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    Black Panther is a B&M Invert themed after the Marvel comic book superhero that has a movie coming out in 2018.
    Black Panther is the 8th coaster that I have created in NL2 to-date, so I am still getting used to the software. The layout of the coaster is pretty much finalized, except for the ending (which I could use some help with). I am currently just ironing out the kinks and smoothing the coaster out before I start adding the custom supports and the scenery.
    -165 Feet Tall
    -65 MPH Top Speed
    -5 Inversions [Immelman, Zero-G Roll, Cobra Roll, Immelman]
    -4259 Feet of Track [Ending Still Incomplete]
    Station, Lift Hill, Pre-Drop, Banked Drop Left, Immelman to Right, Zero-G Roll, Cobra Roll, MCBR, Banked Turn Right, Immelman to Right, Helix, Incomplete Portion, Brake Run
    The 165 Foot Tall Lift Hill

    View of the First Drop

    The First Drop and Initial Immelman

    The Coaster's First Element, a 140 Foot Tall Immelman

    The Zero-G Roll After the Immelman

    Cobra Roll

    The Banked Turn and Immelman After the MCBR

    The Helix After the Final Immelman

    An Overview of the Layout

    I'm guessing I'm going to have to tinker with the Zero-G Roll a little bit, thoughts? I also need help coming up with elements to link the helix to the brake run; I was originally thinking of doing a corkscrew but I'm thinking it would be too small. If it helps at all the speed coming out of the helix is 35-37 MPH.
    The pre drop off the lift is too drawn out. It needs to be more compact.
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2016
    also you might want to heartline it and extend the zero g roll because that looks like it goes through it way too fast