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      CommentAuthorelement 115
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2016 edited
    Thought i should start a thread on this, otherwise i will be spamming the planet coaster thread into oblivion.

    Introducing my first proper attempt at a park in Planet Coaster:
    These winding paths lead to the park entrance.
    This is the Main park entrance, features some toilets, atms and a store for buying fastpass tickets.
    After the entrance you walk into a main plaza area with two mirrored buildings containing food/drink and other facilities.
    Here is a full overview of the plaza area, the entrance and the first monorail station.
    Take a left and you enter the western themed area which will, when finished contain a wooden terrain coaster, a topspin and a log flume.
    Overview of Outlaws queue area and station.
    Main path that leads through the area.
    This is the log flume, still heavily wip. Large wooden building under the lifts is the second monorail station.
    Another angle of the station.
    And the back portion of the log flume, as you can see still a lot to be done here.
    Here is an overview of the entire park so far.

    Lets end with some glorious night shots. i love the lighting in this game especially on the wooden supports.<

    AAAAAAAAANND, thats about it so far, will update next time when the whole western area is finished.
    Wow, it's looking really great so far!! Great start! The front entrance is beautiful!
    That looks great. Really wish they didn't force you do add the little predrop conveyor though, it looks so awkward.
    • CommentAuthorTheBeatles
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2016
    I like the western area so far, especially the entrance do your wooden coaster. The two biggest issues I see are that your park entrance looks very uninviting, like office buildings in a business park. Also, your log flume looks extremely boring, as though you had an idea for the double-lifts, then just connected the track around them in the fastest way possible. I wouldn't be afraid to stretch the log flume away from its current envelope. Maybe sweep it over towards the wooden coaster for some interaction. Lastly, all of your buildings have a perfect square/rectangular profile from above. Don't be afraid to add some depth and character to them. I really like the start you've made here, keep up the good work!