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    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2017
    An acquintance of mine works at the reservation offices of a major theme park group. He alerted me to a letter by one Mrs Trellis of North Wales. It reads:

    Dear Merlin Group:
    My husband is a magician. Is this enough knowledge to get a job in your company?
    - Mrs Trellis

    This must therefore mean it's time for a game of Mornington Crescent. We'll be playing to Six Flags rules, with a few differences:
    1) For simplicity and brevity, we'll be playing the Condensed edition, where all contestants have FastPasses and are lone riders
    2) Any queue-jumping will result in banishment to Nidd for five turns
    3) German stations and amusement parks cannot be visited whilst the Thorpe Rulings are in place
    4) Travelling parks are off limits at ALL times
    5) All parks close when Liverpool Street is played in Oblivion

    I'll start things off at Chessington South. Good luck to all players.
    Hi! I'm sorry but I don't necessarily understand this thread at all. I guess it's suppose to be a game thread, but it doesn't make much sense. Please explain the rules of the game for others who don't know what the game is (Mornington Crescent?). Especially if it's a new game to the forums. Also coming from someone who lives in the west, I have very little knowledge about European / British street names and locations. Do you think this could be more generalized? If so just whisper back to me and I'll unlock / unsink this thread. For now this game is probably just too specific for non-westerners to play, heck probably too specific for people who don't live in Britain to play. Especially with barely any rules given to the actual game you're recreating.