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    This is a thread I've set up to show off all the stuff I'm working on in No Limits 2. As of this posting, I'm still pretty new to the game and have only built 8 coasters, so all feedback is helpful.

    This is Centurion, a 476 foot tall Stratacoaster. It has a 1.89 G launch that reaches 125 mph. It's a pretty simple coaster that's set on a large naval carrier with some oversized props to create a sense of the coaster being even bigger.

    Here is a link to its showcase video:

    The next coaster I have been working on recently is my biggest project yet, a custom RMC Iron Horse named "Iron Maiden." I currently have a decent amount of progress done on the coaster as I have finished the trackwork and terraforming and have to currently work on custom supporting and adding scenery.
    Iron Maiden is a terrain based RMC that features drops into canyons and trackwork inspired by the breathtaking terrain.
    Here is a closer look into Iron Maiden:
    -RMC Iron Horse
    -Max Height: 204 Feet Tall
    -Max Speed: 71 MPH
    -3 Inversions
    An overview of the track lay-out

    The Lift Hill

    Pre-Drop Into an Overbanked Turn

    The Initial Overbanked Turn into the Opening Zero-G Roll

    The First Drop Into the Canyon

    Turn Out of the Canyon

    Double Drop

    Zero-G Stall

    Sharp Winding Turns

    More Bending Turns

    Airtime Hill Into Tunne;

    After these sections, there is a slow Zero-G Roll which I have not completed supports and a series of a small airtime hills in a tunnel that head into the final brake run.
    These are not going to be the final colors of the coaster, and I am aware that I need to change the catwalks on the lift hill to actual wood.
    Make sure to let me know how you think the coaster is going! All feedback is welcomed!
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2017
    I think all the turns being 90 degree makes the entire thing feel very boxy. I also think the 90 degree banked bending turns looks odd and a bit tight. How fast is it going through that section?
    I'm assuming you mean the first turn out of the canyon in the 2nd and 3rd pictures? If so, it's going around 70 MPH heading into the turn, but is pretty smooth. I do agree with your critique, being pretty new to the game, it is a little hard to adjust from the "standard" "uninspired" lay-outs into more unique, freeflowing coasters. Unfortunately, I have finished all supporting on the coaster, but I will make sure to look into it on my next coasters. Thanks for the feedback! :)
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2017 edited
    Hey there, quite an ambitious project!
    You seem to have a solid understanding of coaster elements and ride sequence already, there's some work to do in the layout and shaping department though :)

    As RCF pointed out, try to not only work in 90 degree steps as long as it doesn't serve a certain purpose. Also, try to not make your coaster waste too much space with empty areas between the track. In reality, most coasters use a moderately sized, predefined patch of land and try to pack as much excitement in as possible. You could maybe say that the extremes in both directions are spaghetti bowl coasters like Joker's Jinx that fit 90% of the track to a very small area with only the launch and station sticking out and on the other hand out-and-back-layouts that are near to just one long line when viewed from the top, like most B&M Hypers (Silver Star, Nitro, Mako...). So, try to make your layout use the space in an effective way while keeping it dynamic.

    While there is room for improvement for shaping in general - always look at real fotos for references - I can't tell for sure if you're using NoLimit's heartline feature or not. If not, go to Coaster Properties > Mode and Select "Heartline of current coaster style". This will help you get much more realistic shaping especially for rolls and such.

    There's one segment of your ride that is quite weird though:

    1. The turns look extremely tight for their position in the layout, how high are the positive Gs?
    2. The banking looks like it could be too much, how are the lateral Gs there? Do you know that you can set roll nodes to "No Laterals"?
    3. The straight piece of track on the bottom interrupting the two turns that keeps the banking is very RCT-esque and not something you would see on a (proper modern) real coaster. It would not ride well, since riders would suddenly "fall" to their left between the turns. It would have been better to let the turn slowly become wider so that there is no straight piece needed or maybe even better to exit the banking and go into an overbanked turn, a twisted hill or something that connects more naturally to the next element.

    I hope that helps, keep up the work :)
    Wow, thanks for all the useful information! I guess when I was trying to make it terrain based, I ended up stretching it out too much, I will make sure to keep an eye out for this in the future. Unfortunately, the coaster is not heartlined, as I somehow always forget to do it until it's too late! :P
    Here is what the Max G's look like for the turn:
    Vertical: 4.0 (only for a moment)
    Horizontal: -1.1 (only for a moment)
    I also would like to point out that the vertical and horizontal maxes are not at the same time.
    Thanks! I will have another update soon, if you see anything else that catches your eye make sure to tell me!
    Additionally, if anyone could help me make well textured hills, that would be great!