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    I've had this in the works for a while now, and I decided that today would be the perfect time to release it to you all, introducing, the Modern Intamin LSM Kit:

    These trains are my latest and greatest, featuring even more user friendly features than ever before! Not only are they easy to use, but they articulate accurately to their real world counterparts, no more wheel bogie separations!
    Here's a few glamour shots:

    The trains also come alongside some fins, brakes, and friction tires:

    There are even dynamic trimmed ones!

    And here's a download!


    How to Install:

    1. Extract the contents of the ZIP into your park folder.

    2. duplicate the existing coaster in your park file and name it INT, set it to "hide wire-frame" (don't freeze it) and make it a mack megacoaster., set the original coaster to have no trains and freeze it.

    3. Place down the right number of cars near your trains, and one nose car.

    4. set the colours in the sco settings as necessary.

    Brake/Launch/Tire Usage:

    Place down The Brakes/Launches/Tires where you would like them to start, then enter the length in METERs of how long along the track they need to extend in the SCO name under SCO preferences (this number cannot be decimal)

    Dynamic Brake Usage:

    Place down the dynamic brake near the track where you want it to be and set the SCO name under SCO preferences to the speed in MILES PER HOUR of the deactivation (this number cannot be decimal)

    NOTE: if the fins/wheels aren't attaching/activiating, try lowering the heart-line on the fake coaster by a small amount (-0.01)

    I hope you guys enjoy my little holiday gift!
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2016 edited
    First test (unfortunately just on a Mack track with no launch ;-)):

    It works and looks great!

    But some files could not be loaded because of absolute paths:

    For some reason they appear in many files, for example:

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Thank you code!

    • CommentAuthorMr. E
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2016
    Wow. I won't get to try it out until later but it looks awesome!

    Ah. Will fix soon. I made the finishing touches at 2am so i wasnt the most awake haha. Expect a patch soon.
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2016 edited
    I am trying to keep the same track and trains as the in-game ones but the brake fins probably only activate with that new track. Anyone willing to help me? I'm so lost :P

    *edit* - when you enter into play mode, they're there! Magic. Merry Christmas thanks to Code!
    Thanks code! Merry Christmas (or should I say happy Christmas you British nerd).
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2016
    Oh baby
    Excellent code, just looks like the older renders for Energylandia
    "Excellent code, just looks like the older renders for Energylandia"
    Y'know, I was just thinking that.
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2016
    Wow, that looks excellent indeed! Love the look of the trains, they fity the intamin style so well.
    Thanks for all the nice comments!

    I've released a patch that should fix a few issues, and improve how they look slightly. re-download from the original link to receive the patch.
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2016
    I see you have special track ties in those pictures... does that mean you'll include that sometime, or is it specially made for the pictures?
    How did you make them that way?
    ^It's a custom made track ;) I hope he release it.. looks fabulous (Waiting for Mack Big Dipper Track :p )
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2016
    OMG! Thanks Code! Can't wait to try this out when I get home from London!
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2016 edited
    I cannot get the fins to attach to my jet coaster lifts. I followed all the steps. Do I need a third fake track just for the fins?

    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" width=1000/></a>
    Hello TCM, thank you for this gift, it's awesome.
    Otherwise, I have 2 little problem with it : in your park Ferrari Land, the file "bogie.nl2sco" is missing. And I don't know why but in vertical section, when there is roll, bogies are doing something strange (as you can see in this pic)

    • CommentAuthorTheBeatles
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2016
    Code overlooking bugs in order to present a finished product sooner?

    Nah, that can't be right.
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2016
    No don't worry, he blamed it on Nolimits itself.
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. that's a lot more serious than I thought.

    I guess the new wheel bogie system can't be used after all :(

    Once I get back from holiday I'll patch it out for coasters with vertical segments, sorry about that.
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2016
    This jet coaster is starting out a "bit exciting" ain't it?

    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" width=1000/></a>

    Oh, never mind, the lapbars go down as it goes under the track above it.
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2016
    ^ Have it do a Taron-style launch up the lifts and let it go wild at full speed xD
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2016
    The launched lifts are all 2 MPH.
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2016 edited

    patrick is that my ferrari land intamin..

    EDIT: Patrick I would like some credit for my coaster .-.

    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2016
    I am surprised that TheCodeMaster has not yet made a tool for making custom 3d tracks for NL2. Other than the RMC tracks. I mean like Togo, Miller, Side Friction, Schiff, Pinfari and Bobsled track styles.
    @ Olmisery


    I haven't even posted your strata here. nor did I release it at all.
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2016 edited

    Why is it in the file then?

    Well if it is then it shouldnt be. Once i get back from being on holiday ill remove that. Whoops. Perhaps next time you shouldnt be ao vauge about what you mean.