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    (Park Name) is my first attempt at creating a park in No Limits 2. To date, I have created 7 coasters, so the main goal of this park will be to have a series of coasters instead of focusing heavily on themes or custom scenery. For this park, I plan on having 7 roller coasters of various different types.
    Park Backstory:
    _______ is a large, renowned theme park that draws in well over a million guests per year. The park features an incredible line-up of roller coasters and a decent amount of entertaining flat rides. The park also features a kid-oriented section with a kiddie coaster and child-friendly flat rides. The park was founded in 1979, and one of its original coasters remains in operation, however in a slightly different form. The park's most famous attraction is Centurion, an Intamin Stratacoaster stationed on a model aircraft carrier.
    Centurion - Intamin Stratacoaster
    Centurion has the standard (TTD) strata coaster layout and launches from 0-125 MPH in 3 secs or 1.89Gs. The train then crests the record-breaking 470 Foot Tall Top Hat, that stands 540 feet above the park. The ride is themed around being the pilot of a fighter jet.
    Backstory: You are a veteran aviator who is caught up in a dogfight with 3 enemy aircraft. Launch off of your aircraft carrier at incredible speeds and climb 470 Feet in the air. Then, duck down back onto the ship, expertly evading the hostiles.

    Centurion is, obviously, the only coaster completed in the park, and I am currently working on adding a lake around the ship, and adding theming/rides, potentially, on board the carrier.
    P.S. if you have any suggestions for the park name, feel free to tell me, I am horrible at coming up with names. xD
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2016
    The issue I see immediately is that the aircraft on the deck (the helicopters especially) are wayyyyy too big. They may not look it, but aircraft carriers are enormous!

    This image should give you a better idea of what the scale should be like.

    Besides that, I can't see enough of the ride itself to judge. I'll be sure to check this thread later when there are more screenshots!
    ^Yeah I thought about that, but I had a lot of trouble getting it the right size. In the end, I'll probably end up keeping the size the same. I really like how HUGE the helicopters are because it kind of makes the ride look even taller. I also kind of like how it creates an "oversized" theme.