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    Recently I decided to try and edit my own video together for something I've made in Nolimits. I've had absolutely no editing experience in the past, so this was entirely new to me. Here was the finished product.

    Here's a few mistakes I noticed and definitely won't make again:

    Firstly, the godawful resolution. I didn't realize that Premiere was automatically gonna set the video to 720p even after being recorded in 1080p. This made even slight zooms look really bad. I also completely forgot to turn up graphics settings before recording.

    Second, the brightness. Looking back on it, I easily could've just nested the whole thing and changed the color in premiere.

    The thing I least like about the video is some of the clips. I realize now that I made some of the "slight" zooms way too much, and should've slowed the game down before recording to help with the issue of frame rate. Also, I see how bad that clip of the camera following the trai in the beginning was in the first place.

    If you have any advice you can give, I'd appreciate it a lot. I'm definitely gonna do this again in the future.
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2017
    I like the way it's going. Some of your cuts on the beat were ever so slightly off, which made it a bit jarring, some of the shots are a bit long and overly drawn out, and it could benefit from a little bit more shot variety. I do like it though, it's a great start, especially for your first video.