha
    Anywho, the prefab is nearing completion with this latest update. A few tweaks to it's surroundings & buildings and it is a done deal!

    -MORE ROCKS AND TREES (I'm a very nature like person so this never gets old to me) with 2 waterfalls included
    -The dual Premier roller-coaster 'Batman & Robin: The Chiller 2.0" is now removed from this save file and has been replaced with a Gerstlauer Infinity (More on that later!)
    -Pathing has been filled in for the time being.
    -A dock has been added in to have more path interaction with the coaster and a way to actually access the lake easier
    -Due to the new lighting effects added into the simulator, My ambient/spectral has been redone to accommodate the changes better

    What still needs to be done?!
    -texturing the station and that stall near the dock
    -Making the pathing more interesting
    -Enterprise scenery/modeling
    -Perhaps even tweaking some of hills more too?

    Now some screens to give a visual of what I really did!

    Any constructive criticism/directions are appreciated!
    • CommentAuthorpezpunk
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2017
    wow, that scenery looks fantastic! where'd you get the rocks and the dock?

    Now with horrific reshade Blur/Bloom problems!
    POV's & Showcase coming within this month!
    If interested, keep an eye on my Youtube channel in the comming week or two!

    I'm happy to say that this project is now completed! Feel free to check out the showcase and the POV's of these rides over at my youtube channel


    Charybdis POV:

    The Red Baron POV:

    A couple of notes:
    I'd first off like to apologize for frequently bumping of this thread with updates and all that pretty often within the last couple weeks. Probably wasn't annoying at all but I felt the need to point that out for some reason. Secondly, Sony Vegas does not play too nicely with me anymore, so some of the waviness you see well, ignore that perhaps as I have 0 clue why that occurred, and the framerate is pretty lackluster due to having <So much crap> in the park. Looking back at this I realize that the names aren't exactly fitting with the way I presented them, should account for that in the future.

    In the end, I am very happy with the way that this project came about despite some problems and shall begin anew soon!